PureSim Baseball 2 - 2.59 Official Release
@2010 Shaun Sullivan and Wolverine Studios
Mar 14, 2010

2.59 Official Release - Release Notes
Fix - In some cases, teams were not scaling their rosters back to 25 man (from 40) when the post season began.
Fix - When using in season ratings changes, some pitchers condition would be listed as greater than 100%.
2.58 Official Release - Release Notes
Fix - In associations with greater than 35 man total rosters, after Sept call-ups PureSim was giving the human owner a message that the rotation was invalid.
Fix - AI Roster management lockup in September.
Tweak - Tiny bullpen AI tweak, starter less likely to only face one batter at the start of a late inning.
2.56 Official Release - Release Notes
Fix - Bug Introduced in 2.54 where user's free agent offers were cleared each week.
Fix - Roster assignment lockup issue, especially in the early 1900's in fictional associations.
Fix - AI hung in a loop when assigning rosters, after September callups, typically in mid Sept.. (introduced in 2.53/2.54)
New - Optional new "Organic" player development engine available when doing historical replays. User now can choose between TRU-Life and Organic engines for player development at association creation time. Select the TRU-Life engine if you want player season to season performance mirror thei real life performance as closely as possible. Select "Organic" if you want PureSim to assign their basic ratings based on the real data, but from there they will develop only based on the ratings, with real life stats having no year to year impact.
New - Distance & Depth added to tagup question box when managing a game.
New - New Animation Delay option on the in game PBP options dialog. This can be used to slow down ball flight animation on super fast PCs, or just to slow things down on general to suit your tastes.
Tweak - Flyball distances/depth more closely representative of actual home team stadium physics.
Tweak - Tag-Up logic modified given the new flyball physics.
Tweak - Further refinement to reduce chances of P being yanked in 9th after 1 batter. Close more likely to get the ball at the start of the inning now.
Tweaked: SB succ % refined.
Tweak - Minor tweaks to ball flight animation.
Tweak(s) - Even more tweaks to the off season AI. Aggressive free agent AI tweaks lead to large market teams having even more of an advantage. One example is how the AI will go over the roster limit during free agency, with a smattering of one year deals and then make cuts after spring training.
2.54 Official Patch - Release Notes
New - New AI added for free agent period. AI is more aggressive and much less likely to ever leave a decent player unsigned.
New - If during a game, the computer crashes or there is a power failure, or some other unfortunate event, then interim results of that game no longer taint player/game/leauge stats. Nothing is written to the database until a game is completed.
Fix - When using in season ratings changes, when ratings changed, player's rest was being set back to the maximum level.
Fix - When using in season ratings changes, in some cases the ratings would change on back to back days.
Fix - Potential lock up when using 40+ man rosters in the early 1900's and "require fully stocked roster" option being ON.
Fix - Rare lock up when after September call ups, where team gets stuck in an AI loop trying to go with exactly 41 players.
Fix - Misc very rare lockups when the AI was attempting to do roster assignments.
Fix - Fielding and BaseRunning graphical stadium locations were not being set for new stadiums after league expansion took place. This could - for in_game managers only - produce a 3021 RTE.
Tweak(s) - Multiple tweaks to the financial model. In some cases with fictional association, teams were getting to the point where they had to pass on signing premium players in the off season. Players are now a little more aware of the current economic climate, and adjust their demands accordingly. Inflation was tweaked a tad as well. In general, teams can still be quite financially challenged, but it is now less likely that a good player will go unsigned and rot in free agency/retire.
Tweak - AI will no longer issue an intentional walk if the game is tied and the IBB would mean they are putting the winning run on.
2.53 Official Patch - Release Notes
Fix: In some cases, pitcher endurance modeling was leading to situations where pitchers were kept in far too long (bullpen exhausted) resulting in ridiculously high scoring games. This was a rare issue in the more modern (Post 1985ish seasons). Pitcher endurance has been cranked up and tweaks to the bullpen AI have been made.
Fix: (2nd & 3rd), 2-base error, Runner on 3rd was not removed
Tweak: In some associations, players were hanging on way past their prime. Retirment logic has been improved.
Tweak: Hall of Fame criteria cranked up a notch.
2.52 Official Patch - Release Notes
New - Optional support for the latest Lahman database. In order to use it, you must download it from the Lahman Web Site. Be sure to download the Microsoft Access Version. Then unzip and copy Lahman_57.mdb into your PureSim game folder. The next time you launch PureSim it will detect the existence of the database and process it. After the processing is complete it will be used by the game the next time you create an association with real players.
AI Tweak - Improved AI's employment of "infield in" with multiple runners on base and less than 2 outs.
Removed the PSPN "upcoming free agents" story. Because of where it was generated, players were subsequently being signed before the story "ran".
Tweak - Tightened the HOF criteria for batters.
AI Tweaks - More improvements to SAC bunt logic.
AI Tweak - In some cases middle of the order type hitters were attempting to bunt for a hit. Attempting to bunt for a hit has also been toned down in general.
2.51 Official Patch - Release Notes
Fix - Huge bug! - In new fictonal leagues ALL picthers were lefties and ALL hitters were righties! (Bug introduced in 2.50)
Fix - When creating an association with equal finances, if the user tried to assign a region, only the first 100 regions were available to select from.
AI Fix - Improved manager AI for sac bunt decisions. In some cases they would try sac bunts, or worse back to back asc bunts, with middle of the order guys. It was rare, but it was happening.
AI Tweak - Improved manager lineup AI. In particular, the AI is less likely to sit a starter in the post season (unless they are totally exhausted!)
UI Tweaks - PH & PR indicated in BoxScore and UI Tweak - Added Game Date to BoxScore. (These were added in 2.50 by Steve, but they just missed the 2,50 release build, so they made it in here)
2.50 Official Release Notes
New - New improved real player import / durability modeling. Many new factors considered into the equation smoothing out cases where players are imported in seasons where they played almost no games, but went on to have long term real life careers. The bottom line is the durability and statistical model penalties are reduced based on factors such as how far away the import year is from a year when the player became a regular in real life, how long was the player's real life career was, and some othe things. The result is less penalties for true regulars and more for the guys that maybe only had a cup of coffee at best.
New - Durability now listed as a column on the "Players" main game screen grid.
New - Durability now listed as a column on position players grid on the "Modify Roster" team screen.
New - Brand new algorithms for assigning primary and secondary positions for real players. Much better OF position assignments, and an overall improvement in the amount of players that have secodary positions. Note, they need to have had some decent playing time to get a secondary, so it won't hand them one if they only played a few games at a position.
Tweak - Greatly improved SB numbers by time period.
Tweak - Tweaked extreme durability rating fluctuations and assignments somewhat to bring them more in line with the ratings mix.
Tweak - Physics engine tweaks for improved home run numbers, especially in the dead ball era. One area that got some attention was park effects, which were a little too dramatic for some of the stranger-dimensioned stadiums.
Tweak - TRU-Life engine improvements for real player associations. I am prepared to make the bold claim that PureSim 2 has the best historical simulation engine on the market! :)
Tweak - Minor tweaks to AI's lineup generation. There were some cases where the AI would leadoff a guy who might be more suited to bat cleanup.
Tweak - Greatly Improved, and more aggressive Amateur draft AI.
Tweak - Durability floor is set at 47. Below 47 was just a little too low, even for bench players. (Note for scrubs it can be lower)
Tweak - Lowered scrub player's durability
Advanced Tweak - Improved fidelity of sliders on the Association options tab that allow for adjusting high level engine settings.
Advanced Tweak - Changed versioning model for Puresim.xml, this is not important unless you are an XML tweaker or use custom engine settings).
Tweak - Stolen bases were a bit too high in some early years (especially the dead ball era)
Tweak - Updated Hall Of Fame criteria - a little more strict, less focus on Awards, also considers defense a bit for position players.
Tweak - AI pitches out slightly more in certain situations.
Fix - When using the "Import Players Prior To Their Debut" option, players of this type were coming in with much higher durability than they should have. These player's durability ratings are now adjusted down, reducing the possibility that they will see tons of action at the major league level. Note, this durability rating does NOT impact their development in the minors.
Fix - RBIs no longer credited to batter when WP/PB allows runner to score.
Fix - Minor League stats on Contract Status Report shows current stats instead of debut year stats.
Fix - If a runner had decided to tag up, and then decided to hold (for example if the OF was playing shallow) the fact that he scampered back to the base was not refelected in the PBP.
Fix - Misc fixes in the new position import algorithms.
Fix - Fixed issue with players' rest dropping dramatically after playing just one game (if they were a low durability guy to start with). Note, there is still more rest penalty applied to players that are tracking at 125% or more over their real life playing time, but the penalty is not as huge as in the previous beta.
Fix - If the user opened a player card from the dialog announcing players elected to the HOF, and then the user clicked notes PureSim would crash.
2.48a Official Release Notes
Fix - Lockup on some video cards when showing a screen that would dim the screen from a player card and a few others. In this case the screen will no longer be dimmed when the popup window is opened.
2.48 Official Release Notes
Fix - Error 94 possible on trade screen when early in the season and the [x] Require Fully Stocked Rosters option was OFF.
Fix - Rare crash when opening player card of a player who was fully exhausted.
Fix - Crash with new TRU-Life engine in some cases in early 1900's
Fix - If the PSPN "Projected Winning Percentage" story was published before all teams had played a game, all teams' RunsFrom and RunsAgainst totals were off by +1.
Tweak - Robustness improvements for association with no roster restrictions in cases where teams get to really low total roster numbers.
Tweak - Improved stolen base attempts and CS percentages.

2.46 Official Release Notes
New! - HTML Dynasty Export - New option allows for exporting of your leagues rosters, stats, standings, League Leaders, Hall of Fame, Past Champions and Transactions to HTML output. This new option can be found on the Statistics page. After clicking the menu item, HTML files will be created in a "dynasty" sub-folder under the \psa directory.
Fix - During the expansion protection phase, the user could get stuck in a situation where their roster was declared invalid, but they could not sign anyone.
Fix - Spelling corrections to Comiskey Park and fence correction to Braves Field
Tweaks - More tweaks to new PureSim TRU-Lifetm Engine. Better BB/SO distirbutions for hitters.

2.45 Official Release Notes
New! - PureSim TRU-Lifetm Engine - Real player stats more accurate than ever before.
New! - Universal Text Search. On any screen in the game all you need to do is first click anywhere on the screen and then hit CTRL-F and you will get full text search for that screen with highlighting and it will also auto-scroll the found text into view if it is scrolled off the screen. Should be really useful for scanning game logs, PSPN, the players screen etc. Note it works much better if you have IE8 installed. IE8 does NOT need to be your default web browser or anything, PureSim just plays smoother when IE8 is installed/resident on your machine.
New! - Improved layout for hall of fame listing on the almanac screen.
New! - Added Catcher stats tracking runners thrown out on steals. This shows up onthe player card as "CS%" If you hover over the percentage it will show the caught/attempts numbers in a tool tip. Unfortunately, since this stat was never tracked it will only be accumulated for games moving forward after installing this update.
New! - Much wider disparity financially, between small market and large market teams. This makes playing a small market team a lot more fun and challenging! Also results in a team hailing from NY having almost boundless resources, which is (unfortunately) realistic. This was going to be a PS3 feature, but I couldn't wait. :)
New! - More fidelity over K and BB determination via the new K_WEIGHT and BB_WEIGHT elements in puresim.xml. This can be used to tweak K/BB ratios.
New! - Added button to the "Unattended Auto Play" dialog to quickly select the last day of the season and play through that day in unattended auto play mode.
New! - More fine tuning and balancing of the simulation engine for real player associations, especially time period specific stuff.
New! - Slightly increased the performance hit a player takes when being over used compared to his historical usage.
New! - Notes feature. PureSim now allows the user to keep notes for the association (accessible from the assn home screen), individual players (accessible from the player card), and Teams (accessible from the Team's menu). Baisc formatting, font, text decoration and print support is included as well. Notes are stored in the association database, so no need to worry about copying files around.
New! - Player internal max fatigue level now visible as part of a graph displayed next to the player's condition on his player card. The graph shows the players current fatigue level / their maximum. Note, as always, for real players, the maximum is greatly influenced by how much they played that season in real life. For pitchers their fatigue percentage is now displayed in graph form (always 1/100%)
New! - When auto playing there is now a "Browse Stats" button visible which can be clicked at any time to reveal the PSPN season stats browser (updated to the most recent game simmed). Note, auto play is paused while you are browsing the stats.
