Depths of Peril v1.014 Patch
decreased lightningExplosion spawn count
fixed Close not localized on character screen
added OS X 10.3.9 OpenAL installer requirement to requirements & troubleshooting sections of manual
fixed mouse on 2nd monitor in dual monitor setup
updated copyright
skills ready icons no longer flash at beginning
thief can no longer steal from kidnapped, petrified, or dead vendors
if selected resolution & 800x600 fails, now tries desktop resolution (Win only)
now Crystals is localized in trade screen
treaty highlight text in trade screen is now localized
fixed a ton of typos, bad punctuation, and worded badly sentences (that was a joke :)
fixed a menu problem when deleting a character
added newsletter button
moved AttributePointsPerLevel to database
fixed in-game spelling
npc can no longer be poisoned if kidnapped, petrified, or dead
npc can no longer be petrified if dead
fixed a problem with 2nd stage bonus of large sets
fixed some collision issues in cross caverns
fixed some collision issues in town
fixed editor not working with zip files correctly
changed TextureList widget to work with ctx files instead of tga files
no longer spawn thief on resume if already killed
turning off Show simple UI tips now hides left/right click tips on items
turning off Show simple UI tips hides more simple tips
now mention in alt help that you can change it to a toggle
fixed a problem where you could cast spells on a friendly covenant's lifestone
fixed a problem with mana regen items
now if npc from another covenant attacks you without declaring war first game makes them declare war instead of you
now can handle player having covenant destroyed after winning the game
now beastmaster will have guards available if you are in a difficulty early
fixed an issue with not spawning monsters on some revenge quests