Din's Curse v1.002 Beta Patch for Windows

changed item glow to match item colors (Valgor)
now build.cfg controls whether or not manual link appears
get info on mac now shows version correctly (Aet)
treasure quests no longer tell you about any reputation gain (Caal)
respecing skills with status effects now works better (TheRani)
can now select other players with F1 - F8 (Aganazer)
fixed key select background
fixed duplicate input background
now only show hotkey on use slots if hotkey name is one character long
added a Ways Back to Town help topic
added Ways Back to Town to manual
stunned monsters (and others that can't move) can no longer block, dodge, evade, etc. (Heinosity)
fixed Egg Sac spelling (Roswitha)
Dark Elf Wizards should no longer be able to cast Ice Storms through walls (Heinosity)
now npcs in town look towards the center of town
townspeople now look towards danger in town (Framistan)
decreased shatter & bone shatter damage
spells like frost nova can no longer go through walls
fire elemental now has a 2 minute reuse time, but is now much more powerful
hidden creatures can see through stealth a little better now
fixed a way that a summoned creature could attack player (Teddy)
fixed liches not following the leader correctly (Roswitha)
fixed looking for some steel wording (Roswitha)
added deadly poison icon (Valgor)
increased area heal mana a little, but heal a lot (Jorlen)
fixed some trap names (Kruztee/Roswitha)
made town attack ending a bit more full proof (Roswitha)
quest monsters can no longer get upgraded (Roswitha)
changed protocol version
added advanced Ego mode (half xp for achievements below your level)
added advanced Unlucky mode (-50 magic find to start off)
added advanced Poverty mode (-50 item find and -50 money find to start off)
added advanced Honorable Death mode (losing the town kills you)
added advanced Fragile mode (half health)
changed skill power needed to a float for a bit more control (Magitek)
chaos lord summons no longer use the earthquake skill (a little safer for the player)
summoned chaos lords no long make stomping noises
increased health/damage of summoned chaos lord (iligiann)
increased mana on block/parry for defender & paladin from 0.5 to 2.0 (elsol69)
fixed getting unique monsters in monster quest (Annalisa)
changed personal gift chests from basically small to large chests (Kruztee)
monsters that give quests and other neutral monsters will no longer attack pets (Kruztee)
crushing blow item magic modifier now applies to magic crushing blow also (Stardusts)
critical hit item magic modifier now applies to magic critical hit also
made holy fire a bit more powerful (iligiann)
fixed gabardine spelling (Roswitha)
can now walk through ghosts that have revenge quests (Marcin)
mini-volcanos no longer show dot on mini-map (Valgor)
totems are now considered inanimate, no longer break stealth (viper34j)
quest monsters can no longer fall down pit traps (Aganazer)
names for keys, flaming oil, and ice bombs are now white to see them a little easier (graffen69)
added some grass to town centers
fixed yellow crystals not glowing
each crystal color now glows at a different speed
added a little bit more clutter to some of the dungeons
skulls no longer have collision
set, unique, artifact, and legendary items now get better automatic damage/armor bonuses