Pacific Storm: Allies v1.1 to v1.4 UK Patch
Warning! In order to launch the patched game, you might need to update your DirectX first.

Warning! We discovered that certain versions of K-Lite Codec Pack make the game unstable, causing crashes during video playback, errors in post-render processing effects, object texture disappearance, along with spontaneous terminations during the game, leading to CTDs. To avoid the problem, try switching off video playback and post-render effects in game settings, or launch the K-Lite Codec Pack uninstall procedure.


[ + Improvement added ]
[ * Feature fixed/modified ]
[ - Error fixed ]

Strategic part:

1. [-] Fixed a number of errors causing the game to crash during auto battle or while switching to a strategic level after a tactic battle is over.
2. [-] Fixed the error with autosave right after a saved game is loaded.
3. [-] Fixed the error with declaring war on attack close to a neutral base.
4. [-] Fixed random game crash after the successful end of campaign.
5. [*] Changes to the diplomacy balance.
6. [-] Fixed the error with repeating names while viewing dependent technologies in the research order window.
7. [*] Trading similar resources restricted.
8. [-] Fixed the error causing AI-controlled units to ignore the given orders after saving and reloading a game state.
9. [-] Fixed the error of game crash on loading an autosaved game.
10. [-] Fixed the problem with the game freezing after certain saved games are loaded.
11. [-] Fixed the crash on right-clicking at the map after the selected group is lost (i.e. during the combat).
12. [-] Fixed the crash in the arcade mode, when a group attached to a ship for transporting is selected in the cargo window.
13. [-] Fixed the error making the game freeze in some cases when a group is extended.
14. [-] Fixed the error making the game freeze in some cases when a governmental task is given.
15. [*] Enemy AI improved and made more aggressive.
16. [-] After a new game is started, the diplomacy window no longer contains pacts made in the previous game.
17. [+] In manufacture, technology research and building construction windows, a mouse click on an icon puts on hold or resumes the production/construction/research, while the click when the Alt key is held modifies the “priority”.
18. [-] Fixed the error making the game freeze in some cases during an auto battle.

Tactical part:


1. [*] Fixed and rebalanced damage systems of the following ships, torpedo boats and submarines: Iowa, Benson, Evarts, Shimushu, Hunt, Elco, Zaandam, Hokoku-Maru, Canonesa, Cormoran, Fletcher, Bismarck, PikeV, Eclipse, Narvick, De Ruyter, Kalinin, Tribal, Otsu-Gata, I-400, Kagero, Myoko, Nagato, Yamato, Lexington, Casablanca, Cleveland, Colorado, Essex, Gato, Cimarron, Kazahaia, Mogami, Taiho, Zuikaku.
2. [*] Added the influence of modification elements on protection of pilots and fuel tanks.
3. [-] Fixed the problem with planes reloading on aircraft carriers.
4. [-] Fixed racks of the following British planes: Ventura, Catalina, TBF - now the planes can carry British torpedoes.
5. [*] Fixed firing angles of I-400 submarine.
6. [*] Fixed firing angles of rear guns of German destroyers.
7. [-] Battleship Colorado will no longer open fire from its medium-caliber board guns.
8. [-] Fixed the appearance of loading cranes for the following ships: Baltimore, Bismarck, Colorado, De Ruyter , Yamato.
9. [*] Health bars now display unit state more adequately.
10. [-] Ju-87 and Ju-88 are no longer classified as scout planes.
11. [*] In direct control mode, ships now launch torpedoes one after one, not in a salvo.
12. [*] The possibility of ammo detonation now varies for different units.
13. [-] Fixed racks of the following planes: Ar-196, Ar-234, Bf.109, British F2A2, Nederland F2A2, F5U, FW-190, Ju-88, Nederland OS2U, Soviet OS2U.
14. [-] Fixed the error with “ghost” bombs, remaining in bays after the entire load is dropped.


1. [*] B5N no longer acts like a diving bomber while using bombs.
2. [*] Fixed the attack algorithm for AI attacks on the player’s base.
3. [-] Fixed the error making planes taking off from a carrier land on another one right away.
4. [*] Fixed the attack algorithm for torpedo boats.
5. [*] Fixed the depth charge attack algorithm for planes.
6. [*] Modified the algorithm of torpedo and bomb release for planes.
7. [-] The planes of I-400 submarine carrier no longer collide with the carrier on landing.
8. [-] AI of dive bombers now opens the bays in advance before dropping bombs.
9. [*] Fixed the anti-sinking measures algorithm for ships.
10. [+] Bombers now are able to pick targets amongst base structures independently.
11. [*] After landing on a carrier, planes are now refueled automatically.
12. [*] The number of planes a carrier can accept is now limited.


1. [-] Fixed errors in Night Raid mission.
2. [-] Fixed messages in several missions.
3. [*] In second tutorial mission, enemy carriers no longer attempt to escape.
4. [-] Fixed errors in first tutorial mission during the damage system demo.
5. [-] Fixed errors in some mission scripts causing the game to crash.
6. [*] In Prince of Wales mission, American ships and planes are replaced with British units.
7. [-] Fixed crashes in several missions using timed events.
8. [-] Fixed the problem with planes reload in missions.
9. [*] Fixed and re-balanced “Allies join the War” mission.


1. [-] Fixed the out-of-sync issue on varying arcade mode settings for different players.
2. [-] Fixed the out-of-sync issue appearing in some cases on sinking a ship.
3. [-] Fixed the out-of-sync issue appearing in some cases on modifying the detail level settings.
4. [-] Fixed the out-of-sync issue on destroying a plane that was viewed in tracking camera mode.
5. [-] Fixed the out-of-sync issue on co-op completion of the mission where Prince of Wales must be sank, when reinforcements appear.
6. [-] Fixed the out-of-sync issue appearing in the network planner when reinforcements are called in, for the case where the zone contains sinking ships placed.
7. [+] Added new maps for network play in the planner: Guam, Hollandio, Hong Kong, Kaohsiung, Kieta, Kupang, Kwajalein, Leyte, Midway, Attu, Batavia, Darwin, Davao.


1. [-] Fixed the display of sea-bed on map Kota Bharu.
2. [*] Lighting tuned.
3. [*] Fixed the textures of the following planes: Lancaster, Walrus, and Vampire.
4. [*] The intensity of post-render effects decreased.
5. [-] Fixed the error of wrong water surface display for latest drivers by nVidia.


1. [*] Aircraft machine-gun sounds no longer mix into a buzzing cacophony during intense fire.
2. [*] Pilots’ “talkativeness” is decreased.


1. [-] Ships on “Ocean” map now can retreat.
2. [*] Several tactical maps were fixed.
3. [-] Fixed the data on destroyed structures in the statistics window shown after a battle.
4. [-] Fixed the display of loaded torpedo amount.
5. [-] Missiles launched from guides no longer crash buildings nearby.
6. [-] Fixed the error with non-stopping fire when autopilot is engaged.