Project Reality v0.85
New Weapons
What first person shooter release would be complete without an array of new handheld toys and weapons to play with. Along with the overhaul of the weapon deviation system and weapon animations, the Insurgents, Chechen Rebels the new Taliban faction have recieved a large package from an unknown source of Kalashnikov rifles and other new toys to help them fight their guerilla war!

The new Russian Forces have also not been short changed with bringing in there new arsenal of weapons including there AK-74M Assault Rifles with underbarrel grenade launches and scopes attached!

Some USMC Soldiers are now equipped with the M68 aimpoint fitted onto there M16A4 assault rifles though they will not be as common as they are in the US Army, this should be a big help to the USMC when they get close up and personal with the enemy.

The Chinese Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) has also received a long awaited new Heavy Anti-Tank weapon, the PF-98 120mm Rocket Launcher. Unlike most other Heavy Anti-Tank weapons currently in-game, this weapon fires an unguided round. However, the PF-98 is lightweight and very easy to operate, as such it can be setup and fired in a much shorter time compared to its counterparts, giving it an unique edge.

* AK-47 (Insurgent, Taliban, Chechen Rebels)
* AK-47 Bayonet (Chechen Rebels)
* AK-74 Scoped, Ironsight, UGL (Insurgents, Taliban, Chechen Rebels)
* AK-74M Scoped, Ironsight and UGL (Russians)
* AKS-74U (Russians, Insurgents, Chechen, Taliban)
* Al-Quds RPK (Iraqi Insurgent, Taliban)
* Artillery IED (Iraqi Insurgent)
* Grenade Trap (Iraqi Insurgent, Taliban)
* Incendiary Grenades (All Conventional Factions)
* M16A4 with M68 (USMC)
* PF-98 Heavy Anti-Tank (PLA)
* RPG-7 Tandem Warhead (Russians)
* SA80 Bayonet (British)
* Trip Flare (All factions)

New Vehicles
With the addition of a new faction, comes new vehicles to compliment their infantry arsenal. We therefore bring to you the heavy assets of the Russian Forces, as well as a few other pieces of mobile equipment to bolster the other factions.

* BTR-60 APC (Russia and MEC)
* Gaskin Anti-Air Vehicle (MEC)
* Humvee Avenger Anti-Air Vehicle (USA)
* Logistic Trucks (All Conventional Factions)
* Lynx AH-7 Transport Helicopter (British)
* New HUD's for all Attack Helicopters
* New HUD's for all Russian vehicles
* T-72 MBT (MEC)

Logistics will be a much bigger aspect of Project Reality in v0.85, with the new logistics system a good supply line will be a vital part for winning the battle. The new Logistics Trucks will be the main back bone to this system, as they are the only vehicle currently in v0.85 that can carry two supply crates, which are needed to crate a Forward Outpost. These Logistics trucks can be distinguished by the canvas on the back of them where normal transport trucks are open top. These also deploy some new Supply Crates which we have created are now faction specific so you can only can get ammo, supplies and kits from them if they are your own.

Vehicle Resupply & Repair
We have made drastic changes to the vehicle resupply and repair system in Project Reality v0.85. Land Vehicles can now only resupply at the Vehicle Depot located in or near your team's main base. You will need to drive your vehicle into the little parking space to replenish your ammunition. You can also repair at the Vehicle Depo, but if your vehicle becomes immobilised, then you will no longer be able to have a one man engineer team with only a adjustable spanner/wrench fix it, now you will be required to call in a logistics truck to help you with your repairs, which can then drop off a "repair station" that will then be able to repair the damages in the field at a very slow rate. This is to simulate a vehicle recovery system which is what would happen in real life if a vehicle got immobilized.

New Maps

* Asad Khal (GB vs MEC)
* Fallujah West (USMC vs INS)
* Karbala (US Army vs INS)
* Kozelsk (RU vs MIL)