The Settlers: Rise of an Empire v1.2 Patch
Additional Content

Map Editor has been added.


When overwriting savegame (both Quicksave and normal savegames) and saving fails, the old savegame is restored rather than deleted.
Saving a game requires less memory.

Bug Fixes

Fixed updater bug that prevented automatic updates under Vista
Fixed a problem on Challia (map 2) where the knight could get stuck at the fire near the chapel.
A rare freeze when building roads across territory borders has been fixed.
Fix an occasional crash when loading savegames on Rekkyr map.
Fixed a rare file not found error when using 1.3 shaders.
Some other minor bug fixes.

Known Issues

Saved games from versions older than 1.1 cannot be loaded, and saved games from 1.2 cannot be loaded by older versions. We advise you to finish your latest mission before applying the patch.
The Screenshot function is not working with activated FSAA (Full Screen Anti Aliasing).
Clan/Ladder support not active.
In rare circumstances it can happen that soldiers get stuck between gates if they perform an action (capture siege cart) there.
The game might freeze for a few seconds when moving to an area (for example a big city) for the first time.
In some very rare conditions the selection does not work. Workaround: Click with left mouse button, turn the camera.
Map Editor: In some very rare conditions the modification of water vectors can lead to undefined results.
Map Editor: The position of the diagnostic grid is always on surface height.
Map Editor: The quest system is not completely translated.
Map Editor: In terrain editing the height of plateaus can only be picked not entered.