Synergy v2.6 Beta
[CODE] Vehicle Jeep can no longer be punted around by friendly fire Mr.Hankey on
[CODE] Added command "synergy_reload_csf" so you no longer need to restart the game (nor level) to test our CSFs for NPCs Mr.Hankey on
[CODE] Players will be moved to the checkpoint entity itself if the checkpoint activator is in a vehicle (players were falling out of the level) Mr.Hankey on
[CODE] Fixed Bugbait player animations (no more T-Pose) Mr.Hankey on
[CODE] Restored and fixed the player_loadsaved entity, which will now restart the level if triggered (instead of leaving player 1 frozen) Mr.Hankey on
[CODE] Updated ai_goal_follow entity which now supports multiplayer mode Mr.Hankey on
[CODE] Fixed bug where trigger_changelevel would not change level using the ChangeLevel input if no player could be found Mr.Hankey on
[CODE] Fixed bug where ai_goal_lead would not update the NPC speech target Mr.Hankey on
[CODE] All levels up to the Citadel have been converted for multiple players (this includes Nova Prospekt and City 17 levels) Mr.Hankey on
[CODE] Players can no longer heal themselves using the healthvials Mr.Hankey on
[CODE] Player-held manhacks and turrets no longer damage other players Mr.Hankey on
[CODE] Both entities, ai_goal_lead and ai_goal_follow, have been modified to work with multiple players Mr.Hankey on
[MODL] Bugbait model now fits into your hand instead of in your torso Mr.Hankey on
[CODE] Vital Ally NPCs now regenerate their health on Easy Skill again Mr.Hankey on
[CODE] Combine Mines (Hoppers) now jump at all players (not just player 1) Mr.Hankey on
[CODE] NPCs can now pick up weapons again, if they have none or they find a better one Mr.Hankey on
[CODE] SL8 Combat Rifle damage increased from 8 to 10 Mr.Hankey on
[CODE] Compacted Player Locator so it does not take as much screen space