Space Empires V v1.77 US Patch
Version 1.77:

Fixed - Mines will no longer detonate if they cannot damage the ship.
Fixed - A few more conditions where vehicle design statistics would not record a destroyed ship.
Fixed - The solar system display was not repainting and removing marked minefields.
Fixed - After all enemies are dead in combat, ships will hold position.
Fixed - Starting technology points were still incorrect.
Fixed - Starting techs from racial traits were not being supplied.

Version 1.76:

Added - "Display Speed Improvements" to the Options window. These settings allow you to turn off the display of certain column in the Ships, Colonies, and Systems window. Turning off the display of some columns will greatly increase the time is takes to display these windows when large numbers of objects are present.
Fixed - Text wrapping was incorrect.
Fixed - Error in intelligence events script preventing messages.
Fixed - Mines will no longer detonate if they cannot damage the ship.
Fixed - Fleets selected to move together were losing an extra movement point.
Fixed - Damaged ships were not receiving their full movement on the turn they were repaired.
Fixed - Ships were not getting their crew back when unmothballed even if a crew source was available.
Fixed - On a deconstruction and analyze, you might get a message for an impossible tech level.
Fixed - Units would lose supplies and ordnance when recovered during combat.
Changed - Units launched will take supplies and ordnance from their parent object if they do not have their maximum. They will only take supplies down to the level of "Ship Supply Amount for Low Supply Warning" in Settings.txt.
Fixed - Units recovered on a ship will add their supplies and ordnance to the parent ship until it reaches its maximum.

Version 1.75:

Fixed - Units entering combat from space would not have their full allotment of supplies and ordnance.
Fixed - Using orders, you could remove the last 1M population from a planet.
Fixed - Destroyed organic armor would still regenerate.
Fixed - Some system wide facility abilities were not stacking correctly.
Fixed - Some planet damaging weapons would not fire on planets.
Fixed - A critical failure on a ship will result in zero movement and no weapons fire from that ship. A critical failure is when a ship loses its bridge, master computer, all life support, all crew quarters, or all of its crew.
Fixed - Starting technology points were including race trait supplied tech areas.
Fixed - Alliance proposal vote requirements will now round up. For example, if the rules say that 60% of votes are needed to pass and there are 3 possible votes, then 2 votes are required to pass the proposal.
Fixed - Religious Studies should have only 1 tech level.
Fixed - You can only retrofit a ship once per turn.
Fixed - When you join an alliance, your empire becomes aware of all empires and alliances that any of the members are aware of.
Fixed - A component's supply and ordnance usage can never be lowered below 1 by abilities if the original value was greater than zero.
Fixed - Error in event script changing a planet's value.
Fixed - Error in event script increasing a population's anger.
Fixed - Fixed some overflow errors that could be generated in scripts.
Added - Field "Compress Savegames" to Settings.txt data file. This determines whether the game will compress and decompress savegames, map files, empire files, game setup files, and player order files. Setting this to false has trade offs: Your savegames will load and save much faster, but will be much larger in size (instead of a 30MB savegame, you'll have a 300MB savegame file). Also, with this setting false, the game will no longer be able to load compressed games. This field is really intended for single player games where the load times have become unbearably long. If you wish to manually compress\decompress a savegame file use the program SE5Compressor.exe in the se5\utilities directory.
Fixed - Treaties that shared designs could cause the savegame to bloat with designs kept around long after they were no longer being used.
Changed - Old designs are now deleted when no longer in use, marked as obsolete, and haven't been seen in at least 2 years.