World of Dragons
World of Dragons is the first MMORPG multiplatform game in the market (mobile phone and Personal Computer). All the users can download this title Free2Play-, and enjoy fully with this game. Also includes micro-paid system (gamers can buy items, money or access to premium areas).

Fourty years ago, a great evil came upon the land of Iglion. The infamous Black Dragon gathered all of the dark forces he could find in order to take over and rule the lands of Iglion.
There was a young man named Adair who became a hero for the peaceful peoples of the land as he fought against the evil dragon to stop his murderous plot. He united the four tribes in his quest, the humans, the elves, the dark elves and the orcs joined their forces to help Adair. With their support, an epic battle was staged that lasted for ten days. By the very last day, both Adair and the evil dragon fought almost to the point of death.
Using his last drop of strength, Adair called upon the magic force of a special amulet. This amulet was made up from 4 different colored mystic stones which, when used together, created immense power. His plan was successful. The amulet gave the last crippling blow to the dragon, incapacitating him. However, the amulet was not the easy option, its cost was Adair's last breath, as it required all of his energy to bring the amuletís power forth.

Iglion Chronicles: Four Pieces of Power
It was a glorious and tragic day all at the same time. People rejoiced and shed tears of joy as the evil dragon was sealed away, far down deep into the depths of Iglionís core. But there was a sadness hanging in the air as all men mourned the loss of their great hero, Adair, who fought so bravely and gave up his life in order to save the land from the Black Dragon.
As time passed and the dragon was safely sealed away, the amulet became a matter of contention. No one could decide who should keep it since it would cause an imbalance of power in the land of Iglion. So the humans, elves, dark elves, and orcs all came to the decision that the amulet had to be disassembled so that no one could abuse its power in the future.
Each race was given one piece of the amulet, each containing a different colored stone, to keep it safe and not to let the four pieces fall into the wrong hands.

Iglion Chronicles: A Dark Plan
Many years passed and the peace remained over the land. However, as it so often goes, the good times could not last forever. It was greed that impelled the ambitious human, Pirlara, to wake up the Black Dragon with the desire to become more powerful Ė the most powerful.
Pirlara persuaded the dragon to exchange their souls temporarily so they could use his evil powers to rule Iglion together.
A dark ceremony was planned to release the dragon and switch their souls; however Pirlara secretly had other plans. He was not going to share the power and glory, so he decided that after the awakening ceremony he would seal the dragonís soul in his own human body forever, locking it away, only to have his soul permanently in the body of the dragon. This way no one would be able to stop him with his unfathomable new power and dragon strength.
As the date of the ceremony draws near, chaos is overtaking Iglion. Earthquakes and volcanoes wreak havoc upon the land, monsters appear from nowhere, and the peace that was their sanity and security evaporates more day by day.

Iglion Chronicles: The Rising of a New Hero
The humans still remember the legend of their hero, Adair.
They believe there is only one way to bring their beloved peace back to Iglion: by putting together the four pieces of the amulet which Adair used to defeat the Black Dragon before. However, if the humans need to convince the other races to hand over their protected pieces, they will have to prove themselves and gain the trust of the leaders of the other tribes.
They believe that in order to triumph again, once and for all, they must all unite- human, elf, dark elf, and orc. They can only pray for a new hero that can bring the tribes together and save the land from the dark evil that threatens to resurge againÖ
Do you know any hero that can help them...?