Rooms: The Main Building - Tips and Tricks
Know the Gadgets- Throughout Rooms: The Main Building, you will run across several gadgets to assist you to complete the puzzles. If you have a question to what a particular gadget does , use the Help Function.

Light Fuse and Run- If you have use the explosive crate to blast through a wall make sure you know your escape route beforehand. Being in the same room when it explodes can be deadly.

Use the Background- Each of the rooms puzzles has a unique background. If you get stumped you can toggle the background to get an idea of where the rooms should be when completed.

Sparkles!- When a room is lined up exactly where it's supposed to be, sparkles will flash and a sound will play. This gives you a visual clue that you're on the right track.

Beware of Broken Teleporters- Teleporters become an invaluable tool to completing puzzles. Some Teleporters are broken so you only teleport to them but not out. A broken teleporter will look slightly charred.

Unlocking Gadgets in Build Mode- You can unlock gadgets in Build Mode by playing through the game.

Draining a Room- When using a hydrant to drain a room, think ahead about which room you going to send the water to. Unless you have a fishbowl to walk into a flooded room, you might be in trouble down the line.

Spinning Rooms- When using a spinning room with a Whirl-Round Clock, pay attention to the number of pendulums the clock has as they represent the number of times the room can spin. Also make sure you spin in the right direction especially when you have only one spin left!

Battle Mode- Play against another person in Battle Mode. Battle Mode consists of random puzzles that are extremely difficult. Battle mode only becomes available when a second WiiRemote is synced up.

Challenge and Time Limit Modes- For an additional challenge unlock these modes when you complete the game. Time Limit Mode allows a given amount of time to complete the puzzle and Challenge Mode allow a set number of moves.