Conquest! Medieval Realms
Changes in v1.4
- Added multiplayer lobby to make it easier to get a game online

- Fixed bugs causing the game to continue running in the background after being closed

- Failing to join a multiplayer game no longer crashes the game

- AI now attempts to protect units which are objectives

- Added tooltips to indicate why buildings are not available when advanced mode is off

- Fixed bug where F1 caused crashes in skirmish games

- Improved error reporting for DirectX crashes

- Fixed bug where a player losing connection could freeze the game for all players

- Fixed various minor bugs which could lead to crashes

- Fixed bug where attempting to set slot 0 (the game host) to open caused a crash

About the Demo

Conquest was developed by Illustrious Software and has been released through Slitherine Software’s Kameleon Project, the scheme set up by Slitherine to help indie developers bring their games to market. This is the 3rd game to come through the Kameleon Project with many more to follow.

• Conquest! is a simple game to learn, but you will need strategy, tactics and cunning if you expect to defeat all of your enemies and rule the world.

• Play games with up to 8 human players across a LAN or the internet.

• Try your skill against 5 levels of AI in the campaign or skirmish modes.

• Randomly generated maps give you billions of potential battlefields to fight on.

• Use the included editors to create your own maps and campaigns

• Play as the English or the French in the Hundred Years War, or fight the Wars of the Roses.