Fury: Age of the Chosen v35256 to v35416
New player armor now has increased Physical and Spiritual Defense
Legacy gear from before Age of the Chosen has been removed from player inventory, mail and auctions
Inventory and vendor response time should be greatly improved in Sanctarum
Bloodbath parameters now allow ten minute Bloodbath and five minute Training Grounds
Displayed health will no longer appear to increase on dead avatars
Quickbar no longer renders greyscale icons while in persona edit mode
Re-queue button no longer disappears if you hit F12 more than once
Players now return closer to Warmasters in Gates of War
Added weapon icons above Warmasters in Citadel of Rebirth
Players should no longer appear at the opposition’s starting area in warzones
Added team rebalance stage to traditional matchmaker to create more evenly matched teams
Prevent some cases where only one team would make it into a game
Infinite gameplay rounds should no longer occur
Perkon should no longer become invisible
Crystal carrier should no longer incorrectly display weapons
Players can once again transfer safely between sanctuary instances
Fixed /teamchallenge against self
Improvements to bot team selection in matchmaker
Removed “votes to abandon” text from warzone queue monitor
Increased the minimum scrollbar thumb size
Game launcher should not longer incorrectly report players as being in the ‘Trondor’ realm queue
Matchmaker status should now display correctly after zoning
Team Challenge user interface has minor corrections
Inspect system now correctly uses the ‘public’ setting instead of the ‘clan’ setting when the target player is not in a clan
Social Clan panel now displays localised map names
Bloodbath variants now correctly eject players to Sanctarum after the end of warzone timeout
Warzone scoreboard now remains visible until the exit confirmation dialog is accepted
Smart chat mode now correctly positions the text input cursor
Chat log no longer shows a scroll flicker when new text displayed
Social Clan panel and System log now provide avatar contextual menu support
Prevent garbled ‘invalid persona’ error on /groupinvite while target is zoning
Client error messages are now shown over the launcher main window, rather than being displayed first
The EULA is now also show over the launcher main window, after any client errors
All arenas now reattach to the Realm Master after a realm crash