Fistful of Frags v1.55 Beta

- chewing tobacco: increases stamina regeneration speed by 35%
- breathing sound when stamina depletes
- New way of getting notoriety due combat in FoD game mode: kill enemies near enough a teammate with loot, no matter how far you are from that carrier.
- Player faces the right direction towards objective when spawning in FDM mode.
- map fof_desert (DM only)
- New dynamite skin by Prodigy
- sound fx when arrows pass near players
- crates can trigger outputs on open/close (interesting for mappers)


- dual revolvers canīt fire simultaneously as such feature has become a cheap way of getting kills, however they still can fire before the fire animation of parent revolver finishes.
- some reload animations play faster: revolvers, carbine, coachgun, bow
- stamina bar will be full by default and it replenishes -30% slower, spurs have a different function now
- players canīt sprint while reloading unless they equip spurs (except DM), in such case sprint will consume x3 stamina
- autobalancing system: several tweaks to avoid unfair teams
- loot carriers in FoD game mode will be penalized with notoriety loss if they lose their loot, only in case they took it from a crate directly. Player has 10 seconds to get to a safe area, once time goes away a notoriety penalty will be set if player dies. Penalty will be proportional to loot amount (ranging 2-7 notoriety). At the same time, carriers donīt receive any notoriety due combat.
- Dual revolvers: spread ramp is less severe
- Henry rifle: slightly faster rate of fire, player speed increased.
- Coachgun: one extra pellet added


- TK voting panel isnīt displayed under some circumstances, preventing TKs being voted to abandon the server
- Memory leak crashing servers occasionally
- dual and single revolvers reload bug when switching weapon.
- Fists punching even when there is not enough stamina
- Objective crates can be open from larger distance than it should.