Armageddon Empires v1.06a Patch
Fixed hard to reproduce bug where AI de-stealthing to destroy resource collectors could cause script error if interface controller was not initialized correctly.

Fixed bug where AI trying to respond to threat would not reinforce army that had been dedicated as a "wave attack" army even if it was the only army that could respond.

Fixed bug where undetected enemy stealth armies that happened to be in the hex were causing an error by appearing in the supporting units list when the human player was responding to enemy movement.

Fixed bug where game could hang because AI could not decide on type of card to create when no valid units existed for the attachment. Previous fail safe was not working properly.

Fixed bug where AI trying to identify best air to ground target was passing voided target list when using Forward Air Controller.

Fixed bug where AI was making two goals to pull the same item from an armory but crashed when second goal processed and found item was no longer in the armory.

UI Additions and Changes:

Added ability to rename your own armies by holding down the Home key and left clicking on the name of the army in the Army Viewer Interface. A dialogue box will appear that will let you modify/change completely the army's current name. Garrisons cannot be renamed.

All decks now appear in the deck selection box when starting a new game. Invalid decks are grayed out and the reason is displayed in red on the info panel to the left.