New! - "Assess Franchise Taxes" option when creating an association. Taxes are potential expenses each team must pay to own a franchise each season. The amount of the fee is determined by the association president. This option is useful if you are looking for more challenge in the financial aspect of the game, as it makes it hard to stockpile cash.
New! - Quick link to the PureSim online message boards added to left nav menu and notes screens. Perfect if you get inspired to brag/rant/praise...
Tweak - Reduced the chance that the AI would tag up from second to third with 2 outs.
Tweak - Rarely the AI would pinch hit for the #3 or #4 hitter, this is now even more rare, but could happen if the usual #3/4 hitter didn't start the game (in order to rest somebody).
Tweak - AI would sometimes try a SAC bunt late in the game when down by more runs than one would typically try a late inning SAC.
Tweak - When using real players, the AI was tending to over-value players that were real-life super stars/hall of famers, when they were past their prime. The AI is no longer sentimental in this case and the ruthlessness has been ratcheted up.
Tweaked BB/K ratios for hitters that were at the extreme ends of the curve (really low / really high) in real life. They were still regressing towards the mean too much in the engine. Mattingly was a good example (his K's in real life were almost non-existent, and while real low in PS they still skewed high).
Tweaks - Tightened up Intentional Walk AI. The AI would sometimes put the tying runner on intentionally if there were 2 outs.
Tweaks - Final fictional player association engine tuning for time period specifc factors.
Tweaks - Improved prediction accuracy of "Most Feared Hitters" PSPN pre-season story.
Tweaks - Financial model / inflation progression tweaks and balancing.
Tweaks - Final engine tuning for period specifc stuff. All seasons seem to be within acceptable (period specific) +/- ranges based on my testing.
Tweak - Slightly increased complete games for dead-ball era.
Tweak - In certain fictional configurations (early 1900's in particular) some stats would creep up to unrealistic levels over time. This has been smoothed out and tweaked. Triples tended to exhibit this the most prominently.
Tweaks - More major improvements in statistical realism for real player associations.
Tweak - If a player appears in a game as a pinch hitter he will not be charged fatigue for that game and will naturally gain rest that day, if he appears and plays only an inning or two he will not be charged fatigue but he won't gain any rest either.
Tweak - More improvements to AI lineup generation regarding platooning.
Tweak - Increased the effect a player's playing time in real life has on the way PureSim penalizes him when he is modeled. Players with very little playing time will have less endurance and durability, increasing the chances that if you overplay a guy that was really just a role player or bench player in real life, then he will tire more quickly and have a higher chance of injury in PureSim. Note the impact of this can be tweaked via the "durability_cur" setting in puresim.xml. The higher the number, the greater the effect.
Tweak - More tweaks to modeling real world players, smoothing some outlier areas.
UI Tweak - Made "Free Agent Bidding and Signing" screen more consistent with the rest of PureSim 2's UI by moving it into the main window, and no longer displaying it as a pop up window. Cleaned up it's layout a bit too.
UI Tweak - Removed redundant "Are You Sure?" prompt when the user clicked the "Place on DL" button from the player card.
UI Tweaks - Misc polish work, consistently dimming background screen when modal dialogs are displayed regardless of what screen the user is on.
Tweak - When playing in Sandbox mode, or with the require full rosters option OFF, teams were previously being allowed to carry more than the roster maximum. This has been changed, regardless of the roster rules, no team may carry more than the max. Note, in the aforementioned two configurations teams *are* allowed to carry fewer than the maximum.
Tweaks - Numerous improvements to the simulation engine, especially with real players. Even more realistic stats than previous releases!
Tweak - More dynamic real player modeling. In the past player performance tended to regress a little to much toward the player's mean career average. The new dynamic modeling reflects career years (highs and lows!) a little more accurately.
Tweak - AI pinch hits slightly less in the 7th and 8th inning.
Tweak - MAJOR improvements to lineup generation AI. Better platooning, better DH assignment, better catcher use and more.
UI Tweak - On the modify roster clicking on the magnifying glass on the pitcher and batter grids no longers causes that row to be selected in the grid.
Tweak - New Inflation modeling reduces financial resouce growth over time somewhat.
Tweak - When playing historical assocations there is a a new method for calculating the available $ which in general leads to overall finances available for all teams being lower.
Tweak/Change - Available finances by region is now based more on that region's relative Baseball Market size as opposed to purely on population. For example, Toronto is a large metropolitan area, but not really a huge baseball market, so they have significantly less resources than in previous versions. (Another one I was going to be in PS3, and couldn't wait)
Tweak/Change - During the expansion draft, the expansion teams are no longer allowed to sign players that filed for free agency in the off season. They must wait until the free agent period if they want a crack at signing them.
Tweak - Improved era specific salary levels and financial modeling. For play balance reasons PureSim still skews a tad high salary and finances wise, but this final round of tweaks feels pretty good.
UI Tweak - On many screens fictional players of the "filler/scrub" variety now have a small dot superscript displayed after their name for emphasis.
Tweak - Greatly reduced the amount of in-season free agent activity in associations that are using player affinity mode.
Tweak - When using the "Import Players Prior to Their MLB Debut" option, especially in pre-expansion years, there tended to be tons of FAs available and the AI was somewhat unrealistically agressively signing tons of the prior debut players in season as free agents. The AI will be a little more conservative on this front now.
Tweak/Change - Teams will not demote players during the September call up phase, rather they will focus on bringing up young talent for a cup of coffee at the ML level. This will vary somewhat based on where a team is in the standings.
Tweak/Change - Reduced the fatigue penalty for players that appeared in a game but did not start.
Cosmetic Fix - At the end of a half inning the scoreboard still was displaying the situation from the last at bat of the previous inning until the first at bat was completed in the new inning. It now displays "No outs, Bases Empty." at the start of the new half inning.
Fix - A bug introduced in release candidate 1 was causing minor league stats to be anemic offensively.
Fix - "Special" defensive plays (great catches and poor ones) were not being reported in the PBP window or game log for the computer team when the play was achieved when a human was managing the team on offense at the time.
Fix - Overflow error when opening the season stats browser if not all teams had played at least one game in the season.
Fix - After the national anthem in a game, PureSim was modifying the user's speaker volume in some versions of Windows.
Fix - Baserunner at 2nd is now properly set when AI calls for DoubleSteal and lead runner is thrown out.
Fix - Minor frequency reduction in AI using Corners_IN defense in early innings.
Fix - When playing with the "Require Fully Stocked Rosters" option OFF, in real early years like the early 1900's there was a chance of getting an error 94 when running the "Team Ages" report.
Fix - During the pre-expansion roster protection phase, the human owner could protect more than 25 players.
Fix - Error 5 if from the free agent bidding and signing window the user clicked Roster->Player Card->Shop Player.
Fix - If the user was on the main "Players" screen and they used a global hot key (For example CTRL-H to return to the assn home screen) there was a potential that an "access denied" error message would pop up.
Fix - Lockup when creating association for some association configurations (Introduced while in the beta, was not a bug in the previous official release)
Fix - Teams with AI roster activity set to "NONE" will no longer make DL moves after a trade is made (by the user).
Fix - Fixed another very rare "Assertion Failed - Illegal Function call" while simming.
Fix - Error 3075 when "previewing" a game from the Scores and Scedule page, if the game involved teams with the DH rule in effect.
Fix - Fixed very rare illegal function call that could occur when simming, caused by teams trying to put a pitcher in the game that was actually supposedly on the DL.
Fix - Teams with AI roster activity set to "NONE" will no longer make DL moves. DL moves were causing the team to juggle the roster.
Fix - When using player affinity mode, during the ammy draft, if the AI couldn't find any ammy's with a real life history on their team, PureSim was generating extra scrubs (leading to long periods of staring at the "Evaluating Talent" message!) in attempt to give them players to look at. The AI now simply does not make an ammy pick that round if no ammys with affinity exist.
Fix - Even if the human owner's team was not in the playoffs PureSim was forcing the human owner to fix up his roster before letting any playoff games be played.
Fix - With the "Require Fully Stocked Rosters" option ON, in some cases playoff games were being allowed to be played when an AI team had below the roster max. Very rare, but it could happen.
Fix - If a player on a human owned team became eligible to come off the DL during the playoffs, but the human owned team was already eliminated, and the user auto played a playoff day, then after the day was complete PureSim was returning to the association home screen.
Fix - If a human owner switched teams to a brand new expansion team right before the expansion draft, PureSim was yielding an error 91. Unfortunately, in this scenario the computer still must do the expansion draft and the human owner of the new expansion team will not be given control until the post expansion free agent period. Sorry about this limitation :( .
Fix - If an assn was created with the "Player Affinity" option and the "Import Players Prior to Their MLB Debut" option both ON. A case could arise where the AI would get locked in an "evaluating talent" loop.
2.31 Release Notes
HUGE Performance Boost - Simulation speed is now approximately 32% faster than the last official release version!
Performance Boost - Real player association import phase is now about 11% faster.
New! - "In Season Computer AI Roster Activity" setting available from each Teams GM/Manager AI Tendencies screen. This setting allows control over how active the computer AI is regarding Promotions/Demotions/FA Signings/Releases/Trades. If set to "NONE" then the AI will leave the rosters "As Is." This can be nice for those of you that want to maintain strict control over the association, but don't want to visit every team and manually adjust locked role settings. Note, unattended autoplay overrides this setting, probably obvious, but figured I'd point it out. This setting only applies in-season, the off season will proceed normally.
New! - Added assn creation option to NOT require rosters to be filled. This is useful to folks that do not want any fictional players generated when playing with real players, or don't want any "scrubs/fillers" generated in fictional associations.
New! - PB's, HBP's, & Balks, and more realistic WP numbers.
New! - Added checkbox to trade screen to "force" trades to be accepted. This can be useful when building roster sets and setting up associations to your liking. It can also be useful if you are unable to defeat PureSim's super-charged AI. :)
New! - Double Steals
New! - Disqualify a batter from PH or PR when he has an active 30+ game hitting streak.
New! - Perfect Game notification when not auto-simming.
New! - Corners IN option on defense
Tweak - Stats will now be archived after the last reg season (or tie breaker). This gets rid of the annoying delay before the start of the first playoff game where the stats would be archived when the user chose to play/sim/manage said first playoff game.
Tweak - Upon deeper analysis, SAC bunts were a little off regarding how often they worked. SACs now are +/- 5% of real MLB results now (before the spread was about +/- 18%). In particular, the number of bunts that the batter actually puts in play have a much better chance of success. Note, the hitter's contact rating plays a role here...
Tweak - Minor improvements to import players/teams interface. Now easier to select a year and then see just the teams in that year.
Tweak - Improved base running advancement in situations where there is a single with a runner on second. That runner scores more now, and is thrown out less, more in line with modern baseball norms.
Tweak - All roster sizes now available in real player associations. Previously, only 35 and 40 man rosters were available in this configuration. One tip is to use the "Import Players Prior to Their MLB Debut" option if you are using larger sizes and are interested in alternate history scenarios.
Tweak - Improved roster and lineup AI for Sandbox mode associations.
Tweak - When viewing team stats from a team screen the player names are no longer displayed in bold (since there is no need to distinguish them, only one team is being displayed in the grid). On the Stats and Reports sortable grids players on the human owners team will still be in bold.
Tweak - If playing a historical assn, then the game auto-imports the players onto the teams immediately. There is no longer the "Click to load players from year xxxx" step. (Non draft leagues only)
Tweak - Added a little more detail around the infielders involved in plays in the in-game PbP.
Tweak - Improved real player import feature at initial assn creation. The AI will NEVER draft a scrub/fictional player, if there is a real player available that played for their team in the season being imported. This overrides any logic around trying to avoid an imbalanced roster that was causing fringe players to be skipped in some rare cases.
Cosmetic Tweaks - Minor tweaks to sidebar menu, now showing a bullet char in front of each item to more clearly indicate it is an item and not a caption.
Fix - Resolved a few stadium name spelling errors.
Fix - When replaying 2009, Tropicana Field was not being selected at league creation time for the Rays.
Fix - On the Stats & Reports screen, sortable batting and sortable pitching stats grids were only loading a maximum of 500 players. Now all players with PAs or Appearances will be shown.
Fix - AI will no longer release disabled players.
Fix - In some cases, based on how assns were created, when playing in historical mode, PureSim would not prompt to use the real schedule even if it was available.
Fix - Owners are blocked from signing free agents during the expansion phase when an assn is expanding. Note: Lineups and Rotations must be filled in as normal.
