Dead Wake Beta 4
Heh.... here's list of things that we've changed & added:

New town props: barrel, several new buildings, lamp, one new terrain texture
Mission objectives: there are now 2 different mission objectives which can be used to generate different missions. More about this later in this thread.
Temporal new zombie types with temporal physics: these are hidden in "data\_undead\zombiesUndead" folder. They are far from final (in terms of all different animations, physics, skills etc.), but something you guys can mess around with.
Ammo count: Now you can see "current in gun" and "total ammo" in the game. There was minor problems with the count, so this could change a bit in the future.
Some GUI changes: Nothing big... but now there's some screenies that tell you when you died and similar.

Mission objectives
This is probably the most enjoyable feature in Beta 4. Now you can use two different mission objectives to generate different missions. The objectives are:
- locate (safe) zone
- carry X number of items to certain area

For example... you could now build your level, and then put 3 different zones where player must "check and make sure there's no zombies in the area". Also, you could create such mission objective where "player must carry crates to build stronger barricade"... If you test & brainstorm a bit, you can use these 2 mission objectives to build lots of different missions.

In the future, when there's more props (such as gas can, tires... you could build a mission where player needs to carry these objects near the car and drive away).