Warsow v0.4
New Features:
- Added Warsow TV!
- Added cl_sleep 0|1 (default 0), fixes 100% load issues for some clients.
- Added ability to automatically play a sound file while a demo with the same name is playing, if they are in the same directory.
- Added cg_teamcolored_beams 1|0, sets LG and EB beams to team colors (thanks learn_more).
- Added cg_showminimap 1|0, toggles whether minimap is shown in HUD (thanks learn_more).
- Added minimaps for each map.
- Added client sound prediction.
- Added Duel Arena (DA).
- Added effects to various movements (dash, walljump, ...)
- Added cg_damage_indicator 1|0 (default: 1), toggles damage indicator for HUD. Red marks will appear on the sides when hit if enabled.
- Added new iTDM mode, players must now control predefined zones in a map.
- Added ability to read map fullnames from file (maps/.txt).
- Added ability to use "map " rather than just the "map filename".
- New CTF timers added:
Players must stand next to opposing team's flag for 3.5 seconds to grab it;
Players must stand on their flag base's for 2 seconds to capture opposing team's flag.
- Added wda1, wda2, wda3, wda4, wda5, wda6.
- Added the new instagun.
- Added wdm2 (TdM/blx), wdm11 (Grumx).
- Added wdm11 (Grumx).
- Added new player model; Bobot.
- Added cg_cartoonRockets and cg_rocketTrail to control new rocket effects.
- Added "precache" command for HUD scripts to allow precaching of resources.
- Added "match " server command to aid administrators.
- Added cg_chatBeep 1|0, toggles a beep sound when a player sends a chat message.
- Added graphics profiles ranging from low to extreme for people with different spec systems.
- Added graphics profiles support to Graphics setup menu.
- Added per-pixel shader support.
- Added selfdamage ratios for weapons.
- Added new flag model.
- Added webdownloads for mod directories.
- Added native support for vsync on *nix systems.
- Added cl_chatmode 1|2|3, 1 = console works like Q3, 2 = QW
- Ctrl-Enter in console sends a team chat message

- Renderer now supports many new features, see features.txt for more information
- iCTF no longer has any timers.
- Removed wdm2, wctf2 and wdm11 (acid's maps).
- Updated wtest4 status to wdm4.
- Updated wtest17 status to wdm17.
- Updated a lot of maps to support the new renderer features.
- Increased the gravity to 850 (old value 800).
- A minimum value of 24 for cl_maxfps has been enforced.
- Warsow now tries to autodetect sys_affinity on load.
- Bots now spam a lot less vsays.
- Riotgun now uses a spiral-motive, it's not random anymore (thx uz).
- Strong grenades explode on impact.
- Rocket launcher weapon settings changed.
- In CA you now spawn with your teammates.
- Removed the old CTF timers!
- Dropped flag now stands up and rotates.
- Tweak the netcode to be a mixture between 0.32 and 0.21.
- CTF hud changes, see huds/ctf.hud.
- iTDM hud changes, see huds/inc/capture_areas.hud.
- Outlining is now done by the GPU (cg_outlineWorld and cg_outlineModels), if possible.
- Grenade physics have changed.
- Bots now move more like humans and time items.
- Removed plasma spam lag.
- Spectators are no longer allowed to vote during a duel in progress (g_allow_spectator_voting, defaults to 1)
- Decreased startup time considerably by not calculating MD5-checksum of the the whole file for each .pk3 found.
- Now displays MOTD even if cg_showhelp is 0.
- Game modules can now be downloaded.
- Greatly improved downloads and config execution from mod directories.
- Strong Riotgun now fires 22 pellets at 5 damage each.
- Weak Riotgun now fires 18 pellets at 4 damage each.
- Rocket selfdamage has now been set to 75%.
- Gunblade now has an automatic reloading system, it will fire all of the available ammo (max 10), and does a maximum of 40 damage.

- No longer allows names such as "^1 ".
- Fixed servers acting weird if they're stuck on the same map for a while (999 ping bug).
- Fixed server not responding to broadcasts on local network when sv_public set to 0.
- Fixed 100% accuracy not being allowed on scoreboards.
- Fixed no ammo weapon switching bug.
- Fixed players going through player-only-solid material in race gametype.
- Fixed cointoss message staying the same color as that of the players nickname.
- Various code cleanups and performance improvements.
- Fixed names like "^^1foobar" being colored when they shouldn't be.
- "name ^Anna^" etc works (^ not followed by a digit is normal text now)