Fix - When September call-ups kicked in, all catchers were being demoted.
Fix - When playing with finances OFF, if a player was edited and the user switched the player's team via the player edit dialog, then his reserve clause contract was being reset leading to him becoming a free agent in the off season.
Fix - Added a number of missing players to the 2009 real player stats.
Fix - PSPN Hot Stove Issue FA list was not showing player stats from previous season.
Fix - PSPN Hot Stove Issue not needed for assn's with finances OFF.
Fix - Assn's created in 1900 were aligning properly when the assn reached the year 1994.
Fix - Corrected several PbP verbage.
Fix - Cleaned up some issues with standings in Season Browser.
Fix - Number of GP for Team Batting corrected in Season Browser.
Fix - Rare "invalid use of null" error when importing teams via sandbox import (2009 Orioles for example)
Beta Cycle Fix - A few more fixes to roster assignment logic when was "Require Fully Stocked Rosters" was OFF. In some rare cases the AI would only carry 8 position players.
Beta Cycle Fix - Lockup when creating an assn with "Require Fully Stocked Rosters" off and one team was human owned at assn creation time in seasons where there are very few players avail, like 1900.
Beta Cycle Fix - When the "Require Fully Stocked Rosters" setting was OFF, "Create a Hitter" produced the role in pitcher format as in "Starter", "Reliever/Spot Starter" and "Closer" instead of player's position.
Beta Cycle Fix - Fixed issue with hanging on the expansion draft from 1900 to 1901 when the "Require Fully Stocked Rosters" option was OFF.
Beta Cycle Fix - New additional detail, including player names in some PBP was sometimes showing the wrong name for the fielder.
Beta Cycle Tweak - The "Require Fully Stocked Rosters" option is now available regardless of whether finances are on or off.
Beta Cycle Tweak - AI a little more savvy when it playing under relaxed roster restrictions and it is getting short on cash.
2.21 Release Notes
New! - Improved in-game lineup screen, lots more info available at the manager's fingertips.
New! - When playing a game, a new "Due Up:" dialog is displayed at the end of each half inning. This is optional and can be turned off from the gameplay options dialog.
New! - "Streaks" Add-in.
New! - Free Agent Report available on Main Menu during Free Agent Period.
New Option - On the options and utilities dialog under "Display Options" there is now an "[x] Auto-Hide Windows Taskbar" option. This set the Window's taskbar to "Auto-Hide" while running PureSim. This is useful if your taskbar is on the bottom of the screen and obscuring the PureSim window. The taskbar's state will be returned to your original setting upon exiting PureSim.
New Option - On the options and utilities dialog there is now an option to "Hide Schedule Calendar Logos"
Roster AI Enhancement - Many tweaks to amateur draft AI.
Roster AI Enhancement - AI does a better job with position considerations when doing roster assignments
Roster AI Enhancement - Draft AI does a better job with getting good player distributions by position.
Roster AI Enhancement - Improved initial draft AI for fictional and real player draft pool-based associations.
AI Fix - If a user was running a draft based on a real player association, and they dumped all players into the draft pool, and had the scout auto picked using the "neutral" setting, the AI did a poor job picking enough decent starting pitchers.
Manager AI Enhancement - Tweaked AI pitch count management to better respect the manager tendencies "hook" setting. Geek/XML note: this is reflected in the RECOVERY_PITCHER tag in PureSim.xml for those that fiddle with that stuff.
Manager AI Enhancement - AI starting 8-9 Lineup composition AI improved, especially in regards to making sure guys are not out of position.
Manager AI Enhancement - AI Manager much less likely (as in almost never) to pinch hit for the catcher if he does not have a catcher on the bench available to come in on defense.
Tweak - More significant improvements to real player import algorithms, especially in the area of players that had one year anomalies in real life that coincided with the year of import into the association.
Tweak - Amount of sun/clouds is now reflected on graphic when weather description for a game is displayed.
Tweak - Showing game time weather on in-game lineup card.
Tweak - Grid on in-game lineup card now matches display order of defensive ratings on the field graphic: (range/hands/arm).
Tweak - GamePreview, 2nd half of season the SP's record vs opponent will be shown.
Tweak - GamePreview - Runs For/Runs Against now shows cumulative totals for season (Hopefully, this will help clear up confusion).
Tweak - Add-Ins are now listed in alphabetical order in the add-in dropdown and on the main add-in screen.
Tweak - Added handedness, endurance to player tooltips.
Tweak - User's team's record updates in the to right of the screen when auto-playing.
Tweak - Improved fidelity of INFLUENCE_STUFF and INFLUENCE_CONTROL modifiers in puresim.xml file via the new "additional_modifier" attribute setting.
Fix - Batter stats discrepancy between Modify Roster screen and tool tip (and Player Card).
Fix - The "Park Factors" report was not allowing the user to click on the park name to view more detailed park information.
Fix - If the user selected "Unattended Autoplay" then cancel, menu buttons were not functional.
Fix - When using the import prior year stats option, the ratings history feature on the player card was showing empty slots on the bar graph for the seasons imported (not played out in PureSim).
Cosmetic Fix - Pitcher radar gun reading was not reflecting reduced velocity when a pitcher was very tired.
Cosmetic Fix - Fixed "Ebbets Field" spelling.
Cosmetic Fix - Transparency was not being respected for the human owner's team logo on the association home screen.
Cosmetic Fix - On the player card if the user added a player to his short list the "Add to Sort List" button did not toggle to "Remove Short List" until the player card was closed and re-opened.
Cosmetic Fix - Schedule Calendar showing incorrect pitcher W/L tooltip for unplayed games.
Introduced and fixed during beta cycle - Cleaned up some issues with the "due up" window not being dismissed.
Introduced and fixed during beta cycle - Crash when not using player photos on the "due up" window.
Introduced and fixed during beta cycle - Due up window showed player's primary position as opposed to the position they were playing during the current game.
Introduced and fixed during beta cycle - Pitch speed velocity was a little too variable, which made it too difficult to discern if a pitcher was tiring. The ranges are less variable now.
2.15 Release Notes
New! - Full 2009 player stats and rosters current as of the end of the season.
New! - "PlayerTips" rich tooltip windows now display when you mouse over a player link on any screen in the game.
New! - Full Automatic Expansion & Division Realignment from 1900 to 2009 for Historical Assn's.
New! - Improved "expanded team results" report functionality, works through the entire post season as well.
New! - Re-designed graphical roster view.
New! - Major Upgrades to GM AI
New! - Streamlined off season. Removed the "Advance to off season" screen, Merged the retirements and broken records dialogs into a new PSPN "Hot Stove" issue which also includes info on notable free agents. It should feel like a cleaner user experience.
New! - Where applicable, tables are now sortable in the season stats browser. Note, there are some limitations, for example Player name sort will sort alpha by first name. That said, in general this is quite handy.
New! - Now displaying estimated # pitches limit and estimated maximum velocity in the ratings section on the pitcher card.
AI Tweak - Added more fidelity to AI for managing the bullpen. Geeks can check the notes around RECOVERY_PITCHER and PITCH_COUNT_HARD_STOP in the puresim.xml file if you are interested at the engine-level :)
AI Tweak - Improved initial real-player import algorithms resulting in roster composition that more closely mirrors the season being imported. Note there is some averaging of how much a player played based on a few years prior and after the season being imported to avoid cases where a player missed a whole season due to injury or going away to war etc..
Tweak - Improved the "PSPN Most Feared Hitters" projected batting avg calc for real player associations.
Tweak - Improved algorithms for determining primary and secondary positions for real players.
Tweak - When the player affinity mode option is being used, the chance that a team would release a player if that player actually played a lot for the team in real life has been greatly reduced. Now, it will only happen if a team is in dire straits with some sort of roster configuration issue.
Tweak - Adjusted how pitcher endurance/available pitches is calculated for real player associations. Penalty was too high for some types of relievers, leading to overly stressed bullpens in some cases.
Tweak - Relievers recover slightly faster.
Tweak - Adjusted import algorithms to do some smoothing in to reduce the frequency of cases where sample stat sizes were so small/variable/sparse for a player that it led to him coming in with ratings that were "scrub-level."
Tweak - In the game PBP window, in the past PureSim showed the hitter's stats as of game day. Now, like the lineup card view on the in-game screen, it shows his "live" stats.
Tweak - Tons more user interface consistency improvements and polish!
Fix - On the PSPN live Game Cast the "Vs. Pitcher" stats for individual batters versus the current pitcher on the in-game lineup card was not showing correct stats in some cases.
Fix - If an association was created that had a schedule that was not 162 games and games were simmed without ever closing and re-opening the association, then magic numbers were calculated incorrectly.
Fix - In the season stats browser and Almanac browser, if a player played for two or more teams in any given year, the total ML years played was incorrectly calculated.
Fix - In the season stats browser positions were sometimes being displayed wrong on individual player pages.
Fix - Cosmetic issue...If a player was released while on the DL, when he was fully healed the game would erroneously list him as being activated by the team he was on prior to being released.
Fix - Correct 2005 Angels & Cardinals Stadiums now recognized at league creation.
Fix - Home Team Runs For & Runs Against correctly calculated in Game Preview screen.
Fix - In some cases aggregate team stats were not matching across reports. This was due to some inconsistencies on how team stats were calculated. Team stats now reflect any stats achieved by any player while on that team, as opposed to the team stats of players currently on the roster.
Fix - SLG was incorrect on some player screens in the "season browser"
Fix - Mentioning promoting a player that was not yet on the team's roster
Fix - 2 RTE 3420's when previewing an interleague game.
Fix - 1997 schedule was 1 game short for PIT and SFN.
Fix - Fixed issue with not being able to view box scores from the highlights screen.
Fix - Error 438 when creating an association if regions were left blank.
Fix - RTE 3024 when previewing a game in the Learn To Play template assn due to no .psx file existence.
Fix - In rare cases, in the early season, when managing a game the in-game WHIP would not update appropriately in the pitcher's info window.
Fix - When the user clicked the PSPN main menu button, the "bat crack" sound effect was not being played.
v2.00 - Updates and Fixes (10/16/2009)
AI - Greatly improved AI for handling/managing the bullpen.
UI Overhaul - New look front end UI. More screen real estate, reduced and more consistent color palette.
Tweak - Expanded Team Results changed to allow viewing reg season stats during postseason.
Tweak - Added additional data to the lineup and rotation screens
New - "Game Preview" link available on scores and schedules screen provides a handy report to review before playing simming a game.
Tweak - Removed experimental 2009 player projections from real player database. I'll look into getting the final 2009 stats in soon.
UI - Basic user-defined skinning support, see file user.css for info.
UI - Tweaked layout of player card to be more consistent and clean.
UI - Home screen now has consistent menu bar graphic with other screens
UI - New look for OK/Yes/No/Cancel standard dialog.
UI - Tweaked some dialogs to have a more consistent clean UI (for example, contract extension and defensive details)
Fix - Pitchers being incorrectly credited with earned runs in some cases.
Fix - Fixes for non US English versions of Windows.
Fix - Lockup in some assoocations when the user clicked the "suggest" button from the roster screen. The team's avalable finances would also be increased if the lockup happened.

Releases Prior to "PureSim Baseball 2"

v1.86 Official - Updates and Fixes (10/2/2009)
AI - Improved amateur draft AI.
Fix - Multiple AI bugs related to either a) Not using finances or b) Fictional players
Fix - Fixed possible endless loop.
Fix - Fixed rare "File already open" error possible when processing tie breaker.
AI - Continued enhancements to draft AI, especially around scrub players and being absolutely sure the ONLY time a scrub is picked is when a team is in dire financial straits or there are no other players available and a roster slot needs to be filled to meet requirements.
v1.85a Official - Updates and Fixes (10/1/2009)
AI - More improvements to GM AI, especially during the draft.
New - Ammy Draft Preview Report added to main page at draft time.
Tweak - There was some slight inconsistencies during off season progression with all cpu teams vs humanowned teams. This tweak ensures the off season will progress normally no matter if a team is owned, all cpu teams, and no matter what manner of simming is done. Note: the previous release note concerning the setting of ExpansionPossible option still applies.
Tweak - Minor cosmetic tweak to player card, no longer re-displaying the stat header row every 10 rows on the player career stats display. We have plenty of real estate now.
Fix - Fixed AI draft bugs when using assn's with no finances seeded with real players
Fix - Misc cosmetic fixes to season browser.
