Football Superstars Client RC127
Major Feature Changes in this Patch

Look and Feel
FS (game and website) has been reskinned with an entirely new, more user friendly, and sportier graphic user interface.
The world has undergone a complete visual and architectural overhaul. The new FS world is more conveniently designed with several previous venues merged together and the removal of clubhouses. All characters will be relocated to the Academy whilst the landscaping is underway.
A new player toolbar has been added to the bottom of the screen in the world which provides easier access to all the utilities you use most.
The chat window has had a major visual and functional overhaul. You can now change the chat channel you wish to type in by simply left-clicking the appropriate channel tab at the bottom of the chat window. In addition the chat window now fades out when not actively in use and can be moved to any location on the screen.
A range of additional rendering engine improvements have been added to improve general game performance including more LOD ranges and more shadow options. Revisit your graphics settings to find the right setup for your PC.

New Match Finder
The new Match Finder has been implemented. Accessible from the new toolbar or via F10, the Match Finder shows all matches currently available to you and what squads (both friendly and opponent) are currently forming in which. From here you can make an informed decision about which match is looking to kick-off next so you can get into the action sooner!
Rewards provided for each match type are now listed to the right of that match in the Match Finder. Simply roll your mouse over the reward icon to view the details of that reward.
In addition to all competitive match types, the Match Finder also allows you to launch the Football tutorial and three levels of AI Matches (Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty) from the Training match section.
Once you join a match queue, you can close the match finder and your relevant match queue details will be summarised in the bottom right corner of the new toolbar next to the Match Finder button.

New Match Type : Amateur / Friendly Matches
Level 1 to 9 players now have their own new league: the Amateur league. Whilst in these early levels, players will be able to join the constantly filling Amateur match queue regardless of what FS Club they are in. Upon reaching level 10 players will be promoted to division 4 of the FS League proper. From this point on Friendly matches will replace the Amateur matches using the same global match queue approach. These new match types supersede the now defunct Kickabout match system.

Football Gameplay Balancing & Responsiveness
Major improvements have been made to the football animation system that allow for more responsive movement, particularly in off-the-ball movement.
Shooting Accuracy has undergone major rebalancing to provide a much more realistic level of accuracy on shots at goal. Kicking Power has also been rebalanced. There is now a much stronger correlation between sheer distance (increased by kicking power) and shooting accuracy.

General Patch Information

Stability & Performance
An account server issue has been resolved that could cause random client disconnections.
An incompatibility issue with FS and XFire under Windows Vista has been resolved that would cause the FS client to occasionally freeze during the FS intro video.

The password entry field is no longer prompted in a separate window from the main patcher.
Fonts required by FS are now automatically installed if not present.

Setup & Configuration
All character hairstyles have had a visual revamp and a new "Quiff" hairstyle has been added.
All new characters now start in a training tracksuit.
A range of client graphic settings can now be accessed from the ESC menu within the FS game client.

Match & Team Setup
All lobbies have been removed from FS, you now enter and exit matches directly from the world where you can walk around with your post match stats visible.
In combination with the removal of lobbies, all pre-match skill and boot configuration is now performed through your Character Sheet Match Setup tab. Your match setup now persists so there is no need to configure it before every match.
PMC members can no longer ready for a PMC match if there are no PMC match organisers online for their PMC. When a PMC member of a rank able to organise a match comes online, he/she can use the "Call Up" button at the top of the PMC Management Window to alert online PMC members that he/she is forming a match team. Only then will members need to and indeed have the ability to ready for a PMC match.
Skills and boots configured in the Character Sheet Match Setup tab are now taken into AI Matches to allow you to practice your abilities in a non-PVP setting to help prepare for the big match!
VOIP can now be enabled/disabled for matches through the Character Sheet Match Setup tab. This is the default match value, pressing F1 in a match can be used to toggle VOIP on or off from your default setting.
The number of match sizes and durations available to each division has been reduced to help players get into football faster. The Amateur league can access 5-a-side 10 minute Amateur matches, FS League Division 4 can access 5-a-side 20 minute matches, FS League Division 3 can access 5-a-side 20 minute matches and 7-a-side 30 minute matches, FS League Division 2 and 1 can access 7-a-side and 11-a-side 30 minute matches. All FS League Divisions can also access Friendly 5-a-side 20 minute matches too.
Special PMC Tournament matches can now be selected through the normal match size/type selector in the PMC match creation window when a PMC has an available tournament fixture to play. Tournament PMC matches will offer full rewards and also have the ability to be played in "Competitive Mode" where player levels are fixed to a specified level and no match enhancements will be accessible. Tournament creation and management is to be managed by Cybersports initially with a long term view to enabling player management.
PMC 3-a-side indoor matches have been removed and PMC 5-a-side matches are now played on an outdoor pitch.

