Depths of Peril v1.010 Beta Patch
fixed dyeing typo in March of Evil: Tribute
fixed damage type not getting translated correctly
fixed Stealthed not getting translated correctly
event text system handles new lines better now
fixed kill quest from a monster
hopefully fixed a problem where a parent quest gets deleted when it has child quests
now get 1/2 of first party members money, item, and magic chance as a bonus
fixed vicious typo in Great Wars of Aleria
fixed another 4 spots where damage types weren't localized correctly
fixed left click to increase/decrease skill localization
fixed \n not working in text messages when also localizing
fixed rank textures having unneeded alpha channel
made enemy covenant power highlight text a bit more clear
fixed a few collision issues in Vicious Chambers
entity purge system will no longer purge secret levels
fixed town siege icon
fixed barbarian typo in war quest
made it so monster item names could be localized better
added centerLeft text alignment
added centerRight text alignment
added vertical stat bar
added reversed stat bar
added buildTgas command
set bonuses now update instantly when paused
escorts should follow a little better up/down dungeon/caves
added more code to prevent tiny caves/dungeons
localized under level part of quest text
fixed weather loading
now save reward chests
now can load database files that aren't specified in database.dbl
now can add new database entries that override only specified key/value pairs of other database entries, allows multiple entries to modify the same entry like GameSystem at the same time, also since it only overrides specified key/values mods and patches will mix better