Fix - On the last day of the regular season, if a user were to sim/play the last game on the games screen while their were still games remaining for that last day, there was a potential that divisional tie break game would not be scheduled.
v1.85 Official - Updates and Fixes (9/27/2009)
HUGE NEW Performance Tweaks - 32% memory footprint improvement and almost 25% sim speed improvement!
New! - New "Season Browser" feature added to the Statistics screen. The season browser provides a web-like navigation experience for copious amounts of stats for the curreent season. It is similar to the HTML almanac, yet does most of it's content generation on demand, so after a very short delay loading the initial screen the hyperlinked navigation experience will be snappy and reflect real-time stats for the current season!
New! -Use era-appropriate player salaries option. When creating an association there is a new check box "Use era-appropriate player salaries" which is on by default. When on Player salaries will match the time period (this is how previous versions worked by default.) When OFF the association will use modern salary levels regardless of the time period, this type of setup was previously not available.
New! - DH rule is implemented automatically in the AL from (1973-Present)
New! - Automatic Historical Stadium Changes Implemented. In historical associations, team's will change stadiums as they did in real life.
New! - More Association Configuration options can now be changed after association configuration. See the "Association Options" tab available from the "Options and Utilities" link on the association home screen.
New! - When using historical players, there is now an option to import the players' real life stats achieved up to the initial season where PureSim is starting in history. This is useful if you want to start off with some prior history. These stats are treated just as if they were achieved in PureSim-simulated games, so they will be taken into account in career records, Hall of Fame decisions, etc. There are a few caveats, first the player's career team stats achieved prior to import are all attributed to the team he is initially imported to in PureSim. Also, career splits are not available for imported data, splits are only available for stats achieved on PureSim.
UI - Related to the previous new feature... Stats that were imported will show up as gray on the Career stats tab of the player card. In the HTML almanac player registers they will display in light blue.
New! - When playing historical associations, franchises will automatically relocate based on history. They will also have their ball park modified based on the relocation. When relocation happens a story will show up on the pre-season PSPN issue as well. The relocation events are listed below:
Year OrigTeam Relocates To New Nickname

1953 Boston Milwaukee Braves
1954 St. Louis(A) Baltimore Orioles
1955 Philadelphia(A) Kansas City Athletics
1958 Brooklyn Los Angeles Dodgers
1958 New York San Francisco Giants
1961 Washington Minnesota Twins
1965 Los Angeles(A) California Angels
1968 Kansas City Oakland Athletics
1970 Seattle Milwaukee Brewers
1972 Washington Texas Rangers
1997 California Anaheim Angels
2005 Montreal Washington Nationals
2005 Anaheim Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

AI Upgrade - The AI Does a better job coveting, and trying to develop young talent. In addition the AI is more "patient" with their development cycle if it feels there is big upside.
class=empAI Upgrade - The AI is MUCH more careful with injured pitchers now (even when the injury is very minor). The same goes for position players, with only players with extremely minor/day-to-day type injuries even being considered for playing time.
AI Upgrade - The computer GM will do everything possible to have ensure there are at least 2 catchers on the major league roster.
AI Upgrade! - Updated Computer GM AI in real player associations. I doubt any of you guys will be able to beat it now. Good luck!
AI Tweaks - Teams are much less likely to release players that had a good season in the previous year.
AI Tweaks - Player/Team Affinity - As a player spends more years on a single team, we reduce the likelihood that the team will release him. This can be adjusted in the XML file (see the RELEASE_AFFINITY_ADJUST eleements).
Performance - Sim speed improved including HUGE speed gains for large associations with more than 20 years completed.
Tweak - Improved scaling of team budgets when using roster sizes smaller than 60.
Tweak - Relaxed roster restrictions in many cases for Sandbox mode associations. It is a sandbox after all :)
Tweak - AI is less likely to release a player who was an All-Star from previous season.
Tweak - General enhancements to AI regarding its assessment of who gets released during the off-season.
Tweak - Boston name changed from Redsox to Red Sox.
Tweak - Baker Bowl stadium RF dimension slightly tweaked.
Tweak - Real player associations that start in an era before 5-man rotations will see the AI gradually shift to usign the 5-man rotation when the assocation moves into the early 80's.
Tweak - Removed the impact of the player's internal "greed" rating. It provided minimal variability at a cost of AI complexity/realistic behavior.
Tweak - Modern closer usage kicks in in 1973 (formerly it was 1970)
Tweak - Slightly reduced number of stolen base attempts. In real player associations steals were a bit too high.
Tweak - For associations with 144 game schedules or more the trade deadline and roster expansion dates are fixed at 7/31 and 9/1. They are no longer based on a percentage of schedule length.
Update - Moved schedule calendar into the core game (previously it was implemented as an add-in.)
UI Tweaks - Schedule Calendar now uses all available screen real estate.
UI Tweaks - Schedule Calendar displays opponent's current record next to their name for unplayed games.
Update - Story links at the top of the PSPN issue have returned.
Fix - Playoff scheduling/progression problem with 1 league, 24 Teams, 3 Div type associations.
Fix - If the user signed a player for a computer-owned team from that team's modify roster screen then, the player didn't immediately display in the roster, lineup or rotation grids. The computer AI now appropriately re-balances it's roster and refreshes the applicable user interface component.

Fix - Expansion has been reinstated (after AmmyDraft) for historical assn's when manually or autoplaying off season. When autoplaying, you must have the ExpansionPossible option checked as this will cause PureSim to pause and remind you that you have reached a historical expansion year ('61, '62, '69, '77, '93 & '98). Similarly, when manually simming the off season, the only way you will be prompted to Expand is if you have the ExpansionPossible option checked. If you are running a fictional assn and want the option to Expand you must have the ExpansionPossible option checked **AND** you must manually sim the off season in which you want to expand. There is no autoplaying Expansion option for a fictional league.
Fix - Only true rookies in the Amateur draft. Mixing Amateurs and Free Agents was throwing TeamAffinity into chaos.
Fix - Leftover postseason games no longer played out.
Fix - UA multiple seasons will no longer stop for a divisional tie break game.
Fix - Divisional tie break game is always scheduled for the day after the regular season.
Fix - Incorrectly tabulating pitchers seasonal total for Wild Pitches has been fixed going forward. Unfortunately can't do anything about past seasons.
Fix - NL DH no longer slotted 9th in batting order for Interleague and World Series games.
Fix - Added the PSPN Publishing Date back to each Issue.
Fix - If the user was using a custom schedule length in a historical real players association, if running in "Unattended Autoplay" mode, after the first season, PureSim was overwriting the schedule to automatically use a retrosheet schedule if available.
Fix - GM AI could get stuck in an "GM Evaluating Tendencies" loop.
Fix - Updated Favorite Toy to include pre-imported historical stats for real players when projecting milestone percentages.
Import Tweak - Defensive rating algorithms improved fro real player associations. In particular, gold glove quality defenders will stand out from the pack more on the defensive ratings front.
Fix - Fixed issue with PureSim returning to the home screen when in unattended auto-play and there is a tie.
Fix - The text on the player card that indicated he was a Hall of Famer was partially hidden behind the tabs on the card.
v1.83 Updates and Fixes (8/23/2009)
Fix - Error 11 when drafting real players from 2009 experimental association.
New - Best of 5 playoff format for Historical assn's between 1969-1984 is now functional.
Fix - 1964 Retrosheet schedule had a bug on May 8th for Cin.
Fix - Fixed Crashdavis' add-ins that did not work with 40 team associations.
v1.82 Updates and Fixes (8/22/2009)
Fix - In some cases, the installer was not installing the latest copy of CrashDavis' add-ins.
Debug Version - Now including a debug build of the game with each release as well as the standard version. If you receive a crash in PureSim (rare!) then launch the "Puresim2k7_debug.exe" executable and see if you can reproduce the problem. If you can, the game will capture important information and prompt you to email it to me for debugging/autopsy.
Fix - Certain addins that had the team selector dropdown would only allow the user to select a team once.
Change - When playing with finances OFF: 1) There is no longer a "Free Agent Bidding" phase 2) The amateur draft is now the "Off Season Draft." It is still 5 rounds, but all players are available, not just amatuers.
Tweak - The AL DH option went into effect in 1973. At association creation time PureSim will respect this. Previously 1978 was being used as the cutoff.
Fix - Inflationary adjustment message was appearing at the end of the season even when the association was not using finances.
New Sample - Updated PureSharp Add-in SDK sample, shows how to write an add-in in C# / .NET. Also uses the IPureSim4 interface to make a direct connection the the association database.
Fix - Added some code to work around pesky/rare error 6 (overflow) in associations not using finances.
Fix - Certain Lahman teams were being assigned incorrect regions (Boston Braves, Philadelphia Athletics, both Washington Senators, etc...)
Fix - On users that had not installed PureSim until it became free, there was a missing component that caused the "Favorite Toy" feature to not function correctly.
v1.81 Updates and Fixes (8/20/2009)
New - PureSim now includes ALL Steve Lucey's (CrashDavis) add-in modules. Bringing the total the game ships with up to 40 Add-ins! See the \SDK folder under your PureSim folder and start programming your own add-ins today.
Fix - Pitcher W/L/S/H was not being displayed after their name in the box score.
Tweaks - General cleanup and tweaks to Add-In hosting code. In some cases to improve backwards compatibility with older add-ins.
Fix - .NET based add-ins were not being loaded properly if PureSim was installed to a location with spaces in the folder name (Which it is by default!).
Tweak - Added score text above line score on box score page.
Tweak - Removed option to conditionally save game logs. Since they are no longer stored in the database, we don't have any performance gain by not saving them so, all game logs are always saved (and subsequently deleted at the end of the season).
Fix - If there was a tie for the division the new tie break code cause unattended autoplay to pause at the home screen (until the user re-visited the scores and schedules screen).
Tweak - Updated the "PureSharp" .NET c# addin sample to use the latest IPureSim4 Interface added in v1.80.
v1.80 Updates and Fixes (8/15/2009)
Fix - Team transactions screen was not showing trades.
Fix - "Hope Springs Eternal" PSPN report was showing up even if an association was not using finances.
Windows 7 Compatibility - Completed testing on the final release version of Windows 7. Puresim is 100% compatible with Windows 7 ("run as administrator" is the only requirement - and PureSim will prompt the user to elevate it's privileges upon launch).
Stability Tweak - Removed dependency on Wowctl2.dll some users had issues with this component.
Fix - Not correctly reporting if a pitcher won Rookie of the Year on the pitcher's player card.
Workaround/Stability - Some player card options are hidden if the player card is summoned from a modal dialog. This works around any remaining possible error 5's on the player card. The "ammy draft" "records broken" and "retirements" dialogs are examples where these functions will be hidden on the player card. When those screens are updated to the new UI standard, the functions will reappear on the card.
Engine Tweaks - Improved base runner advancement algorithms to within +/- 3% of Major League averages. In particular improved 1st to Home on a double, as well as Second to home on a single. For both this will happen ~30% more frequently now.
Engine Tweaks - In pretty much all cases (~97%-99%) runners will now attempt to score from second when running on the 3-2, 2 out pitch (or hit and run play is on) if the batter singles. Exceptions exist around some really short infield singles.
Tweak - Relaxed restrictions on player card operations for players that are on teams the user does not own. For example the user can visit a player card on a computer team and release him. The philosophy for PureSim moving forward is the user is in complete control of the association and has the ability to do whatever they see fit.
New/Advanced - On the Edit Region dialog for teams the abbrev text box is now available from the FA Period until Spring Training is started. This will let historical simmers have an opportunity to change the Abbrev anytime a team moves from one city to another. When a team moves (ie., Boston to Milwaukee) the abbrev has to be updated in order to ensure the RetroSheet schedules can still be used.
New! - Divisions that end in a tie will have a 1 game tie breaker. If more teams are tied than 2, then the following is used to narrow it to 2:

1) Head to Head (Always)
2) Divisional Record (Pct) (1969- )
3) League Record (Pct) (1969- )
4) Home Record (1900- )
5) Coin flip

Note, in fictional leagues the one game playoff/tie-breaker will only be employed if the association has at least 16 teams and is using at least a 154 game schedule.

Stability Tweak - PureSim no longer requires the flash player, there were some very rare hard to reproduce issues with Flash so I whacked it.
UI Changes - Changed the player card user interface. The catalyst for this change was dropping Flash. While not as sexy/glassy as the previous player card, I think it feels a little cleaner.
Cosmetic - Tweaks to view game log screen.
Fix - Post season details crash from Almanac screen.
