Test Drive Unlimited v1.66A Patch
The Test Drive Unlimited PC-DVD patch has been released following the successful completion of the standard rigorous testing procedures at Atari to ensure the highest quality possible for the players.

Included with the patch are two brand new cars completely free, the Audi RS4 and Nissan Skyline R34.

Players must not tweak any of the files of their games, even save games, as it may prevent your game from launching / connecting online.

The patch features a number of improvements and addresses a number of important issues, including cheat prevention, as follows:

• Anti Cheat measures implemented throughout the game
• Fully reworked save system. Profiles can not be corrupted anymore (note: players will not be able to load a corrupted savegame.)
• Fixed crashes and improved stability everywhere in the game
• Fixed bug when a 'New game' is created with an online profile (remanent information)
• Improved online code (better management of lobbies, optimization of freeride sessions, “isolate” feature of the free ride improved)
• Fixed various bugs in drive in (linked with scores and cars)
• Fixed traffic cars flying around
• Fixed bug on multi-threading code
• Fixed some crackering/stuttering sound issues
• Fixed bugs in photo mode
• Fixed some corruption on car graphics
• Improved volume balance and bass power

Performance issues with Saitek2600 controller: Atari is aware of significant loss of frame rate if the user removes the Saitek P2600 controller during game play.

Performance issue with MS Sidewinder Wheel: Atari is aware of low frame rate with MS Sidewinder. Please note that Microsoft no longer supports the use of such peripheral under Windows XP.