Din's Curse v0.905 Beta Patch
increased food spawn chance from 4.0 to 5.0 (FloodSpectre)
increased health potion chance from 2.0 to 2.5 (FloodSpectre)
fixed death knight in bestiary (Valgor)
fixed bestiary icon alignment (Valgor)
fixed a typo in saurian mage text (FloodSpectre)
fixed Viper Naga capitalization (FloodSpectre)
fixed nobodies spelling (FloodSpectre)
fixed some RenegadeKilled text (FloodSpectre)
fixed evil altar curse text (FloodSpectre)
made close icon on quest screen smaller
fixed new world highlight text (FloodSpectre)
shifted earthquake center a bit so it's less likely that cave-ins will fall directly on attacker
fixed a radius bug with earthquakes
decreased cave-in damage from 10-30/3-7 to 5-15/2-5
changed haste effect
changed fireworks effects
increased alcohol, acid, and magma additional spawn chances
increased oil and alcohol spread chances (getter77)
now have player killed print in singleplayer also (mostly for logging purposes) (Cadfan)
now get a surprise bonus when you teleport (getter77)
fixed healer extra mana per spirit skill
fixed a power bonus typo
fixed shaman extra mana per spirit skill
increased base DamageMultPerStr from 0.5 to 0.6 (Aganazer)
increased defender DamageMultPerStr from 0.001 to 0.002
fixed up some monster more monster class stuff
increased base DefensePerDex from 3.0 to 3.5 (Aganazer)
increased trickster DefensePerDex from 0.5 to 0.75
increased thief DefensePerDex from 1.0 to 1.25
reputation reward is no class specific (cthonic)
darkness and bright are now incompatible modifiers (Greyhead)
increased level of summoned monsters again (Gutsman)
increased chances of new quest giver quests from 1.5 to 1.75 (Cadfan)
fixed daze mana requirement (getter77)
decreased monster AttackPerDex from 5.0 to 4.0
fixed stealth not working right when running around a corner (Gutsman)
altars and machines can no longer be champions (FloodSpectre)
now verify at least a unique monster and can move for revenge quests (FloodSpectre)
fixed a lock picking bug (FloodSpectre/Tillek)
tighten item drop range some (cthonic)
fixed precise strike not working with decent or major distractions (Cadfan)
shield bash now counts as a minor distraction (Cadfan)
now caltrops does a little bit of damage (getter77)
fixed skeleton warrior icon in bestiary (Valgor)
improved alt help text
now show explosion radius in skill help (getter77)
added a small amount of health regen per vitality (cthonic)
increased weapon damage per level by 10%
assassins and scouts tend to start more toward edges of town now
town attacks are a little slower now
balanced Zalim better (Nemhir)
slowed down orc shaman, dark elf priest, dark elf wizard, naga priest, and saurian mage spell attacks
dark elf wizard uses ice storm a little less now
decreased health mult for plaguebringer larva from 0.8 to 0.5 (Nemhir)
decreased monster vitality per level again
shadows now do less damage but are harder to hit (Nemhir)
shadows should now be a little easier to target (Nemhir)
decreased plate spawn chance from 1.0 to 0.75 (FloodSpectre)
added descriptions to know world modifiers (viper34j)
fixed NoStamina (Valgor)
added 3 obelisk quests
now townDefenseRewards can be normal entities
added a good totem quest
added build altar quest
town can now sometimes build a brightness machine after destroying a darkness machine
fixed spawning money issue when level is not loaded
renamed low, medium, high to easy, normal, and hard
color coded easy and hard (green/yellow respectively)
increased Din's radius
fixed a couple deliver this information typos (icekrystal10)
fixed NPCs health across saves (FloodSpectre)
fixed player xp split in multiplayer


now save the log of things that happen to a nice simple text file (Cadfan)
now can chat in singleplayer (mostly as an easy way to add to your log)
fixed a rare dupe issue (incognoscente)
now load level stuff handles players leaving
fixed load level stuff not handling winning/losing worlds correctly (Aganazer/viper34j/Lyranaar)
