Fistful of Frags v1.4 Beta

- Whiskey man: equip the whiskey jug to help your teammates stay alive more time, not meant for personal use sorry! Replenishing rate is key to use it, if you die it decreases. Jug texture by GeorgH, sound fxs by Stringed Evil. Drunkness effect (motion blur) by Garry.
- map fof_tijuana, level design by Freak/Ryell, sound fxs by Stringed Evil, sky texture by Henri. This is a mexican village with spaghetti western style. Primary game mode: FoD, also available: FDM, DM.
- fof_nowhere redone, desert removed, bottom zone expanded with new art style, increased lighting. Primary game mode: FDM, also available: the rest.
- Final vigilante player model by Dieko
- Taunts reworked, many new additions.
- Bounty defeat/victory and piano rag music by Dimitris
- Dual Colt Peacemaker, animations by Racer445
- Bowler and Pale Rider hats


- Loot target icon getting stuck
- Arrows/thrown objects getting stuck in loot sack respawning zones


- Jumping causes big accuracy loss for half second
- Bounty game mode tweaked. There are even player number now, game mechanic is different: players are swapped to opposite team each round, so defense/attack is alternated. Vigilantes (defense) suffers an incremental respawn penalization when they die. Every player starts with 25 notoriety, vigilantes get normal notoriety by kills, desperados only can increase notoriety completing the objectives. Games last 5 rounds, notoriety isnt restarted.
- El Paso: improved indoors lighting, jerky movement due collisions with props fixed, new zone added in Gold Coin building, player piano added in Saloon (press use to play it).
- Eliminator: new dry look, new textures, new soundscapes, no more random respawning, each team has its own protected respawn zone, position of the crates slightly changed.
- Presidio: ladders fixed, better indoors lighting, new outside soundscape, torches sound added.
- Henry rifle iron sight tweaked for increased visibility.
- Neckerchiefs removed automatically if player has no additional pain tolerance. Colors changed: dark (51-75), grey (26-50), white (1-25)
- Dynamite max time to explode isnt exact anymore, now it oscillates between 5 and 6 seconds.
- Normal arrows gravity increased +15%.