UI Tweak - Removed "Highlights" from the bottom toolbar, it is now under "Stats and Reports"
UI Tweak - Removed "Injuries" from the bottom toolbar, it is now under "Stats and Reports"
Fix - Fixed error in expanded team results add-in where it would not function in a 40 team association.
NEW - When determining ammy draft order, PureSim now handles tie breakers to determine order. BTW This is Steven Lucey's (CrashDavis) first contribution to the code! I have a feeling he is going to chase down all the stuff I never was motivated to tweak :)
New SDK Feature - New IPureSim4 interface brings new power to addin developers. Of particular note is the "AssnAccessDatabase" callback function. When you implement IPureSim4 in your addin PureSim will hand you a direct connection to the association database. This connection is fully functional and read/write so be responsible :)
Note - Addins can be developed using any .NET 2.0 language that can generate COM assemblies (VB.NET, C# etc..) Of course support still exists for VB6 as well :)
New - Addins now display as a full screen UI (like many other screens such as Box Scores, Player Cards etc).
New SDK Feature - Addins can now present their own custom HTML file to be displayed when they are displayed. Addin developers, simply return your file name from the IPureSim4.customHTMLFile() callback. Then PureSim will call you back in IPureSim4.documentComplete when the HTML file has been fully loaded. You are handed a pointer to the document object in this method which you can use to dynamically modify the document from code
New SDK Feature - Addins can now be implemented as VB6 User Controls or VB.NET User controls or C# User controls! Simply implement the new IPureSim4 interface and PureSim will create your control and host it on the main user interface in the same way it shows it's native screens (like Box score, player card etc.) See the samples in the SDK folders. Note in order to write controls in .NET you will need to download and install the Microsoft Forms Interop Toolkit 2.0. More information on creating controls in C# can be found here.
NEW! - When playing historical leagues PureSim automatically assigns the historically correct park/dimensions/altitude at league creation time. Thanks to Steven Lucey (CrashDavis) for compiling the data! Coding it in only took 90 minutes, I can't imagine how much time he spent compiling it!
Improved UI - The user experience is now significantly smoother! (Though there is still work to be done) Most non edit screens now appear in the main window as opposed to pop ups. When multiple screens have been viewed the user can use the "<< Back" button which appears in the bottom left of the user interface.
Tweak - The "Edit Player" option always shows up (regardless of whether the user owns his team) when right clicking on a player link
Fix - When the user right-clicked on a player link in windowed mode the context menu would pop up at the wrong location.
Tweak - More code streamlining and cleanup, slightly noticeable performance gains should be seen, as well as smaller executable and memory footprint.
New - Full support for Windows Vista 64 and Windows Vista 32.
Change - Removed online multiplayer support. Nobody was using it, and it complicated the code immensely. This also will make it easier to migrate the code to .NET 3.5 moving forward.NOTE! If you were using the multiplayer option to simply have more control over all the teams, you are fine. All the restrictions in those areas were lifted in a previous update.
Change - Moved to a Windows standard user interface for all popup dialogs. Under Windows Vista and Windows 7 dialogs will also respect Vista/Windows 7 styles and themes. (Not available on XP)
BETA/EXPERIMENTAL - Added 2009 players to the real player database (on correct teams as of 6/28/09). Players have been assign projected stats based on their totals as of 6/28. Note, this may not be perfect as it was done in automated fashion, but it still is kind of fun.
New - 30 New Major League season schedules!
Tweak - Improved retrosheet schedule import speed (10x).
New - Updated Gamecast screen, new scoreboard, new look windows. Thanks Padresfan!
Fix - In some case if the user moved their install of PureSim and loaded associations created when PureSim was installed to a different location they would get a "Path not found" error when the game attempted to access the Photocache.
v1.76b Freeware Edition (6/26/2009) - Updates and Fixes
Fix - The 1.76 fix to make sure modern day outfielders were not all assigned to RF impacted older seasons as far as player assignments. Both modern and old time OF's should now import with the correct positions. Note, I am at the mercy of the lahman data on the old time players, as many are listed as simply OF, so Puresim makes a "best guess."
v1.76a Freeware Edition (6/26/2009) - Updates and Fixes
Fix - If the user was not using the [x] Hide Team Info Windows option in a live game, an error 91 would result.
v1.76 Freeware Edition (6/26/2009) - Updates and Fixes
New - Scoreboard modification support. Modders that understand HTML and CSS can create a custom scoreboard window that will be used in game! See the files scoreboard.html and scoreboard.css for more information! I look forward to what you guys come up with, because the new default scoreboard is pretty bland. :)
New - Scoreboard can now be moved in game.
Fix - When doing a historical replay for 2008, puresim would set the start year to 2009.
Tweaks - Many fine adjustments to the sim engine and xml settings to improve historical simulation results/accuracy. Stats look really good right now. Walks and K's are down, as is AVG which was slightly high. NOTE! Make sure you are using standard ball parks when tweaking and testing (use use unattended auto play and choose the "use avg park for all games" option
New/Back - Press CTRL-F9 to backup an association. Press CTRL-F10 to restore it. This is super useful if you are testing and tweaking ideas or playing with engine settings. It has always been there but is now fully supported and tested feature.
Minor Fix - The puresim.xml engine tweak file was missing an entry for 21 year old pitchers in the INFLUENCE_AGINGMODEL_PITCHER section, so their aging model was unable to be tweaked.
Tweak - Adjustments to AI's free agent signing and player releases (in season). Sometimes teams were a little
Fix - When using the "Play until a certain day this year" unattended auto play option, the game would not stop simming on that date when using an 81 game schedule.
New Engine Setting - Added new STEAL_ATTEMPT_FREQ element to PureSim.xml file. This element can be tweaked to control how much the AI steals. Note, 1.76 has already improved this greatly, so it is not likely users will need to mess with this, but at least you know it's there :)
Tweak - More realistic SB numbers (thanks to STEAL_ATTEMPT_FREQ)
Tweak - The on field / play result player photos are now scaled down by 25%. Some users felt they tended to look a little too big.
Fix - Outfielders were all being assigned the RF position in some import years such as 1993
Fix - The ballpark designer was not "remembering" the Home and Visitor Team Info Window Positions
Tweak - Improved algorithms for calculating real player speed. Leading to more realistic SB and runner advancement in real player associations.
Tweak - In associations that us modern closer rules, the AI will tend to carry 11 pitchers as opposed to 10. This has the effect of reducing overall bullpen fatigue.
Tweak - Added "Display Options" back to the options dialog. This will allow users to select the "Force 1024x768 Full Screen" display mode, for those to want to run the game full screen as opposed to in a 1024x768 window. Note: In this mode, Puresim will actually change your screen resolution and then change it back upon exit.
Note - Window positions on ballparks will need to be re-positioned as of 1.76. Tip: You can move the windows during a game and their positions will persist.
v1.75 Freeware Edition (6/11/2009) - Updates and Fixes
PureSim Baseball is now FREEWARE! I hope you enjoy the game.
Fix - Fixed error 91 that could happen when trying to expand associations based on real players / teams
Tweak - Brought back features to force set the user's display mode to 1024x768 if it is less.
Tweak - Brought back feature where if the user is in 1024x768 resolution, PureSim will run in full screen mode (no titlebar) so that the bottom of the screen will not be clipped. Note, 1024x768 is the minimum rez the game will run at.
Tweak - Improvements to long term inflation and progressive era-specific salary and economic models
Tweak - When watching/managing a game, and a runner steals, the count he ran on is displayed in the PBP message.
Tweak - Vastly improved Era-Specific financial salary levels. Previously salaries were too high for old time associations (1950's and earlier)
Fix - Multiple pitch count oddities (especially around steals)
Fix - Issues where strike em out throw em out DPs were not always resulting in the batter being out
Fix - If user was managing a game and his pitcher was injured, an error 91 would occur after selecting their new pitcher and dismissing dialog.
Fix - If a runner attempted to steal but ran into the last out, in some cases the pitcher's pitch count was not updated correctly
1.73 New Issue Fix - New pitch count distributions added were in but in some cases they were not reflected correctly in game logs and in the UI. For example foul tips and balls in the dirt are now modeled but they were not being reported to the user
New! Tweaks to how starting pitchers aged. Previously there was a little too dramatic of a drop off in endurance as starters got up in years, thus too many long time starters that were "horses" throughout their career were relegated to bullpen duty in later life. Obviously this will still happen to middling guys, but it was too common.
New! PNG and JPG format now supported for team logos (with PNG alpha channel support).
New! Improved base runner advancement modeling. In some cases previous versions were a little too "station to station" Players are more likely to score from second on singles, go first to third etc. (More in line with some real mlb data analysis I have done at least).
New! Game log data is no longer stored in the main association database file, reducing the size of the database. (it is stored in compressed files on disk).
New! improved computer GM AI.
New! Salary financial modeling. More realistic/steeper salary curve league wide, better spread, better age/salary distribution and more.
New! Player photos are now shown at the "point of action" in game. If it is an out, the defensive player is show, if it is a hit the offensive player is shown.
New! Window location changes made in the Ballpark designer will save on a per park basis. This will be great for modders, since you can have much different window layouts based on individual park photos!
New! Much smoother drag and drop operation in the ball park designer.
New! Windows can now be dragged/moved while watching or managing a game. Their location will be saved as well. (Except the scoreboard, which still requires the ballpark designer to be repositioned).
New! Improved pitch count numbers and more realistic pitch sequences.
New! Tweak, removed team info windows from the gamecast screen. Many users felt they were not worth the amount of real estate.
New! Japanese Players. After 1995 there is a slight chance that mature Japanese players can appear in the player pool.
New! Removed requirement to own a team in order to make moves. You are now the owner of a team and also the commish. This makes it easier for users that want full control over their league. Previously, this required a user to make a multiplayer association, even though they were really playing in single player mode.
New! Minor UI flow tweaks, removed a few somewhat redundant message dialogs/popups.
Includes 1900-2008 Major League Players / Teams
Reduced Memory Footprint
v1.72 Updates and Fixes
Fix - FINALLY found and fixed rare error in incorrectly attributing the losing pitcher
Fix - Another rare but annoying situation where a relief pitcher was being charged an unearned run where it should have been earned. This would happen in the following scenario: Pitcher A is pitching and Batter X reaches base on error with 2 outs. From that point on baseball rules dictate that all future runs allowed that inning by Pitcher A should be marked as unearned. However, if a reliever is brought in this is not the case, the rules state that the reliever is now responsible for earned runs on batters he allowed to reach base regardless of the fact that Pitcher A could have gotten out of the inning had it not been for the 2 out error. So for example if the reliever subsequently gave up a home run to Batter Y then the Batter Y run should have been charged as an earned run to Pitcher B it was not. This was a fun one to finally track down!
Tweak - Game log now points out the case when a reliever blew a save opportunity
New! - This patch includes all 21 awesome addins created by PureSim Community member Stephen Lucey (Crashdavis). Crash created these addins using the built in Software Development Kit (SDK) that is included with every copy of the game.

Check out the documentation and samples included in the SDK folder in your PureSim install directory. PureSim supports mods created in VB.NET, C# and VB6! All database files in the game are open, accessible and documented.

All addins can be accessed from the addins dropdown menu or by visiting the addins page in PureSim.
New! - 21 additional historically accurate MLB season schedules. Thanks again to Crashdavis!

Thanks again to Crash for the awesome work on this stuff. Visit his site for even more cool PureSim stuff at http://home.insightbb.com/~steven.lucey/crashdavis.html.
v1.71 Updates and Fixes
Tweaks - Numerous speed improvements in simulation engine and initial player generation.
Fix - Strikeouts were inflated for some real pitchers that had seen limited real-life action when they were imported into PureSim.
Tweak - Improved real player import algorithms.
Tweak - Improvements to the AI's rotation setup decisions.
New - Added new roster size option of 40. This is a nice one for playing with real players. In many of the seasons, lahman can actually have more than 35 players worth of data. So it's a nice number before 50, where typically scrubs would end up getting generated to fill the holes. Note, this is a better option for contemporary seasons as there tends to be more players available.
New - Added support for the newly released Lahman 2007 data. In order for this to work you must download and unzip the lahman database Download it here. NOTE! Be sure to download the on labeled Version 5.5 - Microsoft Access -- PureSim can only read that version. After unzipping lahman55.mdb copy it into your c:\Matrix Games\PureSim Baseball 2007 folder (or wherever you installed to). If you did this correctly then the next time you launch PureSim you will see a dialog indicating that the database will need to be processed. This will take SEVERAL minutes, so please be patient. After that, you'll be all set and PureSim will now use all the updated and tweaked data in the new Lahaman database! Have a good baseball season!
v1.70h Hot Fix
Fix - If the manager tendency for pinch hitting was set to "Never pinch hit" the AI would still sometimes pinch hit.
