Minions of Mirth v1.21
The MoM Community Development Group is: Rodney 'OldRod' Burns, Jonathon Bustard, Citrine, cresswga, Dacca, Elexadora, Ganghiss, Stefan 'Llarlen' Walter

New Features:

+ Universal Binary for OSX runs blazingly fast on your Intel Mac!

+ By popular demand, character names are now used/displayed instead of public names. Additionally, you'll have a chance to rename your character when logging in for the first time with existing characters.

+ Powerful new item enchanting/disenchanting system has been added for Mages. Speak to Ishaul Yon in Trinst, Helaug in Kauldur, or Morpho in Hazeroth Keep to begin.

+ Added friend system for keeping track of your favorite players

+ Added Private Vaults to Bank for storing up to 300 additional items per character.

+ Added Item Set system, combinations of gear can yield new and mighty stats and procs!

+ Added /lastname command which gives your character a last name (requires level 25).

+ Game and chat text are now logged to log_MoMChat.txt and log_MoMGame.txt with timestamps. These files are located in the common folder of your installation.

+ It is now possible to retrieve your master password from the game by clicking on MoM Online-> Lost Password

+ New GM Tools to help administer the game

+ Prairie Games, Inc has launched 2 new official Minions of Mirth World Servers!


+ Added 8 new types of armor in Small, Medium, Large, and Monstrous(a new level of craftable armor which can be worn by monsters only).

+ Added 2 Thief only Sleep Powders (crafted by alchemy, waiting on quest for NPC to combine ingredients for thief)

+ Added a fourth fists advancements for monks: Temperate Fists, lvl 90 req, 800 advancement points, 40/10 weapons

+ Added a new level 70 light armor outfit to the Saurians in Jakreth Jungle.

+ Added a new level 90 medium armor outfit to the Tahtald siblings in Talrim Hills.

+ Added a tp ring to the swamp and new spells for druids and revealers to get there.

+ Added new temple and spawns to the Swamp of Ruin

+ Added Black Widow and Stink Beetle spawns to Kauldur for their low level poison components.

+ Added checkbox to graphics options pane to display your avatar name and information.

+ Added Essence of the Void as a very rare world drop. This is used to craft Potion of Planar Recall(gates you back to bind point)

+ Added Ghastly Ghoul & Shadow of the Spectre forms.

+ Added item set powers for all of the class armor and Blightborn Hide armor when equipping the full set.

+ Added Keeper of the Void to Monster Town (innkeeper)

+ Added Monk only item set weapons to Xal Thulu: Temptation and Temperance.

+ Added new racial items (Dwarven Beard, Goblin Ear, Ogre Skull, Gnome Intestines, Elf Parts)

+ Added new spawns to Jakreth Jungle and Desert of Mohrum with droppable crafting items. Several existing spawns' loot tables have been updated also.

+ Added very rare crafting material drops at lower levels.

+ Added quest for new Thief Evade skill

+ Added new Gargoyle model. Thanks to Magnus Blikstad of WiT Entertainment.

+ Added the Mana Supremacy advancement and altered the progression levels somewhat.

+ Updated Trinst: fixed stairs in Rogue guild, added a new Stalker camp, Sumarlidi Grimsson is now in a small house, other modifications.

+ Weapon Craft: Added in the Rapier.


