Fistful of Frags v1.3 Beta

- Bounty game mode: explore the tactical side of Fistful of Frags. This brand new mode brings completely different possibilities to our game. Teams are asymmetric in player number and equipment. Desperados have the disadvantage of facing a double or triple number of opponents, but they start with much more notoriety to select their equipment and vigilantes have some respawn restrictions.

There are several objectives in map which have to be defended by vigilantes to win the round, and there is a time limit too. Success or fail won*t depend only on your accuracy, you have to coordinate with teammates, use terrain and buildings to ambush enemy and choose your equipment wisely, taking in consideration the objective to attack/defend.

- Deathmatch added to all maps.
- Nowhere level: spawn in the center of a desert storm and find the loot in a vast underground area.
- New menu music by Contraceptive Spongebob.
- Colt SAA 1873 "Peacemaker", model by Kaskad, uv*s, skin and animation by Racer445.
- New team selection menu, game mode indicators.
- New weapon sounds: Colt Navy, coachgun, axe.
- fof_nohint client convar, use it to hide all the hints and help on screen.
- fof_gamemode: server command, sets game mode directly
- fof_defaultgamemode: server convar, sets default game mode for all maps
- fof_autobalance: server convar, disables all team balancing related features

Gameplay adjustments:

- Few Dollars More spawn system adjusted, players should spawn at an adequate distance from the carrier, preventing to walk long distances
- Forward speed increased (+15%)


- HUD panels flashing / chat window freezing while another player connects, finally!
- Henry rifle 2 bullets reload
- Server stability should improve a lot

Weapon adjustments:

- Henry rifle: rate of fire slightly decreased, accuracy is much more affected when player moves, player will move slightly slower
- Dual Colt Navy slightly more accurate
- Coachgun damage model adjusted, same damage and dispersion but double amount of pellets.
- Bow and revolvers position in view space tweaked