Galactic Command Echo Squad SE v2.10.07 Patch
Updated the game commands, manual & tutorial PDF files to reflect changes in this version.
Also added specs for the other two (of four) fighters which are flyable in future episodes and DLC.

Reduced the planetary egress altitude from 14K to 12K feet for those having trouble getting a handle on how to coax their craft to reaching a high altitude. There is no trick to it. See the updated section 6.6 of the game manual for some tips.
Enabled CTRL+S support which auto-saves the current game state to slot #9. It does this without you having to completely quit the game to the main menu. Note that ALT+S remains unchanged, as this gives you more control over the save game slot, naming convention etc.
All save game ops will now prompt Y/N before proceeding. This is for those of you who keep hitting ALT+S instead of ALT+T.
The saved games listed now have the game date/time stamp.
Further simplification of 3D cockpit.
Added NID/TRS menus to COMMAND/SYSTEMS menu. Can now change modes using the mouse/controller
Removed icons from cockpit MFDs. Text indicating the NID and TRS modes is now only displayed at the top left corner of MFD#1.
Removed all redundant VDD modes. Now it only supports the single [Video Link] mode
SSR - System Status Relay icons moved to bottom of cockpit so that they are always visible
SMD - Stores Manifest Display mode is obsolete as no scenario requires you to inspect a target's cargo
ACM - Advanced Campaign Mode data already appears in the HUD and in the orders display
RTM - Radar Target Mask moved to COMMAND/SYSTEMS/RADAR TARGET MASK menu with toggle boxes

Minor revision to how data is processed prior to being recorded in the COMMLINK log
Revised the FSAA buffer handling to safeguard against crashes or exiting when a higher FSAA setting is used in Config. If the video card does not have enough memory, then it will run with FSAA and HDR disabled.
This was done because in some cases, using high value FSAA values would later result in a crash due to insufficient video memory. Due to the large amount of runtime FP16 surfaces, Config has no way of knowing how much VRAM is later needed for the currently selected screen resolution. e.g. selecting 8x or higher FSAA while running the game at 1280x960 will most definitely result in out of memory anomalies (screen tearing, missing textures etc) and a possibly flat out crash.

Revised handling of roll/yaw mode on joysticks for better compatibility with older sticks.
FIXED: clip distance when drawing the infra-red missile camera in VDD/VID was being incorrectly set, causing smaller objects to not appear in it.
FIXED: adjusted burn, speed and range text in VDD/VID when drawing the missile camera due to overlapping existing text.
FIXED: player character injury was sometimes being improperly set. This sometimes caused a premature damage condition which immediately ended the game instead of playing the external camera "death" transition.
It must be noted that when your craft takes combat damage, so does your alter-ego. As a result, your alter-ego may sometimes die from injury even if the craft is not sufficiently damaged to be destroyed.