+ /who now displays information on a character. If they are on another server, it displays this.
+ Added persistent ignore list.
+ Greatly improved in game encyclopedia
+ New improved alliance window
+ F1 - F6 now select alliance members
+ /bind additionally shows the name of the zone you are bound in
+ Added /ignored command to see a list of who you are ignoring.
+ Added /rangedattack macro command
+ Added /unlearn command for removing spells from spellbook
+ Added /server command to display the name of the server you are on
+ Added a bitmap button linking to the encyclopedia to main menu in the lower left corner.
+ Added a bow and some arrows to the ranger starting equipment.
+ Improved poison application logic and message outputs
+ Added error message for /tell when someone isn't logged on or mispelled names
+ Added a few new item icons for the new enchanting sytem. Thanks to Elvisman!
+ Added new dialogue for the following quests: Scorpius Tail, Mummy Tatters, Wild Dog Flesh, Ring of Venin, Sewage Spider, Crocodile Claws, Bat Fangs.
+ Added new message output to ranged attacks if wrong target is hit or if target is missed completely
+ Added the following sentence to the description of many of the quest items in the main FoL and MoD quests as these items cannot be gained a second time: “Keep this essential quest item in your inventory.”
+ Added to Shield of Fellowship journal entry to remind the player to return with the Sword of Fellowship.
+ Added trade completed and canceled messages
+ Alliance window should no longer popup on invites from ignored players
+ Increased the number of low level spawns around Trinst.
+ Improved AI spell casting.
+ Made more recipes for bone ingredients
+ NPC messages now show up in the game window, not chat.
+ Optimizations to server code
+ Profane Weaponry set, now drains health if wielding the axe without the gauntlets
+ Significantly increased speed of single player world loading
+ Trading now autostacks the traded items.
+ Poisons now get listed in item info when applied to weapons.


+ The Scroll of Phantasmic Manifestations now drops off the Hoary Acolyte of Chasm.
+ The Scroll of Sord's Snarling Sphere now drops off High Priest Lethali.
+ Thieves now get Feign Death
+ Added the Flash spawn back into Jakreth Jungle, Akath Fal still has the same 2 spawn points as before.
+ Arnos Agbin is now a common spawn and always drops the necklace.
+ Changed Herdmaster's Hirudinea to bring it in line with new mod on the Herdmaster.
+ Enabled stacking in bank window.
+ Fists skill using weapons or 'weapons' with no skill assigned (like Greenblade Family Heirloom) now check for monk fists advancements for delay, delay overwrites assigned weapons delay
+ Fixed a bug with triggering spawngroups, this caused a number of quests to be broken
+ Fixed and improved pick pocketing code.
+ Fixed Apprentice Oak Bow levels
+ Fixed arrows from affecting one's own pets
+ Fixed Crippling Blight a lvl 50 necromancer spell with a lvl 5 effect.
+ Fixed drain on The Fang and Flood Health Leech
+ Fixed Fury Fists skill, its duration and reuse time was the same
+ Fixed holes in Mephite's Lair, added stairs to climb out of pit. Added Lava Lords to the new stairs.
+ Fixed Hurricane Spell, the projectile had no speed assigned.
+ Fixed Iron Tipped Arrow damage values
+ Fixed issue with default window positions.
+ Fixed long standing issue with 100% penalty.
+ Fixed mana and stamina leeches from replenishing the destination instead of the source.
+ Fixed monk primary fist damage calculations
+ Fixed pet size issues.
+ Fixed random items to have meaningful repair values.
+ Fixed skillup bug
+ Fixed some ingredient recipes for weapon crafting
+ Fixed spawn difficulty modifiers for character monsters
+ Fixed spell and skill timers finishing 'too early' (client-side timer was out of sync).
+ Fixed stack selling prices.
+ Fixed the aggro range and spell description of the spell, Cloud Vision.
+ Fixed the Flood spawns in Eastern Wasteland.
+ Fixed typo in the Immortal Warrior song so that it no longer is a duplicate of the Veteran Warrior.
+ Fixed various item procs that had a wrong argument order.
+ Fixes to player trading
+ Fixes to sleep/stun/fear issues
+ Increased the duration of Dalgnoth's start and end time, it was broken.
+ High Priest Trinesh now despawns correctly when handing in the statuette.
+ Mobs are now able to use aoe spells against other mobs if KoS. (this should fix bar fights.)
+ Mobs can no longer hit the wrong target with projectiles
+ Removed Scroll of Bat Form from the Flying Fox loot table.
+ Scroll of Viciousness of the Wolf now drops off the Herdmaster.
+ Teleportation spells work, regardless of target's level.
+ Updated exclusions and targets on Druid's form spells.
+ Using the craft command now tries to stack results in crafted window.
+ Vendor stacking issues addressed
+ When holding down mouse on chat/game text, the control no longer scrolls from your current view when new text is received.

