The Settlers: Rise of an Empire v1.5 Patch
Additional Content

Three new single player maps have been added.
Added clan support.


Added option to suppress user messages in lobby chat.
Map Editor: Sped up loading of maps.
Map Editor: Several quest system improvements.
Added –DisplayScriptErrors Parameter for the game
The mission statistic include a vegetarian rating.

Bug Fixes

Several graphical issues have been fixed.
An online match connection problem related to several network adapters being installed has been removed.
Fixed several issues with the network mode that caused the game to crash.
Losing the network connection during map loading no longer causes the game to hang.
Fixed exploit related to wall gates.
The Map Editor saves user-defined groups.
Importing a new quest library into an existing map no longer deletes all quests.
Several minor fixes to Map Editor, game, UI and installer.
The game should run out of memory less frequently.
Several minor improvements to maps.
All spawn entities (i.e. for Bears) work properly again.

Known Issues

After loading a saved game created prior to version 1.3 the game may crash if numerous saved games exist.
Saved games from versions older than 1.1 cannot be loaded, and saved games from 1.5 cannot be loaded by older versions. We advise you to finish your latest mission before applying the patch.
Saved games from the campaign tutorial mission (Vestholm 1) made with game versions 1.1 and 1.2 will not work properly. We advise you to finish the tutorial before applying the patch.
The game may no longer force online activation if certain third-party programs are installed. You will need to insert the game DVD to play.