Sacred 2: Fallen Angel v2.31.0 Patch
Implemented a new ingame options menu.
Added ten new bosses to reward exploration.
Added eight new portals for more convenient travelling around Ancaria.
New “level of detail system” for better general performance.
Better pathing.
End bosses use more/improved special abilities.
Opponents in dungeons are more challenging now.
Buffs can no longer be activated when the selected combat art slot is empty.
Improved targeting with combos.
Improved drop reward for the completion of side quests.
“Mastery” of the skill "Enhanced Perception" will now yield significantly better chest drops.
Failed quests no longer count as resolved quests in the game statistics.
PvP: It is no longer possible to attack another player during his fade-in by joining a server at the start island.
PvP: Target circle now shows under mounted players.
Fixed that Inquisitor’s armor and clothes were detached from body with certain graphic settings.
Fixed that PvP was possible in some cities.
Fixed clipping issue during praying animation.
Fixed sound issues for the mainquest dialogs.
Fixed several possible causes for crashes.
Fixed one cause for random decrease of fps.
Several minor fixes for combat arts.
Multi-hit combat arts performed with ranged weapons now have a limit of three projectiles.
Fixed that the Temple Guardian did not move to attack when mounted on a horse.
Mainquest related holograms in the jungle area are now working correctly.
Quest log no longer needs to be activated after exit/load.
New mini-sets are now dropping
Set-items now drop much more often and earlier
MP-Servers can now be opened and joined at any difficulty
In MP the difficulty of the enemies is not global for the whole server anymore. If two or more players with different levels play in different parts of the world, each player has its own enemies with their own spawn level
MP - mode "free game" and PvP now has open ship ports between the isles
The teleporters in cities will be activated as soon as the city is discovered
Boni on items are now displayed in red if they don’t affect the character. This can happen for example if they apply to the wrong character-class or if they augment a skill that the player has not yet learned
Facetteleon now has less graphical effect issues with different detail levels
Quest items that need to be collected now stack in the log
In the sidequest "Kobold chief" it was possible that the sound was muted, this has been fixed
Sidequest "A strange machine" had missing texts, this is now fixed
Traps now work correctly.
Only five side quests involving hirelings can be accepted at the same time.
Fixed an issue where quest hirelings were resurrected with the hero if they died before the quest had been solved.
Fixed an issue where dead enemies sometimes stood upright after they died.
Fixed an issue where the “Swirling Mist of Miasma” sometimes stopped spawning undead creatures and could not be killed.
NPC and PC forging have been rebalanced. Values now depend on the difficulty level. PC forging is now less powerful.
When the Inquisitor had throwing stars or throwing daggers equipped the animation for the combat art “Mortifying Pillory” was broken. This has been fixed.
Several levitating objects and minor terrain issues have been fixed.
A refresh button for the server list is now available in the MP-Lobby.
Fixed an issue where it was not possible to trade with a mounted hero.
It is no longer possible to equip halberds in the left hand.
Fixed an issue where players would receive only one item back in their inventory after placing stacks of potions or trophies into the player trade window and then canceling the deal by pressing [ESC].
Fixed an issue where the player was not properly teleported during the side quest “Ghosttown”.
Dismounting now takes less time.