Two Worlds v1.6 Patch
° MP Lag issues have been improved
° Horse steering improved
° Walking under water and not dying -fixed
° Inaccessible Cave north of Ashos has been fixed
° Friendly fire disabled in RPG mode (players cannot damage each other)
° Resurrect spell on players has been disabled
° Experience points for killing players removed
° Disarming skill disabled against other players
° Freezing/stopping spells disabled against other players
° MP too much skillpoints generated due to combat stats - fixed
° Character developing curve not as steep over level 25.
° MP RPG quests given to all, reward splitter between players
° HP regeneration slower for max values above 2000
° Death strike skill - executable by strike button while in sneak mode.
° Critical hit skill fixed (faster animations added)
° Allowed damage over 32000
° Cap on damage and armor on 99999
° Necromancer spells balanced
° Magical boosters - effect restricted to 5 boosters.
° Stacking potions with different statistics - fixed
° Stacking objects which produce too high requirements has been blocked
° Objects stacking - objects can't be stacked up if result has higher level requirements than current player level.
° Equipment Class cap on 50
° When killing in towns - after you leave the town and go back guards will ask you for paying instead if immediately attack you.
° NPCs in towns don't resurrect - guardians exploit removed.
° Tweaked hi- level monsters balance
° Team assault - main monuments 50 times stronger
° Barbarian - berserk skill in PvP reduced to 5.
° Wing Membrane ingredient added to Helllord
° Dragons strike not breakable by player hit.
° Chest and wardrobe lock levels improved in multiplayer.
° Bomb traps attached to some chests and wardrobes.
° Balanced number of lock picks in chests and wardrobes.
° Money moved between servers - fixed
° Boosters disappearing in Arena modes
° Maps D2,E4,F4, MP Tharbakin - missing triangles or flying objects - fixed.
° Atmospheric fog for MP towns added.
° Enter opens console in SP
° Horse steering - stopping horse by back key changed
° cloning character when logging on new WarNet server - fixed
° chat over open dialogs possible (by F11 chat dialog)
° All PVP arenas unlocked from begin