Game Balancing:

+ Removed sleep buffer for > level 90 mobs
+ Increased player pet health/mana regen significantly
+ Added exclusions to Necro form spells.
+ Added level requirement to the Assassin epic and made some minor dialog updates.
+ Added level requirements to several steps in the main FoL and MoD quests.
+ Added max time limit to Crocodile Claws and Sewage Spiders quests.
+ Added regen delay when being attacked
+ Added secondary effects to Tempest only damage spells.
+ Greatly improved Gredo's Wrath and Gotuthe's Fury for Tempests
+ Added spell skill logic, if the spell has an associated skill (evocation, transmutation, necromancy, etc.), the caster can gain up to 10% cast time reduction, -10% mana cost and +20% cast range. Skillups near skill cap are less frequent.
+ Adjusted stun and fear buffer of high level mobs to 3 instead of 4
+ Changed timer on Feign Death to refresh more slowly.
+ Changed timer on Rescue to refresh more quickly.
+ Increased default/max stack sizes for arrows by a factor of 2 1/2.
+ Increased duration of pet summon and recast times
+ Increased mobs penalty on Critical damage and Grievous Wound
+ Increased ranges on many skills.
+ Increased the effectiveness of Wiz/Temp spells Tidal Wave and Hurricane.
+ Increased the frequency of Dracogriff Feathers dropping.
+ Increased the health and reflection damage on the shaman thorn spells.
+ Increased the neg resist and added damage to Tempest debuffs.
+ Increased usefulness of endquest rewards for FoL and MoD.
+ Increased usefulness of Sacred Stone, Bloodletting, Flying Tiger, Lay on Hands, Sorrow Song, Mystic Might, Koh, Sur, Knight of Chaos, Champion of Light.
+ Vastly improved the skill Rook.
+ Increased worth of Rangers Starting Quest reward bow
+ Increased xp reward to the following quests: Sewage Spider, Governor's Mansion, Bat Infestation.
+ Increased Grievous Wound skillup chance
+ If target is more than 30 levels higher than source, ranged attack will be a complete miss
+ If your pet dies or is dismissed, your next pet will spawn with the same health as your previous pet or 10% of their max health, whichever is more. After 10 minutes, this is no longer the case and new pets will spawn at full health.
+ Pets now take item recommendations into account
+ Improved item penalty code, includes class and realm levels in new penalty calculations.
+ Increased arrow miss chance based on skill, primary level, target level and target physical resistance
+ It should now be possible to pick pocket mobs of equal level (and very slightly above)
+ Made several updates to poisons. (Make sure to double check item level, components, and stats on any poisons you are currently crafting.)
+ Mobs level 1 to 4 now suffer 25% movement reduction, 40% slow, and 20% meleeDmgMod reduction.
+ Mobs level 5 to 6 now suffer 20% movement reduction, 20% slow, and 10% meleeDmgMod reduction.
+ Mobs no longer aggro on characters who are protected from death.
+ Moonstone and Sunstone's default stack is now 5, this means you will craft a stack of 5 at a time instead of 1.
+ Rangers can no longer buy Scroll of Placate Animal from their trainer. This is a drop only.
+ Reconfigured many necromancer leech spells... some do less damage, most do more leeching, some done over a longer period of time.
+ Reduced casting time on bard spell interrupts.
+ Reduced damage on Lightning Surge.
+ Reduced wizard's magical resistance buffs.
+ Removed party and alliance spells from affecting pets
+ Removed some secondary effects from Wizard only damage spells.
+ Revised range values for all bows and arrows
+ Scroll of Treant Form, Scroll of Bat Form, Scroll of Wolf Pack are now mob drops and can no longer be purchased from the Druid trainers.
+ Significantly reduced duration of the Necromancer's, Doom Knight's, and Revealer's fear spells.
+ Slight modifications to Flaming Scimitar, Sargash's Warhammer of Agony, Blightborn Bone Spear, Blightborn Scale Sword, Blightborn Scale Dagger, The Sieve, Menhir Blade, Sword of Fellowship, Tiger Claw Dagger, Staff of Zombies, Flesheater Cleaver, Horrific Cleaver, The Thug's Club, Crimson Scimitar, Tree Cleaver, Poleaxe of Punishment, Ruln Totem, Headbasher, Rod of Punishment, Crusader's Gladius, Protector's Rune Sword, Skullsplitter, Warmonger, Dagger of Dissonance, Shashamal, Dusty Skullcap, Kinjian's Mask, Dead Eye Boots, Soulful Boots, Wizard's Ring, Righteous Coif, Fiendish Greaves, Wormskin Gloves, Ghurezan Gem, Shubben's Claws, Throatslitter Bracer, Skullbasher Bracer, Gutspiller Bracer, Boots of Agility, Class Robes and Sleeves.
+ Modified common weapons (Longsword, Dagger, Scythe, etc.) to be in line.
+ Slowed down the turtles' movement speed.
+ Somewhat reduced damage on end game Wizard only damage spells.
+ The Ores used in crafting now stack in groups of 50 (diamond, platinum, crystal, obsidian).
+ Updated resist values on the Monk's Tranquil Self advancement.
+ Updated some monk ring procs.
+ Updated the Honorforger quest, updated stats on weapons and added a level requirement.
+ Weapon Craft: Changed Spike Mace to Morningstar.
+ Weapon Craft: Level spreads of different weapons tightened up (this was necessary for enchanting purposes).
+ Weapon Craft: Maximum skill at current level now enables you to craft a weapon made for your level.
+ Weapon Craft: Switched Bone and Iron levels.
+ Weapon Craft: Weapon material is a reflection of the ability of the weapon to hold an edge and directly affects the weapon's damage.
+ Weapon Craft: Weapon quality (apprentice,journeyman, or masterwork) is a reflection of balance and directly affects the weapon's delay.
+ Weapon Craft: Weapons now more adequately reflect their recommended level in comparison with other weapons.


