Strategic Command 2: Patton Drives East v1.01 Patch
- adjusted a country surrender routine to transfer vacated tiles to friendly control if applicable
- carriers will now attack naval units in a port
- sea weather zone with majority value of 'calm' will be set to calm for the first turn of a campaign, similar setting already in place for land Primary and Secondary weather effects
- fixed a submarine surprise encounter error
- fixed a graphical glitch that would cause islands to disappear when stormy seas were present
- improved AI naval combat calculations, now up to 4X faster under the right circumstances
- storms and storm effects no longer apply to naval units that are on a coastal or island position at sea where there is a territorial owner of the tile, for example the rules remain unchanged for all open sea tiles
- improved scroll speed by adjusting how DirectX stores bitmaps to memory with an optional setting for 'Video Acceleration' in the SETTINGS dialog
- improved scroll speed by adding bitmapped strength values instead of generating them on the fly
- fixed an 'okay_message_dialog_1.bmp' error for the Soviet Interface
- fixed a Hide Unit display error
- fixed a country surrender and subsequent unit relocation error
- fixed a Diplomacy chit error for when a country is annexed
- fixed an Artillery defensive fire error
- fixed a MPP losses reporting error for AI bomber attacks
- fixed a Destroyer unit combat error
- fixed a 'Silent' mode submarine error

- fixed a script popup error for the Russians Are Coming campaign
- fixed the spelling of 'Palestine' in the Case Neptune campaign
- fixed the spelling of 'Israel'
- unit builds selected as 'None' were incorrectly showing (-1) in the 'Add Unit Dialog', now show '0'
- replaced Franco with Grandes for the 1947 Russians Are Coming campaign
- Rommel removed from the build list for the 1947 Russians Are Coming campaign
- lowered Soviet activation % from 17% to 15% for the 1939 Storm of Steel campaign
- lowered Soviet reaction from 3-5% to 1-2% for German war with Czechoslovakia for the 1939 Storm of Steel campaign
- lowered Soviet reaction from 10-15% to 7-10% for German annexation of Eastern Poland for the 1939 Storm of Steel campaign
- added Leeb HQ to the German P/Q for March 1, 1941 for the 1939 Storm of Steel campaign
- adjusted the WAR ENTRY event for Canada to possibly trigger (under the right conditions) from start date of Storm of Steel campaign
- fixed a bug where the surrender of Denmark did not transfer Iceland to the Allies for the 1939 Storm of Steel campaign
- corrected several RESOURCE script errors for the 1939, 1941, 1943, 1945, 1947 and 1948 campaigns
- corrected several capital transfer errors for the USSR in the 1939, 1941, 1943, 1944, 1947 and 1948 campaigns
- added an OFFENSIVE event for the Allies to attack Marseilles if Vichy France still neutral after Paris is liberated
- fixed a tile control error for Storm of Steel