Anno 1404 v1.2 Patch
An overview of the most important changes:
- The Golden Ship is now available after accomplishing all the Achievements (the corresponding affected Achievements have been corrected and can now be completed).
- The cooldown period between individual Quests for the Emperor and the Sultan has been reduced.
- Sultan Quests are now available even if players do not have Noblemen in their City.
- Players can no longer see the routes taken by opposing Transport ships.
- Buildings and fields may now be rotated by pressing the middle mouse button.
- Construction time for the Large Oriental Trading Ship has been doubled.
- Players can now also connect to the Gateway to the World under Windows 7.

Other changes:
- Savegames in user-content scenarios are no longer corrupted when a fellow player is vanquished in that scenario.
- In some cases uploads to the Gateway to the World failed. This bug has been fixed and uploads to the Gateway to the World should now be much more stable.
- Fixed a bug in mission 7 in which, under certain conditions, a black pearl necessary for completion of the mission was not given to the player.
- Fixed a bug which allowed the player to multiply the Goods on a Ship through skillful movement between the Ship’s cargo slots.
- The title "World Traveler" is now correctly displayed in the title selection.
- Purchasing the second or third stage “Occidental Shipbuilding” Attainment sometimes led to all the Goods over 40 tons being thrown overboard by the Ships involved. This error has been corrected.
- Ships in the „Historic Battle“ Quest can now shoot back!
- The cost in Gold shown in the Caravanserai delivery notification was displayed incorrectly. This error has been corrected.
- Envoys whose Needs are now all met and who pay very few Taxes are now "euphoric" instead of "angry".
- The Experts Customs goods Items are now somewhat more powerful.
- A number of small improvements have been made.
- Several spelling errors were corrected.