+ Aligned all Tempest spells with an elemental damage type.
+ Added /clearlastname command
+ Added /friend add command
+ Added /friend remove command
+ Added /gcharacters command to find characters belonging to specified member (leader/officer only)
+ Added /gpublicname command to find public name of member by character name (leader/officer only)
+ Added /ignore, /unignore, and /ignored to help window.
+ Added Community Development Group to game credits .
+ Added descriptions to the Bard and Necromancer negation spell lines.
+ Added frost description and spell effects to Frost Blast.
+ Added item descriptions to most Xal Thulu weapon drops
+ Added RPG_SPAWN_NOCORPSE to spawn flags, spawn will leave no corpse upon death with this flag set.
+ Added various checks to ranged weapon usage including range check for arrows.
+ Added a ranged macro to default macro buttons.
+ Decreased bow weapon rates to about 1/3 of previous values.
+ Dragging a bow to a macro slot creates now a /rangedattack macro
+ Modified help text for guilds to specify what commands take public names and which take character names
+ Modified the message when a poison wears off to specify the poison.
+ Removed single player ability to join chat server
+ Swapped single/double click for spell casting and activating skills from character window.
+ There is now a short delay from when you can log out to when you can log back into the servers
+ Updated descriptions of the Doom Knight's damage spells.
+ Updated journal entry text on Shield of Fellowship quest to be more clear.
+ Updated quest dialogue and money reward for Arctic Cat Fangs.
+ Updated shamans health/stamina buff line descriptions.
+ Updated the description of the spell, Blight Walk.
+ Updated the Game Manual.

Thanks to all the testers who helped to make this patch possible!