Fistful of Frags v2.5

- cooperative/singleplayer mode: 1 to 8 players and 4 different missions
- Winchester 1893 pump shotgun added, some weapon animations highly improved. Rock salt shells added.
- New damage model, revolvers fire and reload faster, rifles are harder to use in close range
- New team vs maps: fof_loothill and fof_canyonland
- Kill the boss mode added: both teams have a NPC boss to protect, the first team killing the enemy one wins.
- Higher player speed, some movement restrictions removed, special dodge jump skill added
- Fistful of Dollars, our main multiplayer mode, is faster, more dynamic.
- New notoriety system: players start every round with a base amount + extra depending how good they did in previous round.
- Deathmatch bots!

Full changelog:


- Cooperative maps: coop_elpaso (VIP escort), coop_sweetwater (last stand), coop_revenge (last stand), coop_peligro (push the cart)
- Mexican bandit character by Brad Myers
- Winchester 1893 pump shotgun, model and texture by Racer445, animations by Flakk
- Sounds: custom footsteps, many weapon sounds tweaked, whiskey glug, fiery arrow, custom burn sound
- Gatling Gun, model by RYell, skin by Flakk
- New animations: dual Colt Navy and axe by Flakk
- Map fof_loothill by Henri
- Map fof_canyonland by RYell
- Bots available in deathmatch mode: they can work in versus mode or teamdm. Their number is are also set automatically depending how big is the map and how many humans are in server, it means server admin donīt need to care about enabling or disabling them, the game itself will add or remove bots if necessary.
- New game mode: "boss murder", both teams must protect a "boss NPC", the first team which kills enemy boss wins. Players spawn near their boss, so moving the boss to other map areas also moves the spawn place. They stop spawning around him when enemies get near enough the boss.
- Classic deathmatch: players begin the game with a starting amount of notoriety which cannot be increased, weapons and power-ups are placed around the levels. Available maps: eliminator_lite and desert.
- New notoriety system in team based game modes: players start every round with 35-50 notoriety plus some extra notoriety (up to +25) depending how good they did in previous round.
- New round system in team based game modes: maps are played during a predefined amount of time, doesnīt matter how many rounds. Each round is also shorter, an average of -33%.
- Equipment presets: one click to load all your weapons/perks. The system also allows item stacking if there isnīt enough notoriety, select all equipment needed for an entire round at a time.
- Server slots increased to 32, each map has its own player cap if exceeded any player will go to spectator mode until a slot is free. Some large maps in DM mode allow 32 players, the rest keep the same.
- Auto change map feature: if a server gets empty, the map will be changed automatically to a level specified in maps/autochangemap_list.txt
- Backspace Key drops active weapon in CO-OP/Bounty/DM game modes
- Weapons and ammo packs only can be picked up pressing *USE* key.
- New mod options menu, more accessible, new crosshair customization options.
- New Bounty enabled maps: fof_sweetwater (only Bounty), fof_elpaso, fof_desert, fof_monumentvalley
- fof_tournament server cvar added to allow complete fairness in Bounty matches (no random objectives)
- Some levels have been enhanced with self shadowed bump maps.
- Team cash meter: if a team is about to win, its bar flashes
- Objective icons: now the amount of cash in each one have is also displayed
- Frags and deaths are also saved along notoriety when player leaves the server, in case he/she returns.
- Novice friendly servers can be set: players surpassing a kill:death ratio will be banned for some time.
- Dodge (strafe jump): equip spurs to get this new skill, it requires >75% stamina bar to work (it becomes green when ready). Just press left/right+jump to do this move, tip: keep pressing the direction key to shoot accurately in mid air.
- Rock salt ammo for shotguns: inflicts slightly less damage than buckshot (-15%), but it causes additional pain effect which keeps draining some health for a few seconds after impact. Thereīs an added effect, if initial damage is high enough, the victim will jump a bit due the intense pain, so aiming accuracy is lost during a second :)

Special thanks to: everybody who contributed to enable AI features in Source based multiplayer mods and Battlegrounds 2 for its implementation of custom options menu.


- auto team switch with no warning message
- bow particle fire effect keeps working when it shouldnīt
- players donīt spawn correctly aimed towards objectives
- all sourcemod slot keys added


- weapons completely rebalanced to avoid rifles being used at close range and revolvers the opposite.
- damage model has been tweaked, headshots do x2.1 damage instead x3, only rifles can kill in one shot (depending where you hit), killing a player shouldnīt take more than 2 hits with any gun if vital zones are damaged.
- Base sprint speed increased 7%
- player forward speed increased 7%
- blood effect on screen when receiving damage has been decreased
- whiskey jug: replenishes faster in normal modes, even faster in co-op
- Colored ammo boxes: green means ammo + health, red only health, brown only ammunition
- Idle players arenīt kicked from server if there are free slots, they simply become spectators.
- Beard: healing rate increases proportionally to how low is health level
- Players cannot reload while jumping anymore, weapon switches to fists immediately in that case
- Jump consumes minimal stamina, but each successive jump multiplies the amount consumed
- Sprint while reloading isnīt possible in one shot weapons, while the rest (revolvers, Henry, pump shotgun) will stop reloading automatically if sprint key is pressed
- Neckerchief/Bandanna regenerates pain tolerance when player picks ammo packs from enemies killed by himself (max. pain tolerance will be 33 always!)
- Loot sack relocation in Monument Valley map is announced (visual and audible hint)


- Revolvers fire and reload faster, do +10-15% damage, however its effective range is smaller than it was before
- Sharps: going from inaccurate to accurate takes half time, player speed increased while ironsighted
- Bow using explosive arrows: no crosshair and player speed decreased, explosion smoke particle effect is simpler
- Bow using normal arrows: player speed increased, reloads 20% faster
- Smith carbine: much less accurate without iron sights, similar to Henry rifle.
- Deringer and axe: draw animation speed increased
- Fists: punches drain less stamina
- Sharps: switching to iron sight mode takes longer than other rifles (double), during that time aiming is still very inaccurate
- Explosive arrows ammo decreased from 10 to 8.
- Coachgun: pellet spread significantly decreased to get closer real world performance, player movement speed is slower.