The Battle for Wesnoth v1.5.2
* Add-on server:
* Ignore case on add-on (file)names (bug #13080)
* Disallow uploading of add-ons with no title, type, author, version or description specified and warn about invalid versions
* Graphics:
* New portrait for the female Thief
* New tiles for summer and fall deciduous and mixed forests
* Deciduous and mixed forests now used in several campaigns (not all, yet)
* New tiles for dirt
* Fixed a lot of small terrain transition glitches
* Language and i18n:
* updated translations: Chinese (Simplified), Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Turkish
* Music and sound effects:
* Fix a regression which caused the endlevel music to be played even when skipping linger mode (e.g. result=continue or continue_no_save).
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Removed last binaryWML references by making the save_index gzip compressed. (We can still receive binaryWML via the network.)
* User interface:
* Listbox columns have the same width again
* Fix false "click" sometimes triggered at end of unit move (bug #12712)
* Now clear fog/shroud before an attack when doing a move+attack action
* Fix broken auto-undo when trying several move+attack with the same unit
* Changed the widgets in the in game message dialog
* The multiplayer dialog shows tooltips again
* The textbox history now uses CTRL+TAB and CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
* Properly set the cursor when opening a dialog (bug #12961)
* Fixed bug #13029: Problem with mouse-over unit identification in replays
* Added experimental campaign selection dialog (Only available when starting with --new-widgets.)
* Properly reset the scrollbar mode when resizing (bug #13018)
* Fix unwanted double-clicks (caused by 1-pixel drag&drop)
* WML Engine:
* Fix incorrect or doubled "sighted" events when delaying shroud update
* Fix sometimes missing or doubled "select" events.
* Fixed bug #13090: Make movement_costs < 1 behave like movement_costs = 1
* Miscellaneous and bug fixes:
* Align all network buffers on 4 bytes
* Partial fix for bug #13092: avoid a case of invalid iterator usage in FormulaAI
* Fix savegame cache corruption (bug #12815/Debian bug #483782)