now server and client data rates are official options
changed networking protocol version
server now sends back wrong protocol version error number correctly
added low bandwidth option
fixed ui alignment issue on sound options screen
undead should no longer attack recon totems
fixed a lost packet being able to screw up client's game time
fixed a potential crash in startReadConditionalObject
turned out of game data off
made fragment code a bit safer
fixed a problem where a multiplayer client only partially joins (Aganazer/redman5427)
added town saved dynamic chat
fixed a rare problem when you would end up teleporting in away from gate
fixed dark elf wizard fireball not doing fire damage (FloodSpectre)
decreased dark elf wizard damage some
slowed down dark elf wizard casting some (FloodSpectre)
added a max range to dark elf wizard ice storm (Iane)
made earthquake start effect a little smaller
decreased chaos lord earthquake damage from 10-30/4-10 to 10-15/1-2.5 (Cadfan)
changed chaos lord earthquake damage to physical
added reuse time to block so don't waste mana doing nothing (Bruteman)
fixed altar heal amount
fixed spawning in town sometimes when saved in dungeon
fixed some npc names not matching correctly like in delivery quests (Kruztee/Coreyh2)
no longer makes combat noise on pick specialty screen (getter77)
fixed Gods' breath (getter77)
fixed shrink not effecting helmets and weapons (Cadfan/Valgor)
now npcs use lifestone and healthstones correctly (Cadfan)
fixed mana potions print
now show extra projectiles in skill print (Cadfan)
decreased food price multiplier from 0.4 to 0.3 (Lyranaar/jshar/tg122)
fixed a couple of gambling price issues (DeathKnight1728)
fixed spider jumping (Cadfan)
fixed stalker reuse timer
now experience for scouting levels scales with how deep they are (Caal/viper34j)
decreased dark elf priest damage from 1.0 to 0.7 and increased cast time from 2.0 to 3.0 (Aganazer)
scavengers eat a little slower now (Aganazer)
blips for people with quests are now purple to highlight them a bit better (qt3 Spect)
increased time for delivery quests more (qt3 Spect)
increased Arcane Focus time from 10.0 to 20.0 (Aganazer)
decreased Arcane Focus mana cost per level from 5 to 2
increased jeweler item generation tries from 50 to 75 (Cadfan)
targ frenzy effect no longer gets removed on death (Cadfan)
fixed flame blade duration (Cadfan)
now check level requirements on usable items (jshar)
decreased chances of delivery quests
repair and identify costs now scale (inversely) with level (jshar)
fixed client on higher difficulty levels not seeing quest levels (Thursday)
tornado and blizzard no longer put out fire elementals (Thursday)
fixed some recon totem quest text (FloodSpectre)
fixed negotiate a truce typo (FloodSpectre)
fixed meeting quest text spacing (FloodSpectre)
decreased drink price multiplier from 0.4 to 0.3
decreased per level trap damage from 5-10 to 4-8 (Cadfan)
no longer get multiple secret xps for multiple secrets next to each other (FloodSpectre)
fixed LootCarryingCapacity (Valgor)
decreased health potion heal per level from 7.5-15 to 6-12
increased bag vendor spawn tries from 10 to 40 (Cadfan)
increased food/drink vendor spawn tries from 10 to 20
increased respawn time some more
artifact quest no longer can spawn multiple uprising quests (Archon)
mana regen now has a 300 second reuse timer
increased health of rescue, escort, and delivery npcs
now handle / and \ in character names better (cthonic)
now show spirit mana regen boost to 2 decimal places (Cadfan)
skeletons/zombies no longer attack undead wailers (Kruztee)
decreased MonsterGathering town attack chance from 0.1 to 0.05
decreased recon totem town attack chance from 0.1 to 0.05
changed smite timing slightly (Dhakczak)
increased health of main 3 quest npcs some more
npc titles are now above their heads (Valgor)
fixed horror blink spell (Cadfan)
added apothecary build Defensive Poison Totem quest
