Depths of Peril v1.008 Beta Patch
fixed a typo in elemental text
fixed a typo in Badlands text
fixed Devastating Blow description
fixed some typos in hulk text
fixed a couple covenant dialog typos
fixed lacking typo in covenant dialog
fixed typo in lucky trait description
fixed tax magic bonuses not being capitalized like others
fixed a potential crash in item spawning
increased disarm trap bonus per point
changed Virtility to Virility
now flip min & max damage if min damage is higher
Left click to read is now localized correctly
ghost revenge NPCs should no longer be able to be killed
revenge quest now properly tells you to talk to NPC in town
fixed X armor on items not localizing correctly
fixed X defense on items not localizing correctly
fixed item comparison text not localizing correctly
fixed attribute names not localizing correctly in character screen highlights
fixed npc titles not localizing correctly
localized versions can now turn off rank endings (1st, 2nd, 3rd, ...)
localized some general quest stuff
localized talk to stuff in quests
localized quest fail conditions
localized versions can now turn off plural ending - 3 monster(s)
localized Left Click to Select Quest
localized xp prints
localized miss type prints
localized damage types on item bonuses
fixed chared remains plural issue
increased XP reward for thief quest
influence now has a max to prevent math overflows
fixed an infinite loop when trading really large amounts of influence
fixed sometimes not being able to finish kill X monsters quests
tweaked some item drop numbers so tomes aren't so plentiful at high levels
fixed xp bar background showing as stripes on some graphics cards
fixed kick icon showing as stripes on some graphics cards
fixed an issue where multiple covenants could get credit for destroying the same covenant
boosted set bonuses for Fuse, Drel, Raven, Aversion, Retter, Shankar, and Mudbeard
added some code to prevent dual storylines if another covenant solves a storyline quest
added gold max to prevent math overflow
localized the rest of the tutorial quests
fixed good food typo
added unicode support for random names
added a hardcore mode