Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights - Driver DNA
Driver DNA
-Nick Clarkson, Juice Games
Driver DNA is the name of the revolutionary AI system that sits under the hood of Juiced 2.
We were looking for a way to inject real human traits into the AI drivers, i.e. emotions, as well as mannerisms and responses you might attribute to a driver's state of mind. This meant developing a system that could analyze your driving behaviour allow the AI to mimic that behaviour.
The Driver DNA system is not simply analyzing your driving line. In tight pack racing with half a dozen cars heading into the corner, the optimum line goes all to hell, with the situation descending into pure risk taking and opportunism. Different drivers will tackle this problem in different ways.
The best example I can refer to is the movie Top Gun. Here you have the polar opposite personalities of Maverick and Iceman. Maverick is the hothead… he'll take the big risks in exchange for big rewards; Iceman on the other hand is cool, calculating and aims for precise results.
Driver DNA maps the driver's personality by constantly analyzing and updating patterns of risk taking, successes and failure in maneuvers and a host of other parameters. Driver DNA is a profile of your driving style. It evolves throughout your career and it's not just results statistics - it’s an analysis of the way you drive.
Driver DNA has a graphical representation, so you can watch it evolve and compare it against other DNA. For example, red-hot or burning DNA puts you firmly in the company of Maverick. Blue, cool DNA means you’re a relative of Iceman. Between these states is a perfect Zen balance of the two… this actually makes you hard to read.
Each DNA strand represents a specific discipline, including gambling, and the chromosomes on each strand indicate your level of experience in that discipline. Burning, red hot indicates reckless behaviour and aggression. Ice cool represents someone who is calculating and successful. This is invaluable when sizing up your opposition, especially when gambling or pink slip racing. For example, be wary of racing for pinks with someone who has ice cool DNA and a full set of chromosomes in that discipline! You will probably lose unless your DNA is at least equal.
Most importantly, you can exchange DNA with friends online. That means you can build a crew for your offline game consisting of all your friends’ DNA. Checking out the DNA colors and chromosome levels tells you whether they are worthy! In the DNA Driver Lab, race against their AI to determine what makes them tick. In this respect, Driver DNA is the evolution of the ghost car, giving you an opponent to race that's not simply a dumb recording, but a complex, decision making entity with strengths and weaknesses… just like the real driver.