added warmaster build Defensive Fire Totem quest
added steward build Defensive Ice Totem quest
added armorsmith/weaponsmith build Defensive Lightning Totem quests


fixed failed/cancelled quests not getting deleted properly (Aganazer/viper34j/Kruztee)
safeguard win condition a little more
fixed a period in character names crashing when loading (TheDoc)
can no longer disarm liquid traps (FloodSpectre)
made ambushes smaller (Coreyh2)
fixed obsidian spelling (FloodSpectre)
fixed punctuation problem in Ego Items help topic (FloodSpectre)


traps quests are now correctly marked as optional (Aganazer)
fixed completed hidden quest issue (incognoscente)
fixed some problems when cancelling a quest
can no longer purge required quest objects (getter77)
added 2 more player skins
put Show Use Hints back in (Desticato)
fixed some covenant stuff in character export still (Coreyh2)
no longer save shared stash if fake player (probably never did in the first place, just extra check)
now load items in a slightly safer way
changed projectile damages to floats
decreased dark elf wizard ice storm damage from 30-60/6-18 to 10-15/2-3.5 (Lyranaar/Cadfan)
decreased acid damage from 3.0/0.4 to 1.5/0.2 (Cadfan)
decreased naga priest base damage mult from 0.7 to 0.6 (Cadfan)
orc shamans now have some physical damage so they can destroy objects
decreased orc shaman damage mult from 0.75 to 0.6
changed SkeletonWarrior to warrior class
changed DarkElfWarrior to warrior class
changed DarkElfAssassin to rogue class
fixed a bunch of monsters having no valid class set
decreased most monsters vitality per level from 1.5 to 1.4
decreased mage/priest monsters vitality per level from 2.0 to 1.3
decreased rogue monsters vitality per level from 2.0 to 1.4
decreased warrior monsters vitality per level from 3.0 to 1.6
fixed 2 crashes when trying to spawn an item with no entity slots left
fixed a crash in Player::isLootEquipment
fixed a vendor issue
changed magic bow effect to look a little better
cave-ins are a little slower (qt3 ravenight)
now automatically select current selected specialty on pick specialty screen (incognoscente)
fixed some revenge quests not completing correctly after a save/load
fixed npc intro button issue (getter77)
decreased rescue & ambush quest chances from 1.0 to 0.75
fixed dropping an item not calling inventoryChanged (jshar)
health bars of monsters that give quests are now yellow (Cadfan)
cave ins hurt monsters again
decreased cave in range from 100 to 75
fixed earthquakes not hurting monsters
monster events no longer show up on minimap
added ice bomb
boss quest now has a minimum level (lekonish)
improved Din's look a bit (SharpCarlos)
now only one dialog will play at once (Cadfan)
fixed search for server and password fields (hornedry2k)
added Ego Items help topic (Aganazer)
added Fragile Items help topic
fixed zoom buttons when you have switched mouse wheel to something else (SharpCarlos)
fixed must've of been Hamlec typo (getter77)
added Secret Doors help topic (freykin)
fixed duplicate prisoner quest (Ephemera)
fixed altar revenge text (Lyranaar)
fixed characters level arrow on setup world screen
fixed low/medium arrows on setup world screen on new characters (getter77)
fixed dark elves' evil altars typo (FloodSpectre)
fixed plaguebringer larva will overwhelm typo (FloodSpectre)
fixed The dark elf Fuse typo (FloodSpectre)
fixed the Show XP numbers text (Valgor)
changed paladin shield mastery icon (Valgor)
improved difficulty highlight help some (Valgor)
fixed localization data getting loaded in twice (Valgor)
fixed townspeople intro punctuation (FloodSpectre)
fixed naga priest having a weapon in bestiary (Valgor)
fixed an alpha issue on evil pools (Valgor)
fixed GoldVein (Valgor)
fixed WeaponRecipe & WeaponRecipeDesc (Valgor)
changed secret found messages slightly
reworded King Alek Carmelo dialog (FloodSpectre)
fixed until the monsters typo (FloodSpectre)
reworded breakable things tip (FloodSpectre)
