Overlord v1.1 Patch

Since release of Overlord we have become aware of two critical issues which were not discovered during the extensive internal testing at Codemasters.

The first issue relates to the uninstaller for both the demo and the full game and applies if you installed the game to a custom directory. Anyone who installed to a custom directory should install this patch.

The other issue relates to a potential progress block late in the full game. If you are unable to apply the patch, this document will describe how to avoid triggering this blockage.

Files released

OverlordPatch1.1.exe This will update the retail version of Overlord PC to version 1.1, fixing both issues described
OverlordDemoUninstallPatch.exe This will update the installed Overlord PC Demo to resolve the uninstaller issue
OverlordDemo(patched).exe This is a full version of the Overlord PC Demo which incorporates the uninstaller fix

How important is this Patch?

- This patch is considered critical, and should be installed by all users
- As this patch can affect the uninstaller it should be installed even if you don’t intend to play the game or demo again

Who does this patch affect?

- Anyone who has Overlord for PC
- Anyone who has the Overlord demo for PC

What does this patch resolve?

1) Potential loss of data during Uninstall

This will not affect you if you installed the game to:
The default installation directory
A new or empty directory

If you installed the game or demo to a directory which contained, or now contains other data you must install this patch before you uninstall to avoid potential loss of data

Codemasters recommends that this patch is installed even if you believe it will not affect you.

This fix updates the uninstall script to less aggressively delete files in the installation directory, and therefore will not cause an unintended loss of data.

2) Progress block, Dwarven Brewery

- if you have a PC retail version of Overlord this may affect you

Bug description:
The Dwarven Brewery has two levels. You must turn a wheel to raise an elevator that gets you from the top level to the bottom level. The wheel is missing two of it's spokes, and you must retrieve those to be able to descend to the lower level. If you attach the second spoke you come across, but leave the map without turning the wheel, the wheel will be missing a spoke when you return, and the spoke will no longer be in the level to collect. This means the wheel cannot be repaired and neither the elevator to the deeper brewery nor the gate to the other side of the mountain can be activated. This prevents further progress in the game.

Effect of patch:
This patch will prevent this bug occurring on future playthroughs.
It will also enable you to continue with your previous saved game.

Workaround (for those who cannot patch)
There is no workaround once the bug has been triggered and saved, unless you have an Autosave slot with a save from an earlier part of the game.
However, you can avoid triggering the bug by:
1) When you find the first spoke have a minion pick it up, carry it to the wheel and attach it.
2) Only pick-up the second spoke if you have enough minions available (>12 in your horde, or in a Minion gate) to turn the wheel
3) When you have attached the second spoke, ensure that you turn the wheel fully before leaving the level.

If for some reason this is impossible (e.g. you have totally run out of minions) use the 'Change Autosave Slot' option in the pause menu at the start of The Brewery to keep the game progress up to this point stored in a different slot. The save game in this slot can be opened again later from the Load Game option in the main menu.
This use of ‘Change Autosave Slot’ is also a useful way to allow you save ‘checkpoints’ that you can return to at another time.

Will there be future patches?

- Triumph Studios and Codemasters are committed to supporting Overlord on all formats.
- Due to the nature of the bugs outlined above we accelerated release of a small patch
- We are actively working on an additional patch to resolve more minor issues discovered post-launch. This applies to the PC version of the game, and compatibility.
- We are also actively reviewing feedback on the Xbox 360 version of the game and will look to release any relevant fixes promptly.
- We do not have a release date for any future patches or updates but would like to assure all of our customers that we will be releasing these as soon as we are able