About SmartCell and Shadow of Legend
SmartCell Technology, LLC, headquartered in Irvine, CA, with a research and development center in Shanghai, China, is a leading developer of mobile platform technology, mobile applications, and mobile online gaming solutions. Shadow of Legend, developed by SmartCell Technology, LLC and based on SmartCell’s proprietary mobile platform technology, is the world’s first High-Performance, Cross-Platform MMORPG targeting mobile devices. More information about SmartCell Technology, LLC and its products can be found at www.smartcell.com. More information about Shadow of Legend can be found at www.shadowoflegend.com

We clearly understand the uniqueness of Shadow of Legend since day one of this project. Since Shadow of Legend can in the true sense realize the interaction between PC users and smartphone or PDA users, it brings them an unparalleled entertainment experience. Making adventures in the fantastic world ruled by the darkness, with partners from all around the world, this kind of experiences will no more be restricted by the hardware platforms and the users' physical locations.

Developing a cross-platform MMOG supporting various mobile devices poses a great challenge, too. Due to differences in device capabilities, screen sizes, and input methods, such game requires carefully consideration on every aspects of the game design. Our game design utilized a new design concept called "Adaptive Presentation" to handle the device differences. In this method, we try to separate the key elements of the game experience from the secondary elements. We try to make sure that the key elements are presented consistently accross the platforms, while optionally enabling secondary elements based on each device's capability.

To support the cross-platform play of Shadow of Legend, we developed our own Aether Mobile Online Game Engine, which is based on our proprietary HCM technology. HCM Technology is the shorthand for High-Performance, Cross-Platform Mobile Technology. HCM technology is the enabler for deploying a large-scale, high-performance application across various stationary and mobile platforms. Unlike technologies that are based on running a virtual machine on the target platform, HCM technology integrates with native OS at the binary level, while presenting a universal programming interface to application developers. A HCM technology based system is comprised of four main layers: the native OS, the HCM platform adaptation layer, the HCM virtual OS, and HCM applications. HCM technology also includes a large collection of highly-optimized, platform-independent foundation libraries to simplify cross-platform mobile application development.