reworded trade comes through dialog some (FloodSpectre)
reworded for the crusade (FloodSpectre)
fixed whatever in dynamic world help topic (FloodSpectre)
fixed townspeople in reputation help topic (FloodSpectre)
reworded shared stash help topic a bit (FloodSpectre)
rewored Din's starting quest a bit (FloodSpectre)
fixed prayer description (Lyranaar)
added a warning that raise dead doesn't work on some monster types (cthonic)
fixed Purple Scree spelling (Valgor)
fixed monster group quest having issues across saves (Valgor)
fixed spacing issue in monster group text
fixed damage per successful hit typo (FloodSpectre)
increased dark sacrifice damage from 5-10 to 5-15
increased dark sacrifice mana return from 10 to 50 (cthonic)
changed dead body help to left click to search (Lyranaar)
fixed some quests like rescue completing twice (Lyranaar/vomitousinsight/freykin)
fixed a spawning extra set items crash (stuartpierce)
should now get experience for finding secrets
now get experience for picking locks
now get xp for picking locks (FloodSpectre)
now get xp for disarming traps (DeathKnight1728)
now get xp for exploring new levels
fixed candle name
fixed lantern names (Iane)
increased shield of fire starting damage percent from 0.05 to 0.1 (Cadfan)
fixed rupture mana cost (getter77)
now if you raise dead on too many it destroys your current weakest monster (incognoscente/cthonic)
decreased blight damage from 3 to 1.5
increased blight mana per level from 0 to 2
increased disease cloud start time from 3.0 to 4.0
fixed defensive totem objects getting purged (Kruztee)
ego shields now get defense bonus (FloodSpectre)
fixed reputation highlight text (FloodSpectre)
pets should attack less objects (incognoscente)
pets are now more aggressive (incognoscente/Aganazer/Twotricks)
pets now get initial health boost and other boosts per level (Aganazer/Cadfan/incognoscente/cthonic)
increased most pets staring levels
increased all pets per skill level level boost
now show monster bonuses in skill level text
added chest tag to chaos lord
added port information to manual (viper34j)


fixed npc name Cp;om (Cadfan)
change unique items to elite in manual
updated voices credit in manual
fixed a typo in Dynamic World section of manual (getter77)
merged setFakePlayer and SetFake
fixed back button size on internet screen
now skins change on Create Character screen for female (SharpCarlos)
keyboard type drop down now goes over mouse wheel action text
Din moves a little slower now
executable should exit a little faster now
mana regen bonus for wizard specialties now displays correctly (Cadfan/Farscry/jshar)
fixed ItemPowerGainMult
added highlight text that gender doesn't change gameplay (getter77)
made skill & item icon outlines more noticable (Aganazer)
added a desc for green town gates (Aganazer)
fixed weapon masteries on 2 handed weapons (Cadfan)
decreased town attack sound volume from 1.0 to 0.7 (asaguda)
increased ranger trap touch distance from 16.0 to 50.0 (Coreyh2)
many npcs now have higher resistances
rescue, escort, and delivery npcs are now tougher
main npcs are now tougher
cave-ins no longer show up on the mini-map (Wantonius)
Din can no longer be poisoned or petrified
fixed mail armor description (getter77)
removed max level for slice skill (getter77)
fixed AttackingOrSkillDisruptsEffect on prayer skill (getter77)
fixed replenish spelling (getter77)
fixed ice mage and magician potion/drink bonus text (getter77)
now damage over time spell effects tell you damage type (getter77)
fixed a typo in the archers description (getter77)
changed multishot to magical damage (getter77)
changed earthquake damage to physical (getter77)
identify all from vendors no longer applies to stashes and loot (getter77)
fixed undead beings typo (getter77)
fixed over the spoils typo (getter77)
fixed a few capitalization issues in npc chat (getter77)
fixed camouflaged spelling (getter77)
fixed They are more dangerous typo (getter77)
fixed vicious typo (getter77)
