Arena Wars Reloaded v2.0.16 Patch
This patch slightly changes the way AWR is started, however this should not impact you at all, since all links/shortcuts still work like before.
The original ArenaWarsReloaded.exe has been replaced with a launcher application and two new executables have been added: ArenaWarsReloadedFull.exe and ArenaWarsReloadedDemo.exe.
The launcher application will start the appropriate executable automatically, no user input is required.

Note to owners of the full version:
You may start ArenaWarsReloadedDemo.exe manually if you wish to play the demo version.

Note to owners of the demo version:
You will not be able to use ArenaWarsReloadedFull.exe since the copy protection is still in place. The provided quick launch executables AWREditor.exe,
AWROnlyChat.exe and AWRReplayManager.exe will not work for you, since the neccessary functions are not available in the demo version.

- Some graphics cards and/or older drivers caused the ESL banner to look weird. This has been fixed.
- The ESL banner will now link to the ESL website.
- ESL games can only be played by exactly to players (1on1). No more players can join (this includes observers).
- Illegal filename characters (i.e. the colon) will now be removed from the game name when trying to save the replay.
- The rendering of objects on screen (only used in the editor) will no longer use render targets, instead models are directly rendered on screen. This will increase compatibility with older graphics cards.
- You can now disable the voice and webcam data of observers.
- A serious bug that caused heavy framerate slowdowns on some ATI graphic cards has been fixed.
- The framerate display has been moved to F12.
- A bug with the virus item has been fixed.
- When minimized Arena Wars Reloaded will not use full CPU power anymore.
- On some systems with a different language setting an error occured when starting a game. This has been fixed.
- Various smaller issues with older graphics cards were fixed.
- Using the "/stats " command is now possible ingame (although you should probably use it before starting a game ;-) )
- Observers can now chat with each other. However, there is no way for observers to chat with the active players.
- Linkdead players will now be kicked from the game after 25 seconds.
- You can no longer conquer the turret or resource building by teleporting close to the building. You now have to teleport directly into the center of the building.
- You can now whisper players, who are currently in a game (using "/w " or "/whisper ").
- The AWRReplayManager, AWRChatOnly and AWREditor executables have been readded.
- Fun games will no longer count towards your ladder stats.
- A bug was fixed that caused some games to be displayed up to 30 times.
- A bug was fixed that caused newly joined players to hang at 100% loading.