The Sims 3 v1.8.25 Patch
* In-Game Store: Players may now access store content through the Buy Mode In-Game Store Browser.
* Mac Uninstaller. The Mac Uninstaller gives Mac players the option to easily uninstall all Sims 3 applications and content or expansion packs.
* Added an auto recovery prompt to recover save games corrupted by the late “Error Code 16″ bug.
* Fixed a hang that could occur when changing the active household.
* Sims’ lifespans are no longer altered when using the Change Appearance or Plan Outfit interactions.
* The “C” shortcut key now works when taking cell phone pictures.
* Food stored in fridges now spoils at the reduced rate.
* Owned businesses now properly generate income again.
* Swimming Sims no longer walk on water after The Sims™ 3 is updated.
* Custom Music Favorites are no longer switched to French Music Favorites after updating.
* Improved the Favorite Music Cheat.
* The background music track is no longer restarted when switching between Build and Buy Modes.
* The low detail Cypress Tree model has been refined.
* Addressed an issue where the inside of bowls appeared blue while Sims were mixing the contents.
* Mac: Improved stability of The Sims™ 3 running on an Nvidia 7300 Series.
* Ghosts can now float into rooms with no doors.
* Fixed a minor error that occurred when building a room around a visiting NPC.
* Estimated interaction duration for Sleep and Exercise interactions is now much more accurate.
* Interaction Option selections are now properly applied if selected before the interaction begins.
* “Delete Object” testing cheat has been added.
* Mac: The Game Launcher no longer allows players to edit file extensions. This was a frequent cause of upload failures.
* Mac: Fixed a crash that occurred when moving through the installer very quickly.
* Hitting Undo with the terrain paint eraser tool selected no longer automatically selects a terrain paint brush.
* When unmarried Sims have a baby, an accurate relationship status is displayed in the relationship panel.
* Gnomes can now be live dragged on community lots.
* Trash piles are now properly reacted to after a lot containing the trash piles is exported and replaced through Edit in Game.
* Fixed a minor error that could occur if a visiting Sim was not greeted before they needed to leave.
* Fixed an uncommon problem where the game could crash while being quit.
* Fixed a crash that could occur after leveling extremely uneven terrain.
* Improved extended game session stability.
* Undeletable walls can no longer be created in basements.
* The clone cheat has been disabled on Sims and Walls.
* Mac: Multiple launcher windows can no longer be opened at the same time.
* Fixed a hang if the player opened the cheat console while rotating a lot in Edit in Game mode.
* Improved long term stability when running at Speed 3 for extended periods of time.
* The Add to Active Family cheat will no longer allow more than 8 Sims to be added to a household. Households with over 8 Sims lead to game instability.