Space Empires V v1.63 Patch
Version 1.63:

Fixed - Slight script error.
Fixed - Population was reproducing too fast when migration treaty was in effect.
Fixed - Queue types should not contain accumulated resources.
Fixed - Queue types were bypassing requirements.
Fixed - Space and ground units were regenerating their shields and armor too fast.

Version 1.62:

Fixed - Climate Control Facility would not improve a planet with deadly conditions.
Changed - Increased tonnage structure for Emissive Armor, Stealth Armor, Scattering Armor, Organic Armor, and Crystalline Armor.
Fixed - End turn processing of happiness would sometimes cause processing to stop forever.
Fixed - Attack Seek orders should not be cleared if combat occurs but the target is not destroyed.

Version 1.61:

Fixed - Sometimes joining an alliance would cause the game to crash.
Fixed - "Component - Damage Resistance" for armor does not apply if the damage type hitting the armor has an armor penetration percent of 100%.
Fixed - Planet Value Low Percent, Planet Value High Percent will not allow negative numbers.
Fixed - All Remote orders will no longer generate a Moveto order if the vehicle is at the load/drop/launch/recover location, and it has no other orders.
Fixed - The Set Construction Queue warning messages can now be removed with the Escape key.
Fixed - The Condensed button is now enabled on the Transfer Cargo window during Simultaneous Games.
Fixed - You can transfer multiple items in the Transfer Cargo window during Simultaneous Games.
Fixed - The Transfer Cargo window would sometimes load the same object twice during a Simultaneous Game.
Fixed - Units and Facilities will show an ID number after their name for non-condensed cargo items in the Transfer Cargo and Launch/Recover Units windows in Simultaneous Games.
Fixed - In the Transfer Cargo window in a Simultaneous Game, if you use the Move Cargo button on an order line, that order will be deleted.
Added - Formula function "get_empire_ability_facility_count".
Added - Formula function "get_empire_specific_facility_count".
Added - Formula function "get_empire_queues_ability_facility_count".
Added - Formula function "get_empire_queues_specific_facility_count".
Fixed - Ruins icon was not showing on the planet report.
Fixed - Abilities list was not displaying for uncolonized planets.
Added - Status Icons column to the Planets List window.
Fixed - Storms should not block sector view ship placement.
Fixed - The ability "Shield Disruption" was not working.
Fixed - Improved the speed of the Unit Group report.
Fixed - Launching of large unit groups was causing a slowdown.

Version 1.60:

Fixed - When running command line processing, the game will default to Windowed mode.
Fixed - The Sector View would show cloaked enemy ships.
Fixed - Planets would grow unhappy from enemy ships that were not visible inside storms.
Fixed - "Out Of Resources" error on game start.
Fixed - Some machines would compute a different checksum with the exact same data files. NOTE: If you are currently running a simultaneous game, you need the host to end turn before players can play a new turn. NOTE: Checksums are only computed for Simultaneous turn Different Machine games.
Fixed - Ships moved by a spatial anomaly would disappear completely.
Fixed - Trade resources were not getting added to an empire's coffers before construction and maintenance.
Fixed - The minister scrapping units on planets will not longer display on screen messages. All unit scrapping will be reported in the logs.
Fixed - Unit scrapping log messages did not have a portrait.
Fixed - Sometimes game creation would add two identical random empires to a game.

Version 1.59:

Fixed - Sometimes the Planets List window would crash when opening it.
Fixed - Some memory leaks.
Fixed - You could add multiple space yards to a construction queue.
Changed - Increased Resupply Depot supply and ordnance generation.
Changed - Increased Resupply Depot supply and ordnance remote distribution.
Fixed - AI will now scrap old weapon platforms on its planets when cargo space is low or the design is really old.
Fixed - AI was not purchasing units that cost more than the construction queue rate.
Fixed - AI was not purchasing enough weapon platforms.
Fixed - Sometimes units that took part in ground combat would be off the map.