Warsow v0.41
New Maps:
- added revised version of wdm10 with a new item layout, wdm10a.
- added two new CTF maps, wctf2 and wctf3.

New Features:
- added delay between getting off the flag stand and the timer counting up again (600ms).
- added jumping animation when using jump pads.
- added new callvote option "callvote kickban", which will temporarily ban a specified player from a server.
- added menu options for various graphical effects and player preferences.
- added option to alternate between map names (wdm1, wdm2, etc.) and map titles (Flew Over, etc.) in the start server menu.
- added new chasecam follow modes. Entering the follow modes is done by adding one of the following parameters to the chase command:
will chase the given player.
"auto" will chase the highest fragger unless there's a flag or powerup carrier, in that order.
"carriers" will give the user pov control unless there's a flag or powerup carrier, in that order.
"flags" will give the user pov control unless there's a flag carrier.
"powerups" will give the user pov control unless there's a powerup carrier.
"score" will chase the highest fragger.
- added default autoexec file for Warsow TV (tvserver_autoexec.cfg).
- added feature that appends the current number of specs to TV server's name.
- added query protocol support to Warsow TV.
- added rcon support to Warsow TV, and a tv_rcon_password cvar to go with it.
- added Xavatar's path_spline cameras.
- added GLSL distortion pass to textures/russus/teleporter.
- added ability to pass server password in URI (scheme://[@][:]).

- changed Rocket Launcher reload time to 850.
- changed strong grenades to bounce once before detonating.
- changed weak rocket speed to 1000ups (for real this time).
- shrank item bounding box by 8 units on vertical axis.
- modified instagun sound.
- modified rocket explosions to look slightly less intense.
- changed Warsow TV chat to look more distinct.
- modified CTF bonuses to be shown as awards.
- modified medium profile to use smaller texture sizes for portalmaps (256) and shadowmaps (512).
- modified behavior of cl_compresspackets:
"0" disables packet compression.
"1" compresses packets bigger than the average client packet size (default).
"2" compresses all packets.
- changed serverside password cvar to tv_password.
- default client packets-pre-second (cl_pps) is now 35.
- default max Warsow TV clients (tv_maxclients) is now 32.
- modified Warsow TV chase commands to function identically to normal chase commands.

- fixed missing textures by adding ecel texture pack.
- fixed Warsow TV multipov. Chaining Warsow TV servers should now be possible.
- fixed areaportals over Warsow TV.
- fixed broken shader (textures/HazelH/floorpanels_mirror).
- fixed bug with minimap showing enemy locations in CA and for coaches.
- fixed bug with saving cam files that only had subtitles.
- fixed bug which prevented the player last in the last player slot from interacting with the level.
- fixed crashes caused by excessively long names.
- fixed Duel Arena being absent from the server filter.
- fixed electrobolt damage doubling.
- fixed "ERROR: Game Error: G_Spawn: no free edicts" server crash.
- fixed "inverted strafing" movement bug which was causing undesired results when attempting to bunnyjump using +moveleft and +moveright.
- fixed missing textures in wca1.
- fixed old movement (cg_oldmovement 1) delay being applied when entering a new level.
- fixed overpowered gunblade shots in Clan Arena.
- fixed ping spikes caused by client command buffer underflow.
- fixed problem with textures/hazelh/verticalborder2's non-deluxe path (scripts/hazelh.shader).
- fixed scroll list in the server menu.
- fixed rendering of portal views.
- fixed start server menu forgetting map names.
- fixed vintage Quake 2 bug concerning nonworking banlists.
- fixed shaders with "material" passes crashing in 2D.

- removed battleye and forcemodules from dedicated_autoexec.cfg.
- removed depreciated "follow" command, use "chase" instead.
- removed unfinished path_sin cameras.