FIFA Manager 10 v2.0.0.5 Patch
Complete list of all new features and bug fixes in Update 3:

- option to display the live ticker sentence by sentence
- option to display the live ticker word by word
- finished matches in live ticker now change their colour
- no commentary in live ticker conference mode
- massive increase of UK player pictures and of the XXL pictures (1,786 new pictures, 200 additional XXL pictures)
- many additional city pictures (103) and 332 clubs with a new picture
- Ups & Downs reworked and now more difficult
- added reserve leagues to various countries (Bulgaria etc.)
- option to lock players on the scouting list (excludes them from Delete All)
- option to scout a whole list of players (up to 20) with one click (no drag&drop of every single player required)
- original shirts in the 3rd Division and in the regional leagues of Germany
- ONLINE: Goals and ratings are displayed on the player info screen, additional warnings
- ONLINE: New player condition tooltip
- ONLINE: Extension of the highscore list to 50,000 players

Bug Fixes:

- CaC bug in Portugal fixed
- contract offers for players with a remaining contract longer than 6 months no longer possible
- less talent changes for highly talented players, more changes for player with less talent
- maximum 10-years contract at Game Start
- colours now work in the stadium editor
- fan banners issues solved in the stadium editor
- height and weight of the player manager work correctly
- problem with the Champions Cup screen (crash team>personal life) fixed
- overlapping Line-up screen in the 3D match fixed (still opens for injuries)
- less penalties in the 3D match
- less handballs in the 3D match
- goalkeepers not as good as after Update 2
- Shift feature for player suggestions during half-time
- Hall of Fame rule (options) now working