The Battle for Wesnoth v1.3.16
Version 1.3.16:
* campaigns:
* Two Brothers: set the leader of scenario one to passive to make it not
too easy to win
* language and i18n:
* updated translations: Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, German,
Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish
* replaced the font used for the chiense translation (gkai00mp.ttf) with a
subset of WQY (just the gb2312 part is included) as requested by the
chinese maintainer
* map editor:
* the editor handles errors with the old unsupported map format more
graceful (bug #11023)
* multiplayer:
* revised maps: The Freelands
* don't display 'Remote scenario' for reloaded games in the multiplayer
lobby which is wrong in most cases (fixes bug #10882), the display
of 'Reloaded game' is disabled for now because of the string freeze
* Fixed MP saves loadind to choose correct human side (bug #10894)
* display reloaded games in yellow instead of green in the game list
as they are also a kind of already running games
* Made era not required while loading save game
* Removed bogus client commands about takeing side
* Fixed control change when giving own team (bug #6639)
* when loading a savegame don't offer to take the non-player sides (bug
* units:
* balancing changes:
* decreased the village defense of Bats from 60% to 40%
* decreased the forest defense of the Ranger from 70% to 60%
* decreased the forest movement cost of the Ranger from 2 to 1
* decreased the shallow water, mountain, swamp and snow movement cost of
the Ranger from 3 to 2
* user interface:
* During dialogs the speaker is shown in the sidebar and highlighted.
* During ai moves the source hex is no longer highlighted.
* show unit standing animations and idle animations are now separate options
* Removed broken "Host network game" option from multiplayer menu (bug #10800)
* Fixed network game creation return back to create dialog after failed
savegame loading
* Fixed a small glitch with fog and shroud in the corners (bug #10831)
* share_view now looks at whether your allies have shared their view,
before whether or not you saw the view of your allies was determined by
your own view was shared (bug #10994)
* slight tuning of hp/xp bar: not anymore hidden under leader crown and the
HP bar's scaling is changed (now the cap is ~80hp instead of 70)
* new red footprints images for move cost > 3
* WML engine:
* fixed an off by one error in [scroll_to]
* unified the two different max_loop counters and used highest maximum
* Fixed abilities filtering to test [filter] allways
* terrains:
* added stone bridge terrain over lava and chasms.
* miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Fixed networking not to timeout with slow connections but timeout faster
with lost connection (partialy fix bug #10967)
* Fixed client side ping timeout check if downloading or uploading
* Moved destruction of conditional object before the mutex. This should
fix random crash in network disconnect.
* Fixed reference to invalid pointer in attack::attack
* pressing shift affects acceleration immediately
* More gcc 4.3 fixed
* Remember cleared hotkey
* Added some toys&whisles to unit tests
* Added networking unit tests
* Optimized MP chat log building
* Optimized tokenizer to speed up loading config files
* Hide race sections having only units with "hide_help=true"
* Fixed ai handling of unit without attacking weapons (bug #10886)
* Optimize roads placing of random map
* when a unit miss an animation, the engine will base the replacement on
the standing animation instead of the standing frame
* enabled caching images for lowmem unconditionally since it seems to save
memory (bug #11022)
* disable stricker terrain validation, since a rogue scenario may avoid
somebody to create any game (bug #11024)