Pacific Storm v1.5 Patch
1. Full compatibility with Windows 2000, XP and Vista
2. Network server now displays actual IP address instead of
3. Fixed a bug that did not allow changing teams in multiplayer game mode
4. Fixed a bug that was allowing the limit of units in the air simulation mode of the multiplayer to be exceeded
5. Fixed a bug that was allowing the editing of the other player’s aircraft list in multiplayer mode
6. A multiplayer game now needs at least two players to start
7. Fixed a bug that was making dive bombers sometimes dive directly into the water or land after dropping bombs when dive-bombing
8. Increased the damage from armor-piercing bombs to ships when dropped from divebombers
9. Fixed bugs that were causing crashes to desktop while switching between tactical and strategic modes and sometimes during the game on the tactical level
10. The snorkel technology now has an effect on submarine performance. Submarines with snorkel technology use 10 times less air than without it.
11. Changed the way ammunition was spent and shipped at the strategic level of the game. Now every base has a certain amount of ammo that can only be used up manually. Automatic transportation of ammo for re-supplying the bases now usually consists of large amounts.
12. Fixed a bug that was causing AI-controlled units to ignore the commands after loading a saved game
13. Fixed ammunition reloading of aircraft which was making bombing impossible in some cases
14. Fixed a bug that was causing collisions between players' and enemy planes that leave the battlefield
15. Fixed a bug that was making dive-bombers sometimes fail to drop bombs
16. Fixed some bugs that were causing malfunction of ships SAMs.
17. Holding “Shift” while clicking an icon in a production/research/construction window now puts the process on hold or resumes it. Holding “Alt” while clicking changes the priority of an order.
18. Fixed bugs that were causing incorrect display of information of the planes’ ammo level after switching between the tactical and strategic modes.
19. The AI opponent has been improved on the strategic level.
20. The targeting bug introduced in patch v1.4 is fixed.