Rainbow Six Vegas v1.05 Patch
* Update - Ping values are now displayed in milliseconds.
* Update - Chat text now fades after a few seconds
* New - Added widescreen support for the game
* New - Assassination and Conquest game modes added
* New - You can now customize your name in LAN games.
* New - Added Standalone Dedicated Server support (see R6VegasServerReadme.txt)

Bugs fixed:
* Fixed an issue with weapons firing on their own after a respawn
* Fixed a bug that prevented ammo and gadgets from being refilled under certain circonstances
* Fixed a bug that prevented the console from being used on dedicated servers
* Fixed a bug where text would remain present after one game in the chat box.
* Fixed a bug that made servers unavailable after being up for a certain amount of time
* Fixed a bug with clients being stuck in the lobby window while playing
* Fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed the wrong map in the server browser.
* Fixed a bug where the canister would not be availabe during a second game
* Fixed issues with C4 not working as intended with doors
* Fixed a bug with snake cam vision remaining in observer mode
* Fixed a bug that allowed a grenade to be thrown while firing a weapon
* Fixed an issue with using the snake cam on an opened door
* Fixed a bug that allowed restricted items to be used coop terrorist hunt
* Fixed an exploit with deployables used on opened doors
* Fixed a bug that made the depot station not close properly if you scored as the game ends
* Fixed a bug that made enemies not appear on the radar while taking cover
* Fixed a visual bug with using doors while taking cover
* Fixed a bug that allowed grenades to be thrown through doors after using snakecam
* Fixed a bug that made it so that you could potentialy have no weapon equipped
* Fixed a bug that allowed players to join an already full game which would result in a freeze
* Fixed an exploit that allowed people to stack a team for a game already in progress
* Fixed many issues with grenades going through walls
* Fixed a visual issue with the ballistic shield, it was appearing low while being held up
* Fixed a bug with the minimap dissapearing after a kill
* Fixed a visual issue with headgears that was affecting their brightness
* Fixed an issue with windows breaking out of sync on clients
* Fixed an issue with the players appearing to slide while taking cover
* Fixed a bug that made Logan slide through walls while taking cover
* Fixed a bugged animation while using gadgets in take cover
* Fixed a bug that made realistic mode revert to normal after a save or checkpoint
* Fixed a bug that didnt save your loadout if Terrorist hunt SP
* Fixed an issue with equipment loadout not persisting throughout games
* Fixed an issue where game doesn't apply set equipment after a game restart
* Fixed a bug where PEC HQ equipment would not be applied on the character when the game starts
* Fixed a bug that removed item restrictions after a map rotation cycle
* Fixed a bug that allowed dead players to communicate with live players
* Fixed a display issue in terrorist hunt that did not correctly show the remaining amount of targets
* Fixed a bug that would reset gun configuration after a map load
* Fixed a movement bug that would make you slow if you changed directions rapidly
* Fixed a bug that would let game options be changed at the same time crashing the game
* Fixed a bug that gave hostages 2 target arrows instead of 1
* Fixed a bug that made equipment and reload not work together if pressed almost at the same time
* Fixed a bug where the reticle could dissapear while doing rapel
* Fixed a display issue with custom camo colors not showing up properly
* Fixed a bug that wouldnt let armor be colored in certain situations
* Fixed a move in the clien loby that made the background move
* Fixed a display bug for buttons to press while using the Xbox360 controller
* Fixed a bug that would always show alpha team highlighted in mission results even if you were on bravo
* Updated Chat system so that new lines refresh chat
* Updated Mouse click system so that the correct pieces of equipment are selected when clicking
* Updated the internal macro system so that pressing 2 hotkeys during chat will not queue up actions
* Updated the Team icon over characters head to be more visible under certain situations