Tweak - The fatigue model was too generous with closers, they were recovering too easily each day.
Fix - In rare cases, the AI would hit the cut off man instead of trying to throw out the winning run at home if the runner was attempting to tag up.
v1.70g Hot Fix
Fix - Error 3011 when opening associations created with VERY old versions of PureSim 2007 (or PureSim 2005 Gold Edition).
Fix - Fixed some issues with incorrectly charging earned runs in some situations
v1.70f Hot Fix
Fix - Random error 65535 Access Violation when human was managing game and prompted to tag up on fly ball.
Fix - Error 91 in human managed game if human manager was trying to steal 3rd and there were runners on 1st and second and runner on first had a low speed rating
Tweaks - Tweaked player fatigue modeling. It was a little too harsh on older players in some cases (especially when modeling real players in situations where PureSim was simming seasons after the player had retired in real life, but he was still around in the PureSim universe)
v1.70e Hot Fix
Fix - Error 91 after the end of a managed game (only happened if the user was managing the game *and* there was more than a 1 day layoff until the next day with scheduled games!) Chalk one up for the new error detection and reporting code yes!
Fix - Recent bug introduced somewhere around 1.60 making it almost impossible for a human manager to steal in a game they were managing.
Fix - A few more errors that happened on non US-English systems. (Thanks Bernd!)
Fix - Changes to try and avoid extremely rare and difficult to reproduce error 70 that would occur sometimes when interacting with grids.
Tweaks - Some robustness tweaks to degrade gracefully if certain graphics engine components are unable to load (I have seen this issue with 2 users out there, so it's pretty rare). Typically manifested itself as an error 429 when trying to launch the game.
Fix - Rare "Automation Error" caused by DirectX issue. only seen on a handful of very specific video card / DirectX version combinations
Fix - 3022 error that could happen at various times if using a custom imported, non 162 game schedule.
Fix - Rare "no current record" error from Front Office -> Team Transactions screen
Fix - HTML Almanac player list by letter showing duplicate entries. You will need to rebuild all almanac files 2 time after applying the patch, this will clear out the issue, if in fact you are using the HTML Almanac feature at all :)
Fix - HTML Almanac "page unavailable." This was related to the previous issue, again it will be cleared up after a rebuild of you HTML almanac.
Fix - In some league configurations for associations created with earlier versions of PureSim, on the Almanac's main screen where it shows the Leagues section underneath Teams and Players, some times years were being skipped. Again, fixed after a rebuild is run.
Fix - On some minor league player cards "[OBJECT]" would be displayed instead of a "0" in the stats summary beneath their name.
v1.70d Hot Fix
Fix - Error 3031 when using a template association created with the initial release of PS 2007
Fix - Error when clicking on "View Today's Games" when using non US-English regional settings in Windows (Found on German version initially)
Fix - Error "Parameter Expected.." in the roster expansion phase when using non US-English regional settings in Windows (Found on German version initially)
Fix - Very rare "Permission Denied" after closing the Minor League roster management dialog. (I found one case where this happened so, hopefully this is the one that was reported by 2 or 3 of you guys)
Tweak - On the "Retirements" dialog, cleaned up how a retired player's stats are displayed. They are now displayed to the right of the player's name and a line is no longer being displayed under the player. This was causing some confusion as to who the stats info actually applied to.
New - Integrated error reporting and tracking. If there are any issues with the game, (compatibility, crash, conflict etc.) PureSim will now present the user with a dialog that will allow detailed error information to be submitted to the developer. This will lead to easier diagnosis of issues, especially environmental/OS related errors.
v1.70c Hot Fix
Fix - Rare "Unable to connect" crash error at startup.
v1.70b Hot Fix
BONUS - Because I love you guys, I have included full 2007 MLB Players/Stats in the "Hot Fix." Please buy the game next year too ok? :)
Fix - Milestones were only getting written for players if they hit the milestone exactly in a game. For example if a player had 199 HR before a game started and then hit 2 homers in the game (giving him) 201, then the 200 HR milestone would NOT get written for him. Note this fix will only work moving forward, it doesn't fix the case where this situation has already happened.
Fix - Fixed a *very* rare error 9 crash during September call-ups.
Fix - If a real player played 0 games in the field in a season (e.g. Frank Thomas for the Jays in '07) they were not getting imported
Tweak - Improved lineup generation AI in particular around who to make the DH
Tweak - Some minor tweaks to real player import code modeling algorithms.
v1.70a Hot Fix
Fix - If a team was ahead by 1/2 game on September 1st PureSim would crash with an error #9.
v1.70 New Features/Tweaks/Fixes
Fix - Pitchers were not getting proper rest if there were consecutive off days.
AI - The AI will now reset it's rotation to use the #1 starter in the first game after a long break (like the all star break).
Tweak - Sandbox mode now defaults to 35 man rosters instead of 60 (It can be changed to 60 of course, this is just a change to the default selection at association creation time.
Fix - When playing in Sandbox mode, and attempting to import real players, PureSim would import duplicate players regardless of what the "[x] Allow Duplicates" option was set to.
AI Tweak - Robustness improvements to the draft AI in Sandbox mode.
v1.69 (Internal Test Build - No Release Notes)
v1.68 (BETA) New Features/Tweaks/Fixes
AI - The AI is a little more conservative about using relief pitchers with nagging minor injuries.
Tweak/Fix - Fixed issues with statistical results (especially around really high numbers of K's) if using the "In Season Ratings Changes" option. This option is now fully supported and should be solid. Note, you will need to re-start any associations with this option to see the benefits of these fixes. This was much more of an issue in the past when using real players -- the fictional algorithms were already pretty solid.
v1.67 (BETA) New Features/Tweaks/Fixes
AI - Improved September call-up AI. Teams will no longer just fill the majors with 40 players, some will maybe only bring a very few players. A key factor the AI will consider here is where it is in the standings. Teams that are hopelessly out of the race will be MUCH more likely to bring 5-10 players whereas teams in the thick of a pennant race will be super judicious around call ups.
Fix - In some cases, if a hitter for a human managed team was injured in a game being managed, after the game the player would appear as fully healthy (e.g. the injury was not reflected)
Fix - If a Batter on an AI managed team incurred an injury in a game being played out live, the AI would sometimes not do the appropriate substitution.
Fix - Contract Status Report now includes players that are on the Disabled List
Fix/Cosmetic - Erroneous pbp message saying "There are no pitchers available to sub" when a human manager's pitcher was hurt and he subbed for him
Fix - In sandbox mode the AI would sometimes lock on "Evaluating GM Tendencies" after the September Roster Call-ups
Tweaks - Multiple improvements to Multiplayer/FTP robustness
v1.66 (BETA) New Features/Tweaks/Fixes
Fix - If a base runner was injured, forcing the human manager to make a lineup substitution, the replacement player was not always displayed as the new base runner, and in some cases the sub never showed up in the box score.
Optimizations - Improved game simulation speed by about 8%-9% (more noticeable on slower machines)
Fix - In some cases, (even when the user was not playing in unattended auto play mode) during the off season the AI would re-shuffle a human owner's rosters.
AI - AI slightly less likely to use a player with a minor injury as a pinch hitter -- It tries a little harder to rest a guy if he didn't start and he he's a little hurt.
Fix - If user had an empty roster (in sandbox mode for example) and they went to their modify roster screen and hit "auto assign" PureSim would hang in a "Thinking..." loop
Fix - Sandbox mode was not letting the user change the "Append Year to Player Name" option
Fix - The "Import Real Players and Teams" dialog was not always respecting the "Append Real Year" option.
Fix - Error 94 when importing real players from pre-1900 that had a NULL or empty first name field in the Lahaman database.
v1.65b (BETA) New Features/Tweaks/Fixes
Fix - Crash when simming games on 1.65 when teams had demoted a pitcher
v1.65 (BETA) New Features/Tweaks/Fixes
New - When expanding the dialog to name the expansion team and select a region now allows the user to select from a dropdown of real life franchises. This is useful when you are playing with real players in player affinity mode. By choosing a real life franchise from the dropdown you will establish a link from the expansion team to a real life team and affinity mode will work for the expansion team moving forward. (Note: teams already represented in the association are excluded from the list of choices).
Fix - Error 94 when doing amateur draft in an association setup for player affinity mode - would only happen if the user chose to expand the association (error would happen in the first ammy draft after expansion)
Fix - Rare "Scouts Evaluating Talent" phase kicking in too often during ammy draft / import phase. This was more likely to happen in an association setup for player affinity mode, but there were cases when it was happening in other configurations
Fix - Wild Pitch stats were not getting reset after each season for pitchers, so it always would display as their career totals
Fix - Corrected SLG calculation error on almanac screen
Tweak - Improved WP ratios
Fix - When viewing post season box scores from the Almanac, the screen was clipped and some buttons were not visible.
Fix - WHIP was not being updated in game based on the current game results
Cosmetic - No longer showing "Career Stats:" with a blank line on the retirements dialog for players that retired but never played. It now simply lists their name.
AI - More solid improvements to bullpen AI usage... One notable one is how the bullpen is employed on days when the closer is not available. The AI will now be more likely to go to its best non-closer in the pen when its a save situation as opposed to stinking with an average middle reliever too long. This was not a big problem, but the AI is certainly better.
AI - AI is MUCH less likely to get itself in a situation where it needs to bring in a starter to pitch in relief. On rare occasions the AI could exhaust its bullpen prematurely. Again, this was pretty rare but it was happening from time to time.
Fix - In associations with schedules that were not exactly 162 games, the 40 man roster expansion phase was happening too early. In non-162 game associations, roster expansion will happen after approx 80% of the season has been played.
Tweaks - Many fine-grained simulation engine tweaks for more and more accuracy. I simmed 2006 MLB hundreds of times as well as seasons from earlier time periods and stats are better than ever!
Tweak - Due to some recent changes there were actually a bit too many Complete Games in the modern baseball era. This has been tweaked down appropriately.
NEW! - For those of you that use the speech engine feature that announces the batter when he comes to the plate, I added a new field to the edit player screen named "Text to Speech" You can fill in this field with a more phonetic spelling of the players name if you feel the speech engine is butchering the pronunciation. Since my all time favorite game growing up was Earl Weaver Baseball on the Amiga, many of you may remember it had this feature. Consider this homage to Eddie Dombrower, that game's developer. Believe it or not Eddie and I actually discussed collaborating on a baseball game not too long ago -- didn't get far into discussions but it was pretty cool given how long I had admired his work.
AI - Tweaked GM AI, in rare cases, if a team had a really weak bench they would play the regulars to the point where the entire lineup was pretty worn out. The AI will still stay with the regulars more here but it also will attempt to keep from exhausting the team.
Cosmetic - If a switch hitter was batting against a right handed pitcher the caption over his name did not reflect that he was hitting from the Left side. Note this was only cosmetic, and he was showing up on the correct side on his on-field graphic.
AI - Tweaked real player retirement logic just a tiny bit, adding a little more weight to whether they were retired in the given year in real life. This impacts ironmen like Ripken in a good way, and can cause some of the below avg unsigned guys to be even more likely to hang it up if in real life they were already retired at that point.
AI - Many tweaks to roster promotion demotion AI. In an effort to better mirror real life, the AI is much more likely to "settle down" as the season progresses, meaning it will not be quite as active on this front as the roster begins to solidify.
Cosmetic - After September call ups, sometimes pitcher names were overlapping the legend on the team rotation screen. The legend is now in the top right of that screen.
NEW! - September call-ups. After September 1st (or an earlier pro-rated date when using custom schedules) Teams can expand their major league roster to as many as 40 players (35 in an a 35-man association). Once the post season begins, teams must trim back to 25.
AI - Teams that are way out of the race late in the season will tend to do a lot more pinch hitting, running etc, especially after the September call ups
AI - Teams that have clinched the division title will be more proactive about resting marquee players and replacing them late in the game so they can rest up better for the playoffs
Fix - If the user chose to watch the first post season game then the AI would not go through it's "Preparing for the playoffs" phase leading to all kinds of issues!
Fix - In post season games that the user decided to watch as opposed to sim, position players were getting too much rest
Fix - Rare lockup when simming related to AI lineup generation code
Cosmetic - The real life stats tab on player cards now shows the column header row again is the player played enough seasons where the stats scroll to the point where the column header row was not visible on the screen.
