Dragonica Online - Warrior Job Class Feature
Job Class Feature 1 of 4: Warrior

Dragonica Online’s job class system is composed of four basic job classes that can be promoted to 16 unique advanced jobs. During character creation, players choose a main job class - Warrior, Magician, Archer or Thief. Each job class specializes in a unique set of attacks and skills and allows adventurers to customize their character based on their combat preference and style.

After choosing a job class, players battle monsters and bosses to gain experience and master unique skills to progress to advanced job tiers. Although each class progression retains the core combat style and characteristics of the starter class, each advanced job has unique attributes, skills and items only available to that job. At level 20, players face the challenging decision of which advanced class to pursue and master.

If using brute strength is your style, then Warrior is a perfect match. After proving their worth through rigorous training, Warriors can progress to advanced job classes specializing in either defensive skills as Knights or attack power as Gladiators.

Warriors are gifted with sharp combat senses making them ideal close-range melee-based fighters. Always searching for ways to increase their strength and power, Warriors pride themselves on being fully prepared for any encounter and are always looking for a chance to prove their might to the world. They are expert combat veterans who specialize in using battle armor to boost their abilities in combat and are known to employ advanced melee attack skills with devastating power. Their extraordinary talents in both attacking and defending make them uniquely qualified vanguards in any battle.

As an elite class of Warriors, Knights are combat veterans who specialize in advanced battle gear and tactical defense strategies to gain an edge in battle. Using their Warrior experience as a base, Knights continually search for more powerful armor and weapons to take their abilities to the next level. Making effective use of shields, Knights show outstanding ability when defending allies in the thick of combat.

Gladiators pride themselves on pure physical strength, believing that true power comes from within rather than combat gear. With a powerful attack style, Gladiators are best at charging up their energy and concentrating on a single assault. Two-handed swords are the weapon of choice for Gladiators.