Combat Mission: Shock Force v1.08 Patch
Combat Mission Shock Force v1.08 Patch Notes
Save games created with earlier versions of the game are NOT compatible with v1.08. Please finish your in-progress games before applying this patch.

New to this patch is the addition of a "Check for Updates" link located under the "Combat Mission Shock Force" Program Group within the Start Menu. By clicking this link, your web browser will connect to our online version checker system and report both the installed version number of your game as well as the current version available. Links to download the available patch or patches as well as important info and version details are also shown. With routine use of this new tool, your games will always be updated and current!

* Improved calculations for small-arms penetration of buildings,including "shatter gap" for high-speed bullets.
* Stryker MGS is more willing to fire main gun (even though it doesn't carry a lot of ammo).
* Area fire at buildings has fewer "stray" shots.
* Troops will automatically cancel area target after they blow a sizeable hole in a wall.
* Small tweaks to bomb crater size (slightly decreased) and effects vs. buildings (slightly increased).
* Area fire at a wall area targets the wall itself more than the surroundings.
* Balconies and roofs offer slightly increased protection.
* Suppressed troops show more self-preservation behavior, especially in buildings.
* Troops react faster to the cancellation of area fire targets.
* Flavor objects disappear if a very large explosion occurs nearby.
* Soldiers with low experience and/or low motivation are more likely to rout away. Rout symbols (the ! mark) also last longer.
* Corrected a rare problem that allowed projectiles to hit a vehicle and explode, but continue traveling forward.
* VIEDs cannot explode a second time if hit by additional fire.
* The explosive power used by a Blast Move is increased (so enemies are more likely to take hits).
* Corrected a problem where aiming a weapon at a vehicle at very short range could cause the shooter's weapon to "wave around" for a few moments before firing.
* Soft-skinned vehicles are a little sturdier versus small-arms fire.

* When reaching a final waypoint, Team B of a squad will usually position itself to the side or rear of Team A.
* In internet play, the client player can mount troops during the setup phase and it works properly.
* Fixed a T-72 "stuck in wall" bug.
* A Hide command attached to a Hunt move works properly.
* Corrected some issues with troops inside buildings moving around too much.
* Fixed a problem where infantry sometimes wouldn't go into a building through a breached wall.
* If you give a team/squad embark orders toward a vehicle in a different setup zone, it will work correctly.
* Fixed an embarking problem where some soldiers in the team wouldn't get on board the vehicle.
* Corrected a pathing problem around high walls with a 45-degree bend.

* Compatible with Matrox TripleHead2Go, enabling the simultaneous use of three monitors providing wide-screen 3840 x 1024 resolution even if the computer only supports a single display output.
* Battle maps with many walls have increased frame rate.
* Alt-K hotkey to show/hide smoke graphics.
* Walls are visually destroyed correctly in playback.
* Tab-locking the camera to a unit does a better job angling the camera to make sure the unit begins in view.
* Enemy casualties will not cause the building they are in to become translucent.
* Terrain objective labels don't dim when "?" icons are on the screen.
* Stryker driver hatch model does not open too far.
* T-72 main gun model does not skew horizontally.
* Casualties on board a vehicle are not displayed poking through the vehicle's sides.
* Flames are correctly placed on post-explosion vehicle IEDs.
* Raised the minimum animation threshold for soldiers so there are no more "scarecrows" even if if the scenario is very large.
* Corrected a bug where a missile icon would appear in a vehicle's special equipment list for a moment before being fired.

* Aerial rockets are used less frequently versus building targets.
* Artillery and air strikes targeting a building that collapses will cancel automatically.
* The small red/yellow/green icon shown on each unit in the Support Roster window that shows the quality of the connection to the spotting unit, displays properly.
* The provisional delivery time initially displayed for an artillery mission while you are in the process of creating it, is now based on a standard mission, not an emergency one.

* On the end-game screen, the status of a terrain objective worth zero points is displayed (previously it was skipped).
* The presence of "stealthy" troops does not block the enemy from receiving points for terrain objectives.

* LOS through two or more floors within the same building is blocked.
* It is slightly easier to see over low walls from a kneeling position.
* Trees block LOS more, especially tree types A and E.
* Corrected a problem where some evening overcast situations would be treated as "too dark" for spotting.
* More dust is kicked up when a wall is breached.

* TacAI regards .50cal MG as a greater threat to light armor like the BMP than previously.
* TacAI slightly increases affinity for using HEAT and thermobaric rounds versus infantry in buildings, and slightly decreases affinity for using HEAT versus infantry not in buildings.

* Vehicles will not retreat in response to threats they have been ordered to fire upon, or whom they are spotting for artillery or air strikes.
* Reacts to grenade attacks.
* Less likely to pop additional smoke if there is already smoke in the direction the vehicle wants.
* Will not engage when the vehicle is embarking/disembarking passengers, nor will it be triggered by nonpenetrating hits received when the vehicle is moving.
* Retreat distances are slightly shorter.

* BTR-60 has improved turn radius.
* BMP-2 30mm cannon holds 500 rounds.
* M1127 RV Stryker, M1131 FSV Stryker, M7A3 BFIST Bradley, and M707 Humvee have a laser designator that improves efficiency for on-board artillery/air-strike spotting teams.
* PG-7V rocket diameter is corrected to 85mm.
* PG-7VR explosive content is reduced.

* Fixed a problem where you could "find" hidden enemies by pointing the mouse at them.
* Improved mouse-cursor precision near vehicles.
* Clicks on waypoints inside buildings register better.

* Internet games require less data transfer which should correct various problems with large scenarios (this also shrinks PBEM files).
* PBEM files are checked in advance for data integrity and the user is warned if the file appears damaged (this only works with PBEM files created with v1.08 or later).
* Quick Battle computer-player does a better job setting up its units, especially putting them into buildings.
* Fixed a few crash bugs.
* "Adequate" supply level is sufficient to give a vehicle a full ammo load for its own weapons.
* Fixed a "falling off the roof/balcony" bug.
* A saved quick-battle shows correct information on the load-game screen.
* Adjusted dawn and dusk start times for quick battles.
* Corrected a bug where a soldier might start playback holding the wrong weapon if he switched weapons during the action.
* Scream sounds from casualties are quieter at a distance.
* Fixed some pathfinding problems that resulted from scenarios with walls "covering" building doors.
* When a crew re-mounts a vehicle, their target orders are cleared, including orders to pop smoke.
* Fixed the unlimited vehicle smoke bug in turn-based games.
* Troops don't say "enemy spotted" when spotting destroyed enemies.
* Camera tab-lock (padlock) on an enemy unit is now lost when the unit is no longer spotted.

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