Dragon Nest
Genre: Fantasy Action Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game (MORPG)
Platform: PC Online
Developer: EYEDENTITY Games
Publisher: EYEDENTITY Games
Live Service Date: 2009
URL: http://www.eyedentitygames.com/eng/games/dragonnest.asp

Game Description:
EYEDENTITY Games introduces Dragon Nest for the online PC gamer. Dragon Nest is a colorful, exciting, dynamic Fantasy Action Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game (MORPG) filled with unique and artful visuals, non-stop action sequences, and distinctive maps and play styles that will appeal to both experienced and beginning players alike.

The beautiful Goddess Altea, creator of the tranquil worlds of Lagendia, plummeted into unconsciousness after being poisoned by her jealous, evil sister Vestinel. The poison can only be neutralized by an antidote made from the source of the poison itself - Vestinel’s magic grail – which has disappeared into Lagendia along with sinister Vestinel herself. Able to communicate to her people only through dreams, the Goddess Altea calls upon the Heroes of Lagendia via all-knowing prophets to find the grail and save her from her eternal slumber. In their quest, the bold warriors must comb the lands for enchanted Power Stones, which allow them to speak with the prophets and unlock the will of Altea through her dreams. But the hunt for the Power Stones is not for the meek, as since the Goddess Altea’s poisoning, the formerly peaceful lands of Lagendia have become home to throngs of deadly dragons bent on thwarting the grail’s discovery and keeping the land in despair.

Are you brave enough to join your fellow Heroes in battle against the mighty dragons and return Lagendia to its once-harmonious state? Only the strongest, keenest and most clever warriors will be victorious – and you will need to use every possible skill to defeat the dragons and save Goddess Altea!

Product Features:

Dynamic Combat. No monotonous “click and wait” combat in Dragon Nest! Experience thrilling combination and chain attacks for intense, non-stop action

Intuitive yet Engaging Game Play. Though totally immersive, Dragon Nest employs clear goals and intuitive, convenient controls that encourage a wide range of players to become fully engaged in the action and further enjoy their online gaming experience

Unique Maps and Play Styles. Dragon Nest dungeons change at random and monsters spawn indiscriminately, forcing players to stay on their toes as they explore Alcheringa, engage in guild vs. guild territory wars or even morph into dragons themselves to fight with the mightiest of the dragons and protect the sacred territories

Flexible Proprietary Technology. Dragon Nest boasts the proprietary, fully optimized “Eternity Engine,” which provides artful, premium graphics with low system requirements that allows for thousands of players to be simultaneously online in the worlds of Alcheringa

Experienced Team. Dragon Nest was created by an extremely talented development team consisting of veterans who have worked on the Kingdom Under Fire series, N3: Ninety Nine Nights and Huxley