fixed merely dissolves typo (getter77)
fixed spreading their horrid typo (getter77)
fixed you'd think more typo (getter77)
fixed more vile typo (getter77)
fixed shadows are creatures typo (getter77)
fixed Changelings spelling (getter77)
fixed glad you came typo (getter77)
now petrify, plague, and deadly poisons quests verify monster has a quest item (SharpCarlos)
decreased orc shaman damage mult from 1.05 to 0.75 (involution)
made optional quests more obvious (involution/Cadfan)
decreased food/water supply poison multipliers
decreased food price multipliers for darkness machine, weather machine, and plagues (Cadfan)
decreased ExtraSetItemChance from 0.5 to 0.35
increased money, xp, and reputation rewards for rescue & escort quests (Ephemera)
decreased cave in damage per level from 5-10 to 3-7 (Cadfan)
now monsters that commit suicide notify quests correctly (Cadfan)
changed attribute/skill points left to green and increased size (Aganazer)
now build skill definitions in a way that doesn't rely on order as much
fixed flaming arrow, poison arrow, shock bolt, & multi-shot damage bonuses not working
fire mastery now also effects holy fire, lifeburn, flaming arrow, exploding arrow, and immolation trap (jshar)
cold mastery now also effects charged strike and freezing trap (jshar)
lightning mastery now also effects holy strike and shock bolt (jshar)
now extra set drops take into account level of items (jshar)
dungeons are sometimes a little brighter now (jshar)
can no longer use summoning altar multiple times (jshar)
increased reward chests magic chance by 200 (lekonish)
increased chest health from 5-10 to 6-12
increased door health from 3-7 to 5-10
decreased lock pick time from 3.0 to 1.5 (Aganazer)
decreased dark elf warrior slice attack critical bonus from 20.0 to 15.0 (incognoscente)
decreased dark elf assassin poison attack damage from 2 to 0.5 (incognoscente/Lyranaar/Aganazer)
increased quest min event time from 300.0 to 330.0
fixed cease to be amused typo (getter77)
fixed worse than darkness typo (getter77)
fixed ever were any typo (getter77)
fixed are vile beings typo (getter77)
fixed averse to metal typo (getter77)
fixed wards away evil typo (getter77)
fixed if you want a real potion typo (getter77)
fixed little flea typo (getter77)
decreased ambient spider speed from 100.0 to 50.0
decreased the number of leprechaun gold drops (same amount of gold though) (qt3 peterb/Flailsnail)
now save last used IP in Direct IP (jshar)
decreased monster VitalityPerLevel from 2.0 to 1.5
increased weapon damage by 10%
moved suggested level down a notch
aligned level suggestion stuff a bit better
fixed top row icon alignment on equipment screen
fixed player kills using wrong respawn time
increased base monster respawn time from 420.0 to 600.0
now respawn rate is more dynamic based on how fast you kill monsters
fixed a loading issue when running out of entities (Paul)
fixed a couple bugs with entity purging (Paul)
fixed town gate simplified name
made ghost and naga selection area smaller
made other monsters selection area larger (qt3 peterb)
decreased stored lightning looping sound volume a lot (Cadfan)
fixed keep on a look out issue (ShaggyMoose)
fixed gibberish spelling (ShaggyMoose)
fixed a spacing issue in uprising text (Cadfan)
fixed Exploding Arrow (Lyranaar/Aganazer)
evade skill now properly boosts evade instead of dodge (DeathKnight1728)
fixed 2 issues with shockwave stuns (jshar)
decreased shockwave stun chance from 0.5 to 0.25
net trap lasts longer per level now
net trap radius now works (DeathKnight1728)
improved net trap description
added effect to net and web status effects
fixed not getting credit for revenge quests if you don't have the quest when completed (Cadfan)
increased delivery times (Aganazer)
kill monsters and monster quest now checks to make sure goal monsters are valid (Aganazer)
escort npcs are now blind
delivery, rescue, and escort npcs are now way less aggressive (freykin)


This is the first beta version.