Eve Online Fact Sheet
Title: Eve Online
Platform: Macintosh & Windows PC
Release Date: 2009
Publisher: Atari
Developer: CCP
Category: MMO


As settlers explored the dark, unknown regions of space, they discovered a celestial port that led to a beautiful and expansive system. It was the gateway to a place they dubbed “New Eden”. Rich in minerals and resources, New Eden was bombarded with throngs of pilots hoping to stake their claim amongst fighters, pirates and corporations. Millions flourished in wealth and millions more died in warfare before the wormhole suddenly closed, severing the colonists from Earth – forever. A dark age fell upon New Eden for thousands of years before four dominant nations-states emerged: Amarr, Minmatar, Gallente, Caldari.

With more than 250,000 pilots existing within one persistent universe, create your own epic story – from the moment you enter the vast galaxy as a humble pilot commanding a small frigate to the day you lead your own corporation against the tyranny of powerful factions. Grab the controls and set course toward your imminent destiny in EVE Online coming to retail for the first time.

• EVE Online coming to retail for the first time: The boxed version will include the game client, 60 days of subscription time and exclusive extras. It will also include all nine previously released EVE Online expansions
• More than 250,000 players all on one server: More than 40,000 players regularly play together within one single-shard, persistent universe. The dynamic economy is entirely player-operated, from the manufacturing of ships and equipment, to trading in commodities, to the construction of space stations
• Skill advancement never ends: The unique training system allows you to continue training new skills even while you’re offline – and there is no final level cap
• PVP based on skill, not skill level: Tactics and strategy are the name of the game. The quicker you grasp warfare techniques, the faster you’ll prevail in Award-winning Player-vs-Player, ship-to-ship combat engagements
• Unmatched versatility in gameplay: Your destiny is uniquely yours. With more than twelve different bloodlines and an ever-expanding arsenal, you can modify your character, ship and playing style to best fit your needs at any given time