Dragonica - Story Overview / Game Overview & Beta Tests
Job Class Introduction

Story Overview
Since the close of the First Dragon War, dragons and humans lived in peace on separate worlds – humans on their homeland, dragons exiled to a distant realm.
It was not to last.
Consumed with the desire for revenge, the Dark Dragon Elga became obsessed with the ultimate power of the Five Elements. Building an army of followers, he led a revolt that brought about the death of Vyvern the Dragon Lord and an invasion of the human world.
Split into two factions, the dragons battled mercilessly until the noble dragon Dekard allied with five human champions who took on the power of the Elements. Together they defeated Elga and would be known thereafter as the legendary Five Heroes.
One thousand years have passed since Elga was defeated and imprisoned in the labyrinth known as the Shadow Cabinet.
Now, an unlikely agent threatens to release the Dark Dragon, spreading evil’s corruption across the land. And, as before, heroes must rise to beat back the darkness.
Join the quest to vanquish the threat – explore a fantastical world rife with monsters and dragons, challenges to overcome and adventures to discover. Choose your class, master powerful skills and grow your character into a legendary hero.

Game Overview / Beta Tests
Dragonica Online is a fast-paced fantasy-action MMO whose unique 3D side-scrolling perspective brings a new level of strategy to 2D side scrolling games. Combat is fast and intense, and players will need to master hilarious, yet devastating job class attacks, combo chains and advanced skills to dominate epic Boss Battles and ranked Mission Maps. Dragonica Online takes adventurers across the far reaches of a fantastical world and breathes new life into traditional side-scrolling MMOs. Gamers interested in a hands-on preview of Dragonica Online can register for Preview Beta tests at http://dragonica.thqice.com, currently scheduled for May.

Job Class Intro

Warriors are gifted with sharp combat senses, making them ideal close range melee-based fighters. Always searching for ways to increase their strength and power, Warriors pride themselves on being fully prepared for any encounter and the chance to prove their might to the world. They are expert combat veterans that specialize in using battle armor to boost their abilities in combat, and are known to employ advanced melee attack skills with devastating power. Their extraordinary talents in both attacking and defending make them uniquely qualified vanguards in any battle.
After proving their worth through rigorous training, Warriors can sharpen their attack power as Gladiators or fortify their defensive ability as Knights.

The path of the Magician is a difficult journey requiring utmost dedication, years of study and true natural ability. Of the adventurers that embark down this path, only those who truly love magic can master the intense discipline of sorcery. Magicians possess wisdom and knowledge beyond their years, and while they may seem mysterious and aloof at times, Magicians are constantly thinking of how to best apply their skills to the task at hand. The Magician’s lack of physical strength is overshadowed by devastating spell casting and potent healing abilitie
When Magicians progress far enough in their studies they can choose to specialize in the healing arts as Priests or focus on assault sorcery as Battlemages.

Deadly at long range fighting, Archers are masters of the bow and arrow. Specializing in one of the most difficult weapons to wield, Archers utilize bows to deal heavy damage from long distances and can unleash quivers of arrows on unsuspecting targets. Their proficiency with ranged weapons allows them to use ambush tactics for lightning-quick take downs. With sharp reflexes and intuitive combat senses, Archers can be depended on to defend allies from any position on the battlefield.
After increasing their skill sufficiently, Archers can obtain mastery over the bow as Hunters or become expert wielders of the crossbow as Rangers.

Avoiding fair fights at all costs, Thieves instead rely on stealth and agility to gain advantages on opponents. As close range combat specialists, Thieves ambush their prey using sneaky tactics and evade incoming attackers with their uncommon quickness and dexterity. Thieves have no equal in hit-and-run guerilla warfare and are the ultimate tacticians of all job classes. Razor-sharp claws and keen awareness of their environment make Thieves dangerous yet valuable companions in combat.
Once they’ve increased their combat skills, Thieves can graduate to elite job classes that specialize in deception and confusion as Tricksters, or underhanded battle tactics Assassins.