Fix - The Real Life stats tab for real players was sometimes not calculating SLG correctly for players (note, their PureSim generated SLG was correct, just not the screen that showed their real life SLG)
Cosmetic - When playing PureSim in a Window, the window caption now includes the currently loaded association name, it is also included in the window title displayed when the user is ALT-TABBING to switch between applications in Windows.
Cosmetic - When playing PureSim in a Window, puresim no longer shows it's custom minimize and close window buttons, it was redundant, as they are already displayed on the window's title bar.
Cosmetic - Added minimize button to Game Play screen (only visible if playing PureSim in full screen mode)
Tweak - The rookie of the year eligibility has been changed. Any player that did not pitch more than 50 innings in a season or get more than 150 PAs is now eligible
Fix - In some association configurations, pitchers were not getting any rest before the post season.
Fix - Error 3022 in amateur draft when skipping human picks in some cases.
Fix - When using the "Import players prior to their real debut" option, in the initial season the option wasn't being respected. It was working for all subsequent seasons though.
Tweak - AI Lineups featured the catcher hitting leadoff more than would be considered realistic..
Tweak - Roster AI does a better job of looking at last season's performance when making roster moves before a new season. Sometimes it was a little to influenced by ratings. This change is not too significant but I have seen some cases where a guy hit .300 one year and found himself in the minors the next season. This code forces the AI to classify players as "established" and treat them as such. After a certain point in the current season the AI will start to consider the current season's performance more heavily.
Tweak - AI Lineup is less likely to have an established power hitter in the 1 or 2 slot..
Tweak - Integrated some of the new roster promotion/demotion AI code I was working on for PureSim 2009, AI should be improved a bit here. I figure I might as well get this code out into the wild ASAP, so it will be even better for PS 2009!
Fix - Even if an association was created with the [ ] Import Real Players before their true debut year OFF, PureSim would still sometimes treat this option as ON and start brinign in players brefore their true MLB debut year.
Fix - 'XXXXX' was appearing in place of Rookie Pitcher Award
Fix - All star selections were not being written out (Bug apparently introduced in 1.61)
Tweak - Improved lineup AI for associations using real players. Added in a small heuristic that takes into account how often the player appeared in the "real" season being simulated. Has a nice (not overly large) impact on improving playing time to be even close to what it was in real life.
Tweaks - Made some tweaks to the sim engine. Based on some detailed analysis HR's were just a tad bit inflated -- they are now slightly reduced. There should be a few more doubles and triples as well. Very small changes here, likely only noticeable by that hardest of the hard core simmers.
Tweak(s) Significant work done on pitcher usage:
Better CG stats (especially in time periods where CG's were *MUCH* more frequent than in modern baseball.
Better closer usage. Not quite as aggressive to go to the closer espcially if the starter is in there, picthing well, not out if gas and he's not in any real trouble. The closer may still be called for, but it's not a 100% decision. Basically, the engine is accounting for the fact that managers will sometimes give their marquee guys a chance to finish the game if they are cruising. This is less likey to happen in years closer to modern baseball, but it still plays a role.
The AI is less likely to pinch hit for the starting pitcher if he has a good lead is not fatigued. The AI will tend to try and conserve it's pinch hitters more in this situation so that they might have more options is the game gets really close at some point.
Tweak - AI Team's a re a little less likely to shuffle their standard lineups if they are playing really well.
Optimization - Optimized the new pitcher fatigue code resulting in about a 15% improvement in end of day simulation processing speed. Noticeably faster than 1.60 when doing unattended autoplay.
Cosmetic - Some more minor tweaks to the Box Score layout (Centering of the numbers in the linescore)
Cosmetic - Used a larger font on the "Season Stats" tab on the player card to make better use of the screen real estate
Cosmetic - On the "Real Stats" tab of a player card for a real player, the row in real life that matches the PureSim association's current season is highlighted in yellow.
Tweak - The append year feature (e.g names like Williams'46) now defaults to OFF unless in sandbox mode, where it defaults to ON.
FIX - New fatigue modeling for pitchers added in 1.60 was doing a poor job with starter recovery in 4-man rotations. Starters in 4-man rotations now recover at a much more realistic rate (algorithms form 5-man rotations remain unchanged from v1.60.
FIX - If user created an association at a time when they had no custom photos on their computer then PureSim would default to [x] Show Player Photos option "OFF." This made it confusing for players when they subsequently added player photos and wanted to use the "Auto Assign Player Photos" feature on the options dialog (since it was disabled until the user checked the [x] Show Player Photos option back ON. Now the button is always enabled and implicitly sets the option to "ON" when a player clicks auto-assign. That was a mouthful for such a small fix.
FIX - DirectX engine now fully operational (On Vista and XP). Even though I thought the last release was working there were still cases where it was not initializing properly. Fireworks are back now (really, I mean it this time). Hopefully I will start to exploit the deeper DirectX support with future releases.
FIX - When managing a game live, the pitcher's ERA was not being calculated correctly if he game up UNEARNED runs in the current game being managed (note is WAS being calculated correctly in his stats, it just wasn't being displayed correctly on the in-game screens.
Speed - Opimized the AI's "Evaluating GM Tendencies phase" results in a noticeable simulation speed improvement between game days.
NEW - Brand new re-vamped box score screen with many layout and information improvements.
NEW - Added navigation links to box score screen to make it easy to quickly browse all of a team's box scores.
NEW - Completely revamped pitcher fatigue and recovery modeling algorithms.
NEW - Added an estimated % of fully rested to the pitcher's player card next to the description of his current fatigue level.
FIX - If player affinity mode was on and the association was more than 3 years past where there was Lahman data then the amateur draft was taking way too long.
FIX - *Very* RARE error 3021 when building Almanac
Previous updates and patches
Tweak - Improvements to player affinity mode. Teams even more likely to choose player in the ammy draft if that player was on the team in real life.
NEW - Re-implemented DirectX support for full Vista compatibility which has allowed us to bring back (by popular demand!) the Fireworks Display that happens on field when the home team hits a home run.
NEW - Added "[x] Enable Fireworks Graphics" option to the game options for those of you that don't want to see the fireworks.
NEW - New historical normalization when importing real players improves how well the engine handles bringing players in from different time periods. For example, '27 Babe Ruth will give Barry Bonds a run for his money if he's imported into the modern era. The new normalization algorithms do a better job of looking at how players performed relative to league averages and then adjusting their stat model to refelect that based on the year they are imported into.
NEW - Sanbox mode now supports creating 2 team associations with varying season and series lengths. In combination with the new improved historical normalization algorithms this brings new life to what if? ('27 Yanks vs. '04 Red Sox!) scenarios
NEW - Standings screen now shows 1st place team's magic number when nearing the end of the season
NEW - Standings screen now shows "(Clinched)" next to the 1st place team if they have clinched ther division
Tweak - Quickstart draft is a little quicker (disabled some of the screen updates, which most likely were not important to a user creating an association using the Quickstart feature.
SDK - Added some user-created mod (addin) samples. Thanks to PureSimmer Steven (crash davis) Lucey for the nice clean VB6 addin samples! Keep these coming folks
FIX - The ammy draft was skipping the human owner's pick in some associations if the association was based on real players.
Fix - If user did "Quick load" from the main game menu and was presented with the multiplayer login dialog, and then pressed cancel - PureSim was crashing
Fix - Player right-click context menu was not being positioned properly when PureSim was running in windowed mode in a resolution greater than 1024x768
Tweak - If the user is doing a pure historical replay then PureSim will now automatically progress through the initial draft phase at high speed (since it's really just loading teams, not doing a draft) This way the user doesn't have to click "Run unil my pick..." in order to kick off the process
Fix - CE release 1 introduced a bug where the team dropdown selector on the side menu was not working (the team names were in there but you couldn't pick a team)
Fix - PureSim was not always respecting the options to enable/disable sounds
New - Added new option to disable/enable the bat crack sound effect that plays when the user moves from screen to screen. This way the user can still have in game and ambient sounds when they only wanted to disable the menu sounds.
New - Added new sample VB.NET project to the SDK\ folder that demonstrates how to read and write to PureSim association database files. This is for mod developers and is not a game "feature."
New - Removed DirectX 8.0a dependency. This gets us 100% compatibility with Windows Vista, with full support for ambient sounds, animated ball flight and UI effects. PureSim now can run on any system with DirectX 3.0 - 10.0. The only concession is I had to remove the fireworks display after a home run, but that was getting old anyway :)
New - Completely revamped initial and amateur draft interface, much more information, much more interactivity, and quite a bit more immersive.
New - "Quick Links" feature adds handy links (on every screen!) to Minor League Roster management, Major league roster management and team front office screens.
New - Added standings for the human player's team's division on the main association screen in the team summary window
New - Opened up database format. Previously, PureSim association databases were password protected. You can now open up any .PSA/.PSX file using Microsoft Access 2003 or later. This could prove useful for 3rd party mods and utilities. Please make BACKUPS of your associations before poking around. Due to time constraints I can't provide much more support than the comments you'll see in the database, so you may need to do a little trial and error in there. Hopefully at some point I can release some code that shows some simple examples of working with the database. Each association has a minimum of 2 databases with .PSA and .PSX extensions respectively. Association databases reside in the PSA\ subdirectory in whatever folder you installed PureSim to.
Fix: Error: "Assertion Failed" or "No Current Record" in CSimOne Game when autplaying/simming. (Very rare bug Introduced in 1.50, it took me 22 simmed seasons to even see it once.)
Fix: If the last remaining game to be played game on a given day was played out instead of simmed then after the game PureSim was not running through it's end of day logic.
Fix: Error 3021 when selecting team from team dropdown menu.
New: Windows Vista(tm) Compatibility As of v1.50 We have updated PureSim's installation and game files to be compatible with Windows Vista RTM (Build 6000 and later). If you are running under Vista be sure to see the compatibility information at the following web page: http://www.puresim.com/vista.html
New: PureSim now includes real players from the 2006 MLB season
New: Finalized official support for loading add-ins and expansion packs created using the .NET Framework 2.0 (For example using the freely available Microsoft Visual Basic Express 2005 and Microsoft Visual C# 2005. More updated info coming for modders/developers soon! NOTE: PureSim supports creating add-ins in VB6 and .NET 2.0. .NET 1.x is NOT a supported platform.
New: Updated GM AI. Primary changes involve the AI being much more protective of its up and coming prospects. The primary difference should be that it will be a bit more difficult to pry an organization's top prospects away unless you are really willing to offer up some top veteran talent or similarly touted prospects.
New: Multiplayer functionality now fully online with official Matrix servers. (Though the game still allows for a personal/custom FTP server, using the Matrix servers is the preferred means of play for multiplayer moving forward, as it provides a consistent, supported multiplayer experience for all)
New: Using the new aging model is an optional setting at association creation time (With existing associations, you will be prompted when upgrading to v1.50)
New: On the modify roster screen a padlock icon is now displayed next to a player's name to provide a visual cue to denote that he has been locked into the lineup or a pitching staff slot via a "Player Usage" setting. (Note Player Usage settingscan be edited by clicking the "Player Usage" button on a player's card.
New: Player career arcs (aging, improvement, decline) can now be configured to occur gradually over the year instead of just in the off season. In other words, you'll see subtle ratings changes multiple times over the season for players. So, you'll probably want to watch players more closely during the year since their skills are changing more dynamically, as opposed to previous versions of PureSim where you would pretty much look at ratings after the off season. This feature is optional.
New: Added new option to dump all players to the draft pool when doing a "Real Major League" association.
New: Now using 7z for multiplayer association compression resulting in 3x to 5x smaller file sizes resulting in greatly improved upload/download times.
New: Improved algorithm for calculating SPEED rating for imported real players.
New: Added overall range Factor (RF) to player card (Tracked for current season only).
New: Now tracking Outs Played, PO, AS, and E by defensive position for each player (Note, these numbers won't be correct until a fresh season begins in your association.)
New: Added Range Factor and FPCT breakdown by position to the defensive chart that can be summoned from the player card (Note, these numbers won't be correct until a fresh season begins using 1.50 with your association.)
New: The new "early player debut" feature recently added is now also available for PureSim Classic mode associations that are using the "Seed with real players" option.
New: Major revamping of the stats display on the in game lineup card. There are now links at the bottom of the lineup card that can toggle its display between Season Stats, Toady's stats, Season vsL/R, and Career stats. vs. the current pitcher
New: Added new optional setting to allow for importing duplicate real players. This can be handy if you are doing "What if?" type scenarios and want to have multiple versions of the same real player in your association (say from different periods of his career for example, or maybe Ruth as a pitcher and Ruth as a hitter etc...)
New: You can now create new pitchers and hitters before the start of the initial draft.
New: When auto-playing games, PureSim shows some detail about the user's team's most recent game under the running scores. The score is displayed along with info on the pitcher from the user's team that got the decision as well as any HR's that the user's team hit. Note for double-header's only the most recent game result is displayed.
New: New option when using real players to bring in players before their real life major league debut. This can be a cool option if you want to play with real players and more than 35-man rosters. Players are brought in a few years in advance based on their age at the point the debuted in the majors. Their ratings will be adjusted accordingly. This is optional (default=off) via the "[x] Import Players Prior to their Major League Debut" option on the initial "Association Customization Options" dialog that appears at Initial association creation time.
Manager AI Tweak: PureSim's AI had a tendency to over-use the top reliever (sometimes giving him as many as 100 appearances per season) This has been tweaked back a bit, especially in the case of putting him in a game 3 or more consecutive times.
Manager AI Tweak: In general if a starter had a rough first inning, the AI had a tendency to maybe yank him a bit too quickly. The AI is now a bit more patient with good starters having trouble early. This hasthe added benefit of improving rotation and reliever usage in general as well.
GM AI Tweak: In too many cases, players would have nice, long careers but spend the last season or two in the minors. The GM AI now is less likely to place an aging, proven vet in the minors. This should lead to a bit more realistic career arc for players, since this rarely happens in the real world.
Tweak: Greatly improved MVP award calculations. Previously the award was too heavily influenced by RBI totals.
Tweak: When simming multiple seasons using the "Sim until year:" field, PureSim now prompts the user if they want to build the HTML Almanac after the completion of the sim cycle.
Cosmetic: Wrapping issue on career stats page for batters that had 10 seasons or more of career stats compiled
Cosmetic: Fixed a few typos.
Installation: PureSim now installs the latest version of the Microsoft .NET Framework (2.0) (You will only see this install if your machine does not already have the Framework. Most people already do, since it is pushed out via Windows Update.)
Update: Re-integrated PureSim's add-in download feature with the PureSim server. Expect us to release add-ins and expansion packs over the next few months that you can download and install from directly within the game. * If you are a skilled developer (VB6/NET/SQL/DHTML) and would be interested in creating add-ins see the "SDK" folder under your PureSim install for some samples on how to create add-ins. Please send an email to shaun@puresim.com if you are a developer and are interested in modding the game.
Tweak: Multiple tweaks to multiplayer FTP code to improve robustness.
Cosmetic: On the player card for retired players, the summary stats (that display under the picture) was getting clipped if the player was a hitter and they had more than 1,000 RBI.
Change: Removed 70-man rosters due to some game instability issues. This may return for PS 2008. Note: If you already have a 70-man roster it will still work moving forward, but support for creating a new 70-man config is now removed.
Tweak: Added logging support for multiplayer associations. The way this works is all FTP commands sent by PureSim to the FTP server are logged in the file ftp.log in the user's [puresim install folder]\psa folder. This file can prove useful when diagnosing FTP connectivity issues in multiplayer associations.
Tweak: If a player submits roster moves while the commish is logged into PureSim, but BEFORE he has simmed a game since the last upload cycle, PureSim will now apply those roster moves right before the first game in the current cycle is simmed.
Tweak: No longer prompting the human manager for a tag up decision if a runner is on first and a fly ball is hit.
Tweak: Added some new background images (Lineup, Modify Roster, Defensive scouting report) Thanks to PanzersEast!
Tweak: User now prompted if they want to update the HTML Almanac in the off season.
Cosmetic: Added current association date to all menu screens
Cosmetic: Fixed some text wrap issues on the new in-game lineup card feature
Cosmetic: Some of the new verbiage on the lineup card showing how a player was doing in the current game found its way into the play by play window. The pbp window has been changed back to the way it always displayed this info.
Tweaks: More tweaks around fly ball distances and physics. Distances should be decent now regardless of park. Note: When making a tag up decision, the most important thing to look at is PureSim's description of the depth the ball was hit (Shallow/Medium/Deep) the distance traveled in feet matters as well, but that is taken into account by PureSim's description.
Tweak: PureSim will also now indicate if a ball was hit off the wall. It has always calculated this, but was not always letting the user know if that was the case. Build a park with short fences and 50' walls and enjoy :)
Tweak: Throttled back early/early-mid season trade activity. There was a little to much maneuvering going on in May/June.
Tweak: Improvements to ball flight distance calculations
Tweak: Human player can now call for hit and run with two outs (At their own peril!)
Tweak: Runners were not advancing for extra bases on OF errors. With v1.50 there is approx a 60% chance runners will advance an extra base on an error in CF, and a 75% chance on errors in LF and RF. Note, if a hit and run was on, then the runner will always get an extra base or two. Note, these defaults are "tweakbale" via the following new XML entries: FIELDING_ERRORS_THROW, FIELDING_ERRORS_THROW2BASE, FIELDING_ERRORS_OF_MULTIBASE The chance is also adusted based on the player's speed.
Tweak: Reduced chance of grounding into a double play on a hit and run
Tweak: Greatly reduced the chance of a runner being doubled up on a hit and run when the batter hits a fly ball to the OF. Note, on Line drives there is still a significant chance he'll get doubled up.
Fix: In rare cases if a player on a human-owned team received a career-ending injury when simming multiple games the human owner would be notified that his roster needed to be fixed and the game would then crash or freeze up on the modify roster screen.
Fix: Fixed a number of bugs in the expansion draft and the subsequent report displayed after the expansion draft, where the actual report did not properly report on the previous team in all cases.
Fix: In the expansion draft, it was possible for a team to lose a player to the draft that didn't actually sign to one of the expansion teams.
Fix: Rare case in the expansion draft where not all new expansion teams actually made picks.
Fix: Fixed floating point calculation error when importing certain pitchers with an extremely low amount of real life appearances causing them to be rated much too high (Typically "Stuff" was where the overflow was happening) This led to certain really horrible players like George Curry (1911) and Jim Cosman (1970) to end up being used way too much, while at the same time performing HORRIBLY, throwing league stats and ratings way out of whack in some cases. Since PureSim's ratings are percentile-based, this had a pervasive impact on the entire ratings curve in the league. This was even more extreme when using the "[x] Import players prior to their major league debut" option.
Fix: Rare error 91 when opening a minor league player from the minor league roster screen (only would occur if association was created with a prior version of PureSim (PureSim 2004, PureSim 2005, PureSim 2005 Gold) and then upgraded to PureSim 2007.
Fix: When a player was being edited and the secondary position was removed, PureSim was not respecting the change, so it was not possible to change a player from having 2 positions to 1.
Fix: If the "Lock on roster" hint was used on a player's "Player Usage" option, then it was not always being respected when the user selected the "Auto Assign Roster" button on the modify roster screen.
Fix: Extrememly rare lockup that could occur if a player got an extremely sever injury (e.g. 12 months recovery time or more) that was not a career-ending injury.
Fix: Fixed a number of GPF/Crash issues when uploading/downloading multiplayer associations.
Fix: Since 7z was added as the new compression method for PureSim we have discovered some installation issues on some machines. v1.50 installs all 7z compression modules required. This should fix the compression/downloading issues folks have been having with the new compression code. *** SPECIAL NOTE: By default when a PureSim association is compressed and uploaded to the FTP server the file extension is set to ".zip" However, this is not a "WinZIP" type zip file, it uses the .7z format which has a much higher compression ratio. The reason we name the file with a .zip extension is to get around issues where certain servers do not support users downloading compressed files that do not end in .zip. So, if you are manually trying to download and extract your leagues files you will have to download the .zip file, and rename it to end in .z7. Next I suggest you grab WinRar to use as a utility to extract/manage .z7 files (http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm)
Fix: Fixed a few lingering issues with importing real players into a sandbox mode association.
Fix: When doing intial draft, if human chose to do custom filters, after applying custom filters in some situations involving pitchers, but while viewing batters, a "no current record" would result.
Fix: Roubustness tweak. Previously PureSim would not start if there were *any* associations in the PureSim folder that were corrupt. It will now start in this case, however the association will not be listed in the dropdown on the "Load Association" dialog.
Fix: Rare error 9 when attempting to sign a pitcher in the ammy draft in a 30 team association.
Fix: Error 91 if running in unattended auto play, which is then canceled, followed by a message indicating that the human team'sroster is invalid and "you will now be taken to the modify roster page..." Rare, but it was possible this could occur.
Fix: Fixed an issue where certain PureSim 2005 associations would not upgrade properly to PureSim 2007.
Fix: HTML Almanac was not showing splits when generated during the first season of an association if the user attempted to build it before the season was over.
Fix: In a situation where the game is tied and home team can win in the bottom of the 9th (or later) if a runner was on third (not forced) with 1 out, and a ground ball was hit, the defense sometimes would throw to first, allowing the runner at third to score the game winning run. The defense will now come home in this situation.
Fix: Rare lockup that could occur in the postseason if the next scheduled starter was too fatigued to start and the best candidate to start in his place is too injured to play.
Fix: Error 13 (and sometimes error 9) when managing a game and changing a position player's position to "P" from the in-game lineup card.
Fix: Fixed pesky injury bug that was resulting in players healing from injuries "instantly" after a day (happened only on players NOT on the DL). Phew, this one was driving me crazy, it was a semi-random, rare issue, but has been squashed!
Fix: Fixed issue with player's with career-ending injuries healing enough to return.
Fix: Error 9 when attempting to access roster page of a team in Sandbox mode (Related to issue with incorrectly importing a player in Sandbox mode's "Import Real Player" feature.
Fix: Error 9 when trying to expand from 2 leagues, 20 teams 10 teams in division, to the next available progression (24 teams).
Fix: Error 91 on lineup card if a PH in the 9th slot did not have a position assigned yet and the user attempted to assign them a position (could get in this state sometimes when doing a double switch)
Fix: Rare Error 91 when trying to view a player card by clicking a link on a PSPN issue.
Fix: On the in-game manager screen "B[U]nt was only possible by pressing the "U" key (The user was not able to click on it).
Fix: If the user was presented with the dialog that displayed new hall of fame members just elected then clicked on a the link to view one of the newly elected hall of fame member's player card, then clicked "Stats History" followed by choosing "AAA" from the dropdown, PureSim would crash to the desktop.
Fix: Rare Error 91 when attempting to hit with a runner on second if the batter flew out.
Fix: Another rare Error 91 on the in-game lineup card (when managing a game)
Fix: Error 91 on trades dialog when switching teams if both teams were human-owned.
Fix: Rare issue with players being reported as injured in game, but not injured after.
Fix: Similarly rare issue where players were appearing to heal by miraculous amounts. What was really happening here was players were getting a new injury but it was less serious than the previous one, so it would appear to be a miraculous heal. The injury model now is much more likely to yield an aggravation to an existing injury if you play a hurt player. The only way for a player with an existing injury to get a new injury type is if the game determines the new injury is more severe than the existing one. Got that? :)
Fix: If the manager called for a Hit and Run with 2 outs and the batter struck out then PureSim would crash.
Fix: The following sequence was causing PureSim to crash: 1) open any minor league player sheet 2) hit "shop player" button 3) Hit "shop player to all teams" button 4) examine the player sheet of one or more players from other teams 5) decide you don't want to trade and start cancelling all of the windows you've opened 6) close the player sheet from the original minor league player you were trying to trade -- crash
Fix: If num-lock was on and the user presses the "2" key on the numeric key pad PureSim was interpreting it as a "b" hence a bunt would be called for instead of a steal.
Fix: In some cases, when the play by play indicated a player made a two base throwing error, the resulting error only played out as a one base error.
Fix: Rarely, fly balls would be reported as traveling 0' (in the red box) when watching a game.
Fix: Fixed error 91 while simming games.
Fix: SLG was being calculated incorrectly in some places in the HTML Almanac.
Fix: AI sometimes had a tendency to do major roster shuffles (with highly questionable moves) just before the post season.
Fix: Fixed problem introduced in v1.19 where PureSim would not properly start on Windows 98, Windows ME and some pre-SP2 versions of XP Phew! that was a killer. Thanks to VMWare for their awesome virtualization technology that let me build a clean Windows ME virtual machine installation from scratch so I could finally debug and fix the issue. It took 5 hours to finally find it, but I sure feel better.
Fix: In some pre-1920 associations the game would sometimes get caught in a loop while the GM/AI was thinking.