ezQuake 1.8 stable release
It took longer then usual to make ezQuake ready for next stable release, but the time we needed was turned into an appropriate amount of work. We have put lots of efforts into developing, testing, and accepting suggestions. In April we managed to get into 50 most active projects on SourceForge.net, which hosts about 150 000 projects. Lots of people from QuakWorld community helped us with testing and adjusting features we made and we are grateful for this.

This release aims on making QuakeWorld easier to start, configure and play. We have created completely new mouse navigated rich menus which allow you to setup everything you will ever need for comfortable game experience. For every setting there’s a detailed description in the help box on the bottom of the screen. The way how the renderer and other client modules are initialized has been reworked, which allows us to get rid of all command-line options, also you can finally change video settings on-the-fly in OpenGL version.

Now we support native connection and playback from QuakeTV. Simply click a hypertext link you get to observe a match, open the file you receive with ezQuake, and in a few seconds you watch the game in absolutely smooth mode, you can turn on multiview, freely switch tracked players, or use any other feature designed for multiview playback like teamhold bar, overview radar and many others.

This release also aims on making the great QuakeWorld teamplay more accessible for new comers. A basic set of teamplay communication messages has been coded into the client and you can bind those messages to your keys from within the menu.

The highly customizable Heads Up Display now includes a point-and-click editor in the client. Use your mouse to move, resize, and align HUD elements freely, you immediately see the results of your changes. It is also possible to put high resolution textures on player models, and choose any color for player models from within the client.

Configuration management has been simplified. You can use one main configuration file which can also be saved into your OS user dir. Such configuration will be loaded automatically on client startup, no need for you to explicitly specify which configuration should be loaded. The client can also be associated with the different demo formats (qwd, qwz, mvd and qtv extension), so that they’re opened inside of ezQuake.

The demo browser has been improved quite a lot. It uses more space on screen and smaller letters, giving you better overview of your files. From now on zip archives are browsable like normal directories, and their contents can be added to the demo playlist. Demos compressed in the gz-format can also be played. This compression format can also be used to compress demos from within the demo browser, together with the already existing possibility to delete files, you can easily cut down the size of your demo storage.

Initial support for system keyboard layout and chatting in unicode has been added.

This was just a basic list of the most significant changes made to the client, but we've made also a lot of other modernisations and bugfixes. For a complete and pretty long list, see the Changelog manual page.

Download – http://ezquake.sourceforge.net/download/
Changelog – http://ezquake.sourceforge.net/docs/?changelog
Screenshots – http://ezquake.sourceforge.net/gallery/
Homepage – http://ezquake.sourceforge.net/