Football Controls & Gameplay
The spinning camera set piece transition has been removed. Now all players will be automatically moved to an appropriate position for the set piece. This eliminates the somewhat jarring camera changes associated with the old sequence and also allows time for more realistic player positioning at corners and goal kicks. A special "locked keyboard" intellicon will be displayed while automatic movement is underway for your character; you will not be able to move while this is in effect although camera control is retained. Players recover stamina as per normal running during an automatic movement sequence.
To reduce "Intellicon Overload", a new 3D pass target system has been implemented that indicates the type of pass you will execute at the actual pass target. Look for the 3D arrows at the head or feet of your pass target.You will also see an arrow around your own feet when receiving a pass indicating the height of the incoming ball.
The ball path and ball landing indicators have been enhanced to be more visible across all pitch sizes.
There are now 4 ways to setup football controls. Default controls remain the same, although the C-key now force-toggles between attacking and defending modes. The other more advanced controls include the opportunity to map 4 separate keys to pass, kick, slide and tackle.You can change the control settings using both the in-game settings menu and the key-mapping app.

Goalkeeper & AI
Pending full keeper pass back changes, pass back to the keeper can no longer be automatically performed via the space bar pass control in 7-a-side and 11-a-side matches. Left mouse button kicks to the keeper are still possible but come with a degree of risk attached to that approach.
The keeper's ability has been improved to better resolve angled shots across the goal taken whilst moving towards the other goal post.
The keeper now has a realistic back pedal which has increased his movement rate backwards by over 50%; improving his ability to cut off long shots over his head if he is caught out of position.
The keeper can now parry shots away in a greater variety of angles and with greater force to make rebound goals less predictable.
The keeper will no longer commit to saving shots on trajectories blocked by players, if he can see the shot will be blocked.
AI players now pass to you more often in AI training matches.
AI players now react more intelligently to set piece situations rather than become frozen in place.

Match Replays
Several performance degradation issues have been fixed that would cause longer replays to play slowly towards the end of the replay.
Players falling over from slide tackles now animate correctly as such in a match replay.

A range of brand new PUMA items have been added to the PUMA shop. These items include new buff combinations as well as awarding fame points upon purchase. Don't just BE a superstar, dress like one too!
A new shop has opened for business - "Shades" the Accessories shop! In here you'll find a range of great items to make your character stand out from the crowd.

Fame radiation has been removed from the game. Fame can now only be gained through playing football, buying drinks and special fame buffed items.
The bar tender NPC interface now shows your current level of thirst.

Audio & VOIP
Global sound volume settings can now be accessed through in game options on the ESC menu.

Gym and Skill Training
All skill trainers have been relocated to the new training pitch overlooking the beach area.
Subscriber and non-subscriber gyms have been merged together. Now, subscribers get a 10% discount at the time of purchase on all gym training sessions.

User Interface
FS now implements full text Anti-Aliasing on video cards capable of supporting it.
Your XP (eXperience Point) level is now display on the left of the new toolbar just above your character nickname and league details.
Animated special effects now occur when your character gains an experience level (ding!), fame level, enters a football match or logs in and out of the world.
NPC "halo" icons above their head are now clickable as a way of interacting with an NPC.
The mouse cursor now provides feedback of when an intractable object is within interaction range (it changes from grey to green with the animated football).
NPCs can now be selected/interacted with on either a left OR right mouse click.
Mannequins now provide information about what items they are wearing when interacted with.
The double left click "point and move" movement method has been removed from the world.
The iSpot now provides proper feedback if no results are returned for the player nickname searched.

Academy & Tutorials
The Football Tutorial now shows progress numbers at the bottom of each step instruction.
The AI teammates in the Preload step now give you time to prepare your preload before passing to you.
The Skills steps now detail skills the same as those given to you for training purposes in the football tutorial.
Several information NPCs have been removed from the Academy and are now spread around the world always located near to the subject of their information.

World Environment
All shops, clubs and gyms have new signage above the door to make them more recognisable in the world.
Water reflection effects have been improved and are enabled through the graphical settings application.
The light in the lighthouse has now been fixed.