Warzone 2100 - Version 2.1-beta1
* General:
* New: Video options menu to allow for things such as resolution to be
changed without needing to manually edit the config file.
* New: 'Locked Teams' alliance mode: human players and AIs can play in a team against other teams.
* New: Allies now have shared vision in 'Teamplay' and 'Locked Teams' modes.
* New: Height-map mini-map mode (Default key combination to cycle through mini-map modes: Ctrl+Tab).
* New: Multi-Turret support for units and structures.
* New: 'Circle' command for VTOLs - upon activation will make VTOLs fly in circles and engage approaching enemies.
* New: A more realistic miss/hit evaluation system - allows to dodge projectiles.
* New: Top, bottom, left, right, front and rear armor types for units.
* New: Improved scripting language documentation.
* New: UTF-8 and font rendering support added (aids in i18n). This depends on QuesoGLC.
* Fix: Skirmish difficulty slider now applies settings to the right players.
* Change: Migrate all networking code to a new and improved net-primitives API.
* Campaign Mode:
* Fix: accuracy, damage and ROF upgrades, which were mistakenly applied to Mini-Pods and Mini-Rocket
Artillery, are now correctly applied to Lancer, Bunker Buster, Tank Killer and Ripple Rockets.
* Unit AI:
* New: Multi-criteria target selection routine to automatically choose the best suitable target.
* New: Units and structures will constantly look for a better target taking into consideration
targets of the friendly units nearby - won't lock on one target forever anymore.
* Skirmish/Multiplayer AI:
* New: Enabled basic level of Human-AI cooperation, for more information visit: http://wz2100.net/wiki/gameplay:cooperative_ai
* New: AI units now return to defend its own base when it's in trouble.
* Improved: AI is faster at producing units, upgrading structures and oil capturing.
* Several other improvements.
* Fix: AI doesn't get free units when playing in 'Advanced Bases' mode anymore.
* Fix: AI won't preferably attack humans anymore.
* Buildsystem:
* New: Gettext support (0.16.1 included)
* New: Intel C++ Compiler (ICC) supported (10.0 is known to work, FIXME: non-debug compiles only atm :FIXME)
* Change: No optional dependencies anymore (Ogg now required)
* Change: Use pkg-config (0.9 should work) instead of autoconf scripts for SDL, PNG and Ogg/Vorbis (Faster)
* Balancing (Multiplayer):
* Light Cannon:
* weapon damage raised from 25 to 37
* weapon chance hit increased from 20 to 25
* weapon radius damage increased from 5 to 7
* Heavy Gunner Cyborg:
* weapon damage raised from 30 to 37
* Cyborg Engineer:
* construction component cost decreased from 17 to 10
* construction time for construction component decreased from 85 to 65 (used to be the same as truck's)
* hitpoints of construction component decreased from 50 to 40 (used to be the same as truck's)
* Cyborg Mechanic: (all 3 repair components used to have almost same values, which is now history)
* repair component cost reduced from 50 to 35
* repair component build time decreased from 250 to 100
* Heavy Repair:
* heavy repair component cost increased from 50 to 70
* heavy repair component build time increased from 250 to 300
* EMP Cannon:
* increased reload time from 5 to 8 seconds
* units will now get disabled in the splash radius of 2x2 tiles, with probability of 50%
* Laser Satellite weapon:
* blast radius: increased from 2 tiles to 4.5 tiles
* blast radius damage: increased from 1000 to 2800
* reload time: increased from 5 mins to 8 mins
* chance to hit in the blast